How to drill a hole with an electric screwdriver at a right angle. screw

How can you drill a perpendicular hole with a drill

Not every home master has a drilling machine that will make the hole at the perfect right angle. And it is almost impossible to drill such an ordinary electric drill or screwdriver. the error will still be noticeable. And yet there are several effective methods with which you can achieve perpendicular entry of the drill into the material.

How to drill a perpendicular hole with a drill

How to drill a hole exactly

It will be quite frequent inconsistent that the drill slides with a mark, and the hole is not made in a suitable place. Catching cardboard adhesive tape, glued on top of a tree, can fight this. Also, sometimes such difficulties appear in this case if you have to work with a very thick drill. Then you should first make a recess in the material with a narrower drill, and then drill, resting on the label made.

Fundamentally direct attention to the quality of sharpening. If the edges are not sharp enough or sharpened unevenly, then hinders may appear with the accuracy of drilling.

Subtleties of drilling for various materials. We recommend reading. At what revolutions should be drilled

One of the fundamental characteristics in drilling is the number of rpm. The speed with which must be drilled is depending on the type of material and the type of drill. There is a generally accepted rule: the harder the material and the thicker the thicker, the smallest the amount of rpm should be. As for certain numbers, they can be seen in the table below.

Drill diane, mm Soft tree hard tree plastic (acrylic) copper aluminum steel Notes
one.5-4.eight 3000 3000 2500 3000 3000 3000 When drilling metal thicker than 3 cm, lubricate the drill adhesive drill.
6.4-9.5 3000 1500 2000 120 2500 1000
eleven.1-15.9 1500 750 1500 750 1500 600
17.4-25.four 750 500 400 1000 350

This table is created for ordinary spiral ruins. For specific options (Frostner drill and t.D.) the drilling speeds of different materials are slightly different from the above.

drill, hole, electric, screwdriver, right

Metal corner

The most common and simple way to drill a hole at a right angle is to use a metal corner. We tightly apply the corner to the drill so that it contacts the drill with two sides at once and drill a hole. The result is very good, almost without errors. In addition to the metal corner, a wooden one is also suitable, which can be easily glued from two bars. The only disadvantage of this method is that you can’t drill a hole in a small diameter drill, since due to the height of the corner, the drill will rest against it.


Make a hole at straight angle with a drill of any diameter, you can use the usual mirror. To do this, you need to make sure that the drill is lined up with its mirror display in one direct. The slightest deviations will be noticeable, however, it must be borne in mind that the angle of 90 degrees will turn out only on one side, on the other there will be a noticeable error. You can increase the accuracy of the angle if you use 2 mirrors.

How can you drill a perpendicular hole with a drill

During the repair, the ability to use the drill is very relevant. How to properly drill a perpendicular hole with a drill, we will tell in the presented article.

Any owner of an apartment or home is simply obliged to be able to use a drill. In addition to general requirements, it is important to take into account all the subtleties regarding the specific material, whether it be wood or tiles, concrete or metal.

Drilling is considered the most common occupation for the master. Therefore, it is so important to own basic rules:

  • The use of a suitable tool. A huge number of drills are presented on sale, and each of them is created for specific materials. In no case should you torture the metal drill on wood or vice versa. Among other things, it is necessary to take into account the conditions under which the drill is used. For example, if the tool is required for repair work in premises, you do not need to operate an industrial drill, at least this is very dangerous.

In addition, it is worth taking into account resistance to a humid environment:

  • If external work is assumed, you will need a class IP34;
  • with wet climate. IP32;
  • Internal work. IPX2.
  • Correct marking. Before starting any work, you should clearly and accurately mark the points of drilling by the marker. It’s good to glue paper tape under the marker so that the tool does not slip through the material.
  • Selection of optimal drill speed. In this situation, the material itself and the diameter of the blade are important. Когда имеется в виду очень тонкое сверло, к примеру, диаметром меньше 3 мм, тогда необходимо сверлить на слабых оборотах (меньше 400 об./min.). The rest of the drills are subordinated to the rule: thinner drill. speed higher.

It is necessary to observe that the handle is steadily attached to the drill shaft. In addition, a skew of the drill is unacceptable, otherwise the quality will suffer.

drill, hole, electric, screwdriver, right

Tile drill: Features

Когда ведутся работы с таким нежным материалом, как кафель, ударным режимом стоит пользоваться с особой осторожностью. It is advisable to turn it off before the work, otherwise you cannot avoid chips on the tile.

If you need to drill a small hole, give preference to special drills designed to work with glass and tiles. Drill the hole with such drills must be stopped.

