How to drill a hacksaw on wood. How to drill a hot steel. We drill a speed from a quick cutter

How to drill a hole in a ribbon saw. How to drill potato steel, methods. The basic principles of sharpening

How to drill the high.Speed steel of the p6M5 or HSS brand according to the European designation? For example, we made a knife from a canvas from a mechanical saw, and it is necessary to drill holes with a diameter of 5-6 mm under the pins for installing and fixing the linings of the handle in it.

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The same operation may be needed for drilling the canvas of the hacksaw on metal from steel 1x6VF, from which you can make some useful products. A piece of the canvas from a mechanical saw of steel 9XF is suitable not only for the manufacture of knives, but, for example, non.Standard key fobs.

Hole in plastic without a drill

A simple way to make an opening in plastic. To do this, you can use the usual gas burner and awl.

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Heat the burner of the steam.Shaped awl and carefully pierce the plastic. Get a flat hole in plastic, which is quickly made without a drill.

Instead of an awl, you can use a nail clamped in pliers. And the burner can replace the gas stove on.

Of course, if you need to drill a lot of openings, then it is better to use the drill. But 2-3 punctures can be easily done in this way.

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Why the drill is used on the column?

The type of stationary drill is called a drill on a column (desktop drill, drilling machine) and installed in workshops, at industrial enterprises. How they are arranged: the base based on the table or other surface, to which the column is attached, and the adjustable table. The latter slides up and down on the column, a vice is attached to it. Spindle and cartridge sets in motion a drilling head. There is a version of the drilling machine suitable for the home master, it is installed on the table or workbench.

The drills on the column have their advantages:

  • Drill holes is precisely perpendicular to the workpiece, since the drill does not deviate at an angle from a given point.
  • The lever and the gear rack move the spindle down, while the drill is pressed into the workpiece with force, which is more efficient than the operation of the network or battery drill.
  • The vice reliably hold the workpiece, and it does not rotate when the drill is seized.
  • Large drills operate at low speed with a large torque, which is achieved by a change in the position of the belt.

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Stationary industrial drilling machine

11-minute video: drilling steel, wood and brickwork:

Source of the material :: How to Choose The Right Drill Bit for Metal, Wood, Tiles, Glass Or Masonry

Color matters

Even by the appearance of the drill, you can determine its properties and quality.

  • Gray color indicates that you have the most ordinary simple drill, without additional processing.
  • Black reports that the drill was treated with hot steam, it has increased wear resistance.
  • Yellow means that the drill passed to harden and vacation (the procedure for removing internal stresses). Such products are even more wear.Resistant, but are afraid of overheating.
  • A bright golden color is usually characteristic of drills with titanium nitride processing, which reduces contact friction in the drilling zone and perfectly strengthens the surface of the tool.


A tool that is always useful

You are a happy owner of a suburban site? Have already acquired a cozy house, multi.Story.

Self.Tapping screws, grouse and other screws

At first glance, all the screws are similar. But it is worth going to a specialized store. Eyes run up

Carpentry and carpentry saws

Measured tapping of an ax and scraping a saw. Sounds are almost forgotten. But sometimes I want to do so.

Garden saws

In early spring, the kidneys on trees and bushes have not yet swelled, all gardeners are in a hurry to the cottage with acute.

Electrician: saw canvases for different materials

If you need to saw off, cut off, cut, a tool equal to an electrician is difficult to find. Wide.

AL-KO EKS2000/35 electric spike: Test drive

The main word that can be selected for the characterization of the AL-KO EKS2000/35 electric vehicle is dynamics

Chainsaw: features of work and safety precautions

Chainsaw. An instrument with increased injury hazard. Therefore, you need to handle it delicately and.

Laser level: how to align the pillars in height

The traditional level is not always suitable for alignment. What an alternative exists?

Tools: an electrician that does not chop wood

A saw canvas for an electrician can be different. Why?

How to drill holes in wood

Is it possible to drill holes in a tree with rod on metal?

Tools: Chainsaw work

Chain saws are of two types: electric and gasoline. Chainsaws. More powerful than electric, and.

Tools: adjustable drill

Tools: hacksaw with interchangeable canvases

Which tool is better. Specialized or universal. We will talk about using a hacksaw.

drill, hacksaw, wood, steel, speed

Railing mounting with wooden rods

If you do not want to use ugly brackets to attach the railing to columns, replace them.

The use of lubricants

The steel of the p6M5K5 brand is the material of domestic production, where the tungsten is less, only 6 %, but its deficiency is compensated by the use of the Cobalt element (up to 5 %). Cobalt also contributes to the equipment of the equipment, the ability to withstand increased thermal loads for a long time when working with hot materials.

Among the foreign analogues of high-speed steels suitable for the production of drilling metal drills, it is worth noting the HSS-Co brand. This, in fact, is the same tool as the previous one, where there is a similar composition of the main elements of the alloy.

Any porcelain drill is also suitable for obtaining holes in a purest metal, only their winning attacks need to be dragged.

Homemade drill

It is not necessary to buy an expensive drill for work, in some cases it can be made at home. The cobalt and tungsten alloy is best suited for this. Will win. Such a rod is easy to recognize among other glands: it will not succumb to cutting with a canvas for metal. Then do the following:

  • Install a diamond circle on the emery.
  • They end with one side of the rod and grind on this side of the slot, as on a flat screwdriver.
  • Then they grind the sides to make a sharp cone.
drill, hacksaw, wood, steel, speed

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If there is no car for sharpening saw discs

Accurately withstand the necessary angles of sharpening, holding the saw in your hands from weight. The task is impossible even for a person with a unique eye and enviable stiffness of the hands. The most reasonable in this case. To create a simple sharpening device, which allows you to fix the saw in a certain position relative to the circle.

The simplest of such tools for grinding stands, the surface of which is at the same level as the axis of the grinding circle. By placing a saw disk on it, you can make sure that the front and back of the tooth plane are perpendicular to the saw blade. And if the upper surface of the stand is made. Fixing one side of the hinged and the other. Based on a couple of bolts that can be fastened and twisted. Then it can be installed at any angle, getting the opportunity to tighten the inclined tooth on the front and rear planes.

Makita Belt Sander Stand. ALUMINUM BRACKETS SLOT CUTTING. 26 of 41

True, in this case, one of the main problems remains unresolved. Extracting the same front and rear angles. This task can be solved by fixing the saw center in relation to the abrasive wheel in the right position. One way to realize this. Make a groove on the surface of the mandrel support on which the saw is installed. Moving the frame with a circle in the groove, it will be possible to withstand the required angle of cutting to the tooth. But for the sharpening of circular saws of different diameters or angle of sharpening, it should be possible either to move the engine or support, and with it the groove. Another way to ensure the desired angle of sharpening is more simple and installed on the step of the stops that fix the disk in the right position. At the end of the article there is a video with a demonstration of such an adaptation.