How to Drain Hyundai's Lawn Mowers

Starting a review of Hyundai tillers, we turn to its manufacturer. Responsible for the production of motorized agricultural technology for small private land holdings is the well-known South Korean company Hyundai (Hyundai).

How to Drain Hyundai's Lawn Mowers

Founded in 1967 and specializing in the manufacture of automobiles, the company expanded, strengthened, diversified its assortment and began to manufacture garden equipment, in particular tillers. This technique, like all that is manufactured by the Hyundai brand, was appreciated by the consumer, due to its low price and high build quality.

Modifications of Korean Hyundai Tillers

The manufacturer of the equipment makes both gasoline and electric Hyundai tillers, let’s find out more about these units. The following models belong to the electric range of Hyundai cultivators:

  1. Hyundai T2000E Tiller.
  2. Motor-cultivator Hyundai T1500E.

tilleri Hyundai T2000E

The weight of this model is only 30 kg. A 2000W electric motor is mounted on the frame. Hyundai brand electric induction motor start. Air cooling system.

There is protection against accidental starting. For the work requires a constant connection to the mains. the tiller is completely undemanding for maintenance; the chain gearbox has a warranty period of up to 100 years of operation. The handles are rubberized, adjustable in height.

The package includes: transport wheels, a set of saber-shaped soil milling machines, openers, plant protection discs. During operation, one high-speed transmission of movement is used, there is no reverse. The purpose of the unit is milling of soil with an area of ​​up to 10 acres.


Hyundai Tiller T1500E

The mass of the cultivator is only 13.5 kg. The performance of the electric motor is 1.5 kW. Worm gear type, there is one forward speed. Protection against accidental start and voltage drop.

The width of the surface is 30 cm, the maximum cultivation depth is 20 cm. A set of saber-shaped milling cutters, transport wheels are included.

Technical characteristics of Hyundai motor-cultivator:

The range of gasoline units includes the following modifications of the tiller:

  1. Hyundai T500 Model.
  2. Motorized device "Hyundai" T700.
  3. Hyundai T800.
  4. Hyundai Tiller T850.
  5. Modification of the Hyundai T900.
  6. Hyundai T950

Let’s get acquainted with these modifications more fully.

tiller Hyundai T500

The weight of the tiller is 29.4 kg. The HYUNDAI IC90 gasoline propulsion system has a capacity of 3.5 liters. with. Starting engine from an inertial starter, air cooling system. Chain gear.

The handles are adjusted vertically, complete with a set of cutters protective discs. Cultivation width 55 cm. Cultivation depth 25 cm. There is one forward speed, there is no reverse.

Technical characteristics of the model:

Hyundai Tiller T700

Model weight 43 kg. The Hyundai IC160 gasoline engine delivers a performance of 5.5 liters. with. The power unit is inertial start-up, air-type cooling, a chain gearbox and a single forward speed, reverse motion is not provided.

The milling width during milling varies from 30 to 60 cm. The immersion of the cutter to a depth of 30 cm. The transport wheel and protective discs are included. Rubberized handles can be adjusted in 4 positions.


tiller Hyundai T800

The mass of the tiller is 45 kg, the performance of the gasoline engine Hyundai IC160 is 5.5 liters. with. Inertial start, air cooling. the tiller has a reverse stroke and one forward gear.

Includes a set of saber-shaped soil milling machines, a transport wheel and protective discs. The handle adjusts vertically. This motor cultivator is able to cover an area of ​​20 acres. The width of the soil is adjustable from 30 to 60 cm, the depth of cultivation is 25-30 cm.


Hyundai Tiller T850

The weight of the gasoline unit is 52 kg. The single-cylinder motor HYUNDAI IC200 with air protection and manual start has a power of 6.5 liters. with. The reducer of chain type, collapsible, is enclosed in a cast-iron case.

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There is a reverse and one forward speed. Rubber handles, adjustable vertically. The processing width is adjustable from 30 to 90 cm, the depth of insertion into the soil is about 30 cm. The set includes: transport wheels, a set of cutters, protective discs.


tiller Hyundai T900

Tiller mass 56 kg. A gasoline engine of the Hyundai IC220 brand with a capacity of 7 horsepower is fixed on the frame. Manual starter, air cooling. Reducer chain, there is a reverse and one forward speed.