Metal drill: features

The key to good work is the right choice of drill. Ordinary use should be used for not quite solid metal, for example, copper, for stainless steel it is better to take a drill from the cap carbide. Besides:

  • Before drilling a thin plate, it must be fixed between 2 wooden pieces;
  • To facilitate the process and cool the drill, it is advisable to use lubricating oil;
  • If you need to drill a hole in the pipe, it should be securely fixed and a beam made of wood should be placed inside. this is how the pipe will not spit during work.

Brick drill: features

To drill a brick wall, you need to act like this:

  • make marking;
  • put on the marked points a core or an old drill, hitting it a couple of times with a hammer to form a recess;
  • In the drill you need to place the drill by turning on the shock mode;
  • holes should be drilled smoothly.

Drill of wood: Features

The most supple material, which is easily polished, and also amenable to drill, is considered a tree. Working with a drill, you need to take care of special nozzles.

Many repairmen are interested in: how to properly drill a perpendicular hole in a tree? The process, it is worth noting, is by no means complicated. First of all, you need to mark with a pencil, determining the points for the drilling. Next, you should turn on the drill for the entire power. the hole can easily be drilled.

To perform a groove in a tree, it is just right to resort to a simple scheme:

  • Around the drill, it is necessary to note the hole so that the center is located at the distance of approximately ½ diameter of the drill;
  • The hole should be drilled with a maximum depth of 3 mm;
  • Each hole must be deepened;
  • the file will remain to remove all uneven places.

Subtleties of drilling for various materials

How to drill metal correctly

The first thing to start with is the selection of drills. They are distinguished by a sharp edge designed for a light entering the drill into the metal. Normal metal drills are good for not too hard metals such as copper or aluminum, however, for something more solid (for example, for stainless steel), you need to take products from titanium carbide or chromium-vanadium alloy.

Separately, we should talk about optimal speeds. Frequent error of novice masters is the use of too much revolutions. In fact, medium speeds are used for solid metals: for example, brass with a centimeter thickness will optimally drill at speeds in 2000-2500 revolutions.

There are several more points that need to be lit. So:

  • If you need to drill a thin iron plate, it must be fixed between two pieces of wood. This is done so that the sheet of metal does not break.
  • It is necessary to use lubricants from time to time, which provides cooling the drill and facilitates the drilling process.
  • If you need to make a hole in the pipe, then it must be securely fixed. In order for the pipe not flattened under the influence of a drill, a piece of solid tree should be placed inside.

If you are guided by these simple rules, then even a beginner will be able to qualitatively perform drilling.

How to perform wall drilling from concrete

It is most often necessary to drill walls in everyday life, because without this it is impossible to hang a shelf, locker, you can not install a cornice. Of course, it is better to use a peorator or shock drill for this purpose. These tools are powerful enough to cope with such solid material as concrete or brick. However, if the wall thickness does not exceed 10-12 cm, then you can do with a regular drill. But do not take risks if there is only a low.power tool at the disposal. when contacting concrete, it can simply break. If the drill is selected correctly, then the following tips will become useful:

  • Before starting work, you should make sure that pipes or other communications systems are not located at the drilling point.
  • Drill that are taken for such work should be made of solid metals or alloys. The best option will be drill with diamond spraying.
  • If too dense areas of concrete will come across during the drilling, they need to be pierced with a small hammer and a pin (punch).

Although it is real to drill a concrete wall using a drill, it’s still worth doing it with caution. Otherwise, the breakdown can be quite serious. It is better to use specialized tools for this.

How to work with tiles with a drill

Often, people who do not have rich experience in the field of repair are afraid to drill such fragile material as tiles. However, this can be an urgent necessity, because you need to attach a variety of lockers and shelves in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet on something. Alas, in many respects, the condition of the tile after drilling is determined by the not the master taken over the drill, but the one who laid this tile. A competent tile lays a tile so that voids do not form between the tiles and the wall. In this case, neat drilling will not in any way harm the tile. If there are “air s” between the wall and the tiles, then most likely the tile will crack.

Nozzles: saving forces and means

If you draw up a rating of power tools for which manufacturers produce additional nozzles and devices, an electric drill in it is a leader. The drilling tool turns into a multifunctional machine for repair work. She saws, cuts, mills, polishes and does a lot more. In terms of performance, each tool will not fully replace, but the short.term tasks of the home master solve.

To work, the shank nozzle is clamped in a drill cartridge, like a simple drill, and put a drilling mode.

Grinding and polishing

For grinding, the nozzle is used for circles on Velcro, where abrasive circles of different granularity are attached. Chalice or disk is grinded metal, wood. In places, they use a verse nozzle.

