How to Dissolve a Board on Bars Handmade Circular

Hello! Please advise how to dissolve the boards on the bars using a hand-held circular saw? To get as accurate as possible! Thanks in advance!

Sergey, Ulyanovsk.

Hi Sergey from Ulyanovsk!

With the help of a manual electric circular saw, it is quite possible to dissolve the boards on the bars of the required size.

The requirements for equipment and devices are as follows. It is considered optimal if the power of the circular is more than a kilowatt, preferably about two.

The circular must be equipped with a size limiter (usually sold complete with a saw), as well as two screw clamps with nuts "lamb" (also to be attached).

In addition, the workbench does not hurt, the longer, the better. About two or even three meters, at least, is enough. In an extreme case, instead of a workbench, they simply use an edged wide board as the basis. On which they put a spreading board.

Of course, it is better to dissolve together with an assistant, but if necessary, this can be done alone.

The operation is performed in two ways.

The first option is stationary, when two clamps in the form of circular clamps are attached to the workbench in an inverted form, that is, with the disk up. In this case, the circular guard is fixed in such a position that it does not interfere with operation, for which it is reliably and tightly wedged by a wooden home-made wedge inserted between it and the circular body. Safety violation! But this is often done, taking responsibility for the possible consequences.

After that, the dimension bar is exposed and fixed so that the size between its guide (parallel to the plane of the saw blade) corresponds to the width of the future bar. Then you can dissolve the edged boards on these bars. If your boards are not edged and have splinters along their edges, then first these spans are also removed in the same way.

Since all existing circulars have a locking system (two buttons), their keys (as well as the protective cover) are jammed so that the circular is always in the on position. And turning on and off is done by inserting and removing the plug on the circular wire to the outlet. To which there must be a quick and uncovered passage!

That is, when everything is adjusted and wedged, plug the plug into the outlet and put the end of the board on the plane of the saw. And start the board with a little pressure to advance in the direction of the rotating saw blade. The end of the board that you hold with your hands should be 15 centimeters all the time above the circular plane, then it is easier to move the board forward.

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You should not turn the end of the board to the sides, but you must keep it all the time in one direction so that the saw blade does not jam and it does not burn. In all unforeseen situations, turn off the electricity immediately.

If there is an assistant, he should stand on the other side of the circular and take two longitudinally sawn boards, slightly supporting them at the beginning of sawing, so as not to interfere with your pushing the board. And at the end of the operation, on the contrary, take all the functions on yourself and pull without your help. Except, when you are no longer able to hold the end of the board and it starts to jump, then you are a few centimeters at 30. 40 bar push it to the disk. A zone is considered to be dangerous at a distance of about 25 centimeters from the teeth of a rotating disk. Fingers and hands should not be poked there. Dozens of my friends who neglected this have fingers without one or more phalanges.

The second option is unsteady, when the board opens with a circular, which is in its normal, not inverted position. The measuring bar-limiter is set, as in the first version, to the required size in the width of the future bar and make the usual longitudinal sawing. With the help of an assistant who holds the board. Or by yourself.

When working alone, a technique is often used when the board is screwed in two or three places to a workbench or board on which the workpiece is lying. So that the edge of the processed board hangs and it can be cut without risk of catching on a workbench. Then unscrew the screws.

It is preferable to dissolve boards with a length of about three, a maximum of four meters. It is easier and more convenient to work with such scraps. And with further construction, longer bars are rarely used.

It is also preferable to work with boards with a thickness of not more than 40. 50 millimeters. A thicker disk may not be sawn. Due to either small outreach or circular power.

Here is a very short answer on your question. Experience comes during work, so practice and after a while you will begin to work as a real carpenter.

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How to Dissolve a Board on Bars Handmade Circular

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