The steering column is adjustable in two planes. The processing width is adjustable from 30 to 90 cm, the cultivation depth is about 30 cm. A set of saber-shaped milling cutters, a transport wheel and protective discs are included.


Hyundai Tiller T1200

This is the most powerful unit of the entire line. Its weight was 65 kg, the HyundaiIC210 brand engine provides a power of 7 liters. with. Air protection against overheating, inertial launch.

A manual transmission provides two forward speeds and one reverse. The handles are adjustable in two planes. There is an oil level sensor. The PTO is missing. Cultivation width up to 90 cm, depth. up to 32 cm.

Technical characteristics of the Hyundai tiller:

Hybrid Attachment Overview

We offer you to familiarize yourself with those mounted implements that turn the Hyundai cultivator into a full-fledged and multifunctional agricultural device:

    Milling cutter. A device worn on the drive shaft of a tiller or cultivator and used for plowing all types of soils. For Hyundai, saber-shaped soil milling cutters are used, although there is another type. crow’s feet. Present in a complete set for tiller, arrive to the owner in disassembled form. The instruction manual contains a detailed description of the assembly.

Hyundai Tiller Instructions

The instruction is included with the tiller and consists of the following sections:

  1. Tiller assembly manual, its device (diagrams and descriptions are present).
  2. Specifications and modifications.
  3. Rules for safe work.
  4. First Start Guide.
  5. Break-in period.
  6. Maintenance (milestones).
  7. Malfunctions and their causes.

Let’s consider briefly some points.

Preparation for launch, testing Hyundai equipment

To increase engine life and the proper operation of a motorized device, it is necessary to properly prepare for the first start-up and run-in. The preparation is as follows:

  • filling in technical liquids (fuel and oil);
  • checking the tightening of the fixing bolts;
  • tire pressure monitoring.

The break-in period for Hyundai tillers and cultivators lasts about 5-8 hours. At this time, all work is carried out in a gentle mode at half the power of the unit. The operation of the engine, levers and other mechanisms is checked. At the end of the break-in period, a complete oil change is made.

Hyundai Maintenance

Only a few steps, but how much depends on them!

  1. Oil change:
    • 10W-30 engine oil changes every 25 hours of operation;
    • gear oil (Tap-15v, TAd-17i) changes every 100 hours worked.
    • Preservation for long-term storage:
      • drain technical fluids;
      • clean and wash the Hyundai tiller;
      • lubricate the mechanisms.
      • Daily care work:
        • Before starting operation: check technical fluids (fuel and oil), bolt tension and wheel pressure;
        • at the end of work: clean, wash and grease the unit.
        • Scheduled inspections.

        Only petrol modifications require such maintenance, electric cultivators are unpretentious and require only dust removal.

        Hyundai malfunctions

        Consider a malfunction of the engine of gasoline units. What could be the reasons that the Hyundai tiller does not start, stalls, etc.:

        1. Out of fuel.
        2. Low fuel quality.
        3. Not enough oil.
        4. No compression in the cylinder.
        5. The high voltage ignition wire is broken.
        6. The spark plug needs to be replaced or cleaned.
        7. Filters clogged.
        8. Ignition not adjusted.
        9. The carburetor is not adjusted or needs to be cleaned.
        10. Throttle in the wrong position.

        Video review

        We offer you to watch a video of the Hyundai tiller:

        Owner reviews

        Ilya, 27 years old:

        I do not want to swear, but the Hyundai technique is not so hot. I collected everything, the run-in went as expected, I worked for a couple of days and the “surprises” began. Either the motor overheated. it does not start, then the wheels do not rotate, and recently I discovered that not everything is in order with the shaft, I have to put the bearings. But the gearbox is of excellent quality, cast iron.

        Vladimir, 34 years old:

        I bought an electric cultivator Hyundai, there is a 50 m extension cord, the rest is not a problem. Really unpretentious unit, but also low-power. For beds in front of the house. that’s it, and the price is more or less. Of course, you can’t attach either a mower or a planter to the cultivator, but still not digging by hand, it’s already saving time and effort. An important advantage over gasoline engines is efficiency, environmental friendliness and the absence of a roaring engine.