File nozzle is a pin that is attached to the cartridge at one end. On the other, it has an attack in the form of a cone, bullet or ball. They are called balloons. The nozzles are pulled out and polished. For gross grinding, zausen reservation, rashpili nozzles are used.

The drill becomes an electric shield with special nozzles. The angle of sharpening is adjusted, anything can be sharpened: cord, chisels, disk canvases.

Electric Screwdriver vs Drill

Polishing nozzles: soft felt, special for the car, polishing the leather ends and others. To work with rotation in any direction, the speed of 1000 revolutions is chosen.

Scissors nozzle for the drill “Cricket”

With such a nozzle, the drill becomes shade scissors on thin.leafy metal, corrugated board and plastic. The shank is attached in the drill cartridge. Has two cutting heads that are exhibited under the right degree. At a speed of 3,000 rpm, a cut without burrs gives. You can sharply change the direction of the cut for the manufacture of curly parts.

Nozzles with which easier

Corner. Works in places as a drill and as a screwdriver.

Milling cutters for drywall. Used for installation of sockets, distribution boxes.

Flexible shaft. One side is attached in a drill cartridge, the cartridge for the drill has at the other end. Drilling where a drill can not cope without such a nozzle.

The simplest guide nozzle for a drill with your own hands

A nut is twisted from a drilling tool. Then measure its diameter on a plastic bottle and denote it using a felt.tip pen. As a result of these actions, a complete circle should be obtained.

drill, hole, electric, screwdriver, right

The resulting template, which will need to be cut out later, are marked on the cover of the bottle so that the width is sufficient.

Next, pruning the bottle or jars is performed. The template, which was previously applied to the bottle and its lid needs to be cut. Then take the lid and put it on the bank on the front side, achieving maximum fit.

After the glue dries, the drill is stuck in the nozzle and then use as a plastic nut, performing fixation on the instrument and starting to drill holes.

The simplest guide nozzle for a drill with your own hands

A nut is twisted from a drilling tool. Then measure its diameter on a plastic bottle and denote it using a felt.tip pen. As a result of these actions, a complete circle should be obtained.

The resulting template, which will need to be cut out later, are marked on the cover of the bottle so that the width is sufficient.

Next, pruning the bottle or jars is performed. The template, which was previously applied to the bottle and its lid needs to be cut. Then take the lid and put it on the bank on the front side, achieving maximum fit.

After the glue dries, the drill is stuck in the nozzle and then use as a plastic nut, performing fixation on the instrument and starting to drill holes.

Important! To make the work as safe as possible, it is recommended to fabble the edges of the jar so that they become smooth and even.

Safety precautions

If the instrument is incorrect, the instrument is able to inflict serious injuries to the employee, so it is important to know the basic safety rules:

  • Before each use, the tool must be inspected for defects.
  • If you have to make a hole in the wall, you must make sure that communications do not pass in the selected place.
  • In a room with a high level of humidity, it is extremely not recommended to work a drill.
  • You can not work as a tool in which water got.
  • In the process, you should not press hard on the drill, and before pulling out the drill, the pressure must be loosened.
  • To replace the drill, you should turn on the drill and wait until it stops.
  • If the drill housing is heated, and the engine began to buzz, it is necessary to postpone the work and let the tool cool down.

Using a connecting nut

The exact result of the drilling can be achieved by applying the connecting nut or somewhat torn by the island of ordinary nuts. The use process is very simple: the lotion is placed on the surface of the processed material and holds tightly with the hand; Next, you need to insert the drill into the hole and start the work.

The accuracy of the result is amazing, but there is also a disadvantage. Unfortunately, with such lotions, you can drill perpendicular only rarely used diameters: with a nut M5, you will have to use a cutting nozzle for 4 mm, and with M10. 9 mm. To get out of the situation will be drilled by the thread of the nuts, then the holes will be more common diameters.

All three methods are good in their own way. It all depends on the necessary accuracy of the angle, as well as the features of the diameter used. In any case, purchasing an expensive drilling machine for one.time use is not necessary. It is quite possible to do with improvised means that will allow you to get an impressive result.

Equipment manufacturing work

According to this scheme, you can collect not only vertical, but also horizontal machines for drilling holes.

Is it worth it to purchase expensive equipment or beds

In fact, there is no need to purchase such equipment. After all, everything that is necessary can be made for a minimum period of time on your own, without spending a dime on it. After reading the article, a respected reader will understand that nothing is easier and one can come up with.

You can purchase a similar machine for drilling, but its cost is high

Today, three devices will be considered, starting from the most complex (among them) to completely elementary, which can be made in seconds. And with a bonus at the end of the article, consider the manufacture of a template for drilling.

How to drill a perpendicular and vertical hole

Although sometimes it is necessary to drill at an angle, vertical holes are most often made (that is, perpendicular surfaces). In order for the drilling to take place strictly at an angle of 90 degrees, it is necessary to use special guides. They will allow drilling perpendicularly, without deviating in any direction.

The simplest guides make it possible to make only vertical holes, but there are more complex structures that allow drilling at certain angles.

How to save on a pedorator and drill a concrete wall with a regular drill?

Many people live in houses with concrete walls, and when it becomes necessary to make a hole in them, they meet with serious difficulties.

Do not despair and be upset if you could not immediately hang a shelf, lamp or cabinet, read our recommendations and everything will work out.

There are several options with which you can independently drill a concrete wall.

A pedorater

When using a pedorator or shock drill, they must be switched to the stress mode, a working tool with a winning tip is inserted and it should be directed perpendicular to the surface of the wall.

If the drilling of holes is performed for a long time, then it is periodically necessary to moisten the drill so that it does not overheat much.

After you drilled to the required depth, you need to pull the working tool back without turning off the peorator. To clean the finished hole from dust, it is necessary to deepen and pull out the drill several times.

Ordinary drill or electric screwdriver

If you do not have the tools described above, then you can do this work using a conventional electric drill or powerful electric screwdriver.

To perform drilling, you will need more time than when using a peorator, but you can do everything with your own hands.

In this case, except for a drill and a drill, you will also need a punch. At first, at the place of drilling with the help of a bark and hammer, a small depression is made.

After that they insert a working tool into it and begin to drill. If the drill stops, the hard areas are broken again and continue to work.

Diamond drilling

This is the most effective way with which you can simply and quickly make the hole of the required diameter in the concrete wall.

To carry out these work, special equipment will be required, which consists of such elements:

During operation, it is not necessary to cool the drill, so water is supplied to it, which not only cools the tool, but also does not allow dust to form.

If experts work, then together with the indicated equipment they use a vacuum cleaner with which dust and water are removed.

Since the price of such equipment is very large, it is impractical to buy it for domestic use. If necessary, make a hole of large diameter, for this you can always invite specialists.

Drilling at an angle of 90 degrees

Nozzles for a drill, as well as prefixes for this power tool, endow it with new functions and the ability to successfully solve various technological problems. Drinking devices for equipping the drill allow you to use it not only for drilling, but also as a mechanical saw, cutter, a small lathe or even a pump for pumping liquids. Modern manufacturers offer many diverse nozzles and prefixes that make the drill a truly multifunctional.

Speaking machine operator based on a drill

Of course, nozzles and other devices will not make a device comparable in performance and accuracy of processing with specialized equipment from the drill, but to solve simple technological problems with their help it can be used quite successfully. It is very convenient to use the elements of additional equipment of the drill to solve construction and repair problems, as well as many other issues related to housing in proper condition.

How to choose

To choose high.quality and inexpensive goods, you should pay attention exclusively to the products of well.known brands. To purchase a reliable nozzle, it is worth considering the presence of the following parameters:

  • Recommended rotation speed. up to 300 revolutions;
  • the presence of a magnet to capture the bit;
  • the dimensions of the shank and cartridge are usually used under 6 mm bits;
  • good reputation of the manufacturer;
  • the presence of the instructions in the kit. all parameters and characteristics should be present in it;
  • The presence of a quality certificate.

5 Amazing Drill Attachments !!!

The study of the possibilities of the nozzle is of no small importance. Usually masters are interested in the following:

It is also important to consider options for fixing the nozzle itself to the drill and the presence of tools for installing the drill. Certain types of nozzles are equipped with round transition rings with magnets. This facilitates the fixation of the drill in the cartridge.

Important! This design feature helps to fix the drill well. At the same time, it is possible to pull out the bat from the tip only by pressing the protrusion of the nozzle.

Subtleties of work

When carrying out work, it is necessary to follow the safety rules. The key recommendations include the following:

  • the drill and the workpiece must be securely fixed;
  • Work with a drill should be carried out with 2 hands;
  • It is forbidden to crush too much on the tool;
  • It is forbidden to change the operating modes until the tool stops completely;
  • Be sure to use protective equipment;
  • Immediately after the completion of the drilling, it is forbidden to touch the nozzle, since it can heat up.

The corner nozzle helps to make a drill with a universal tool that is able to perform different functions, penetrating in places. In this case, the purchase of the product has certain features. When choosing it, you need to consult with specialists and take into account significant characteristics. After all, it is always better to buy a high.quality accessory that will last for many years.