How to figure out the punch Makita. Perforator defects and malfunctions

Electric circuit of the punch Makita

Perforators are called drilling devices designed for drilling and exposing holes in particularly durable materials. Two ideas are implemented in the perforator: the working tool rotates and at the same time moves in the longitudinal direction, creating an impact impulse.

Perforators always work in extreme conditions. The duration of the performers depends not only on the correct operating conditions, but also the reliability of parts included in the product. But no matter how hard you try, over time, punch begin to refuse.

In order to correctly repair the perforator, you need to familiarize yourself with its device.

Repair of the perforator Makita 2470 and 2450 can be performed by a person with a locksmith and knowing the basics of electrical engineering. Remember! Compliance with safety regulations and disconnect the punch from the network during analysis.

Makita perforators 2450 and 2470 are collected in almost the same scheme and from the same details. Their repair is no different. For the convenience of repair, the assembly scheme and the catalog of parts of the Makita perforators are given below.

Makita perforator 2450 and 2470 scheme consists of a mechanical and electrical part.

Makita PP200D Hole Puncher

The mechanical part provides the transmission of the rotational moment to the drill-brown, creating simultaneously a progressive movement that creates a blow. The mechanical part consists of a rotation and shock mechanism drive.

The electrical diagram of the makit perforator ensures the conversion of electrical energy into kinetic through rotation of the rotor. The electrical part includes an electric motor, a button for turning with a rotation frequency regulator, a reverse switch, connecting wires.

The main malfunctions of the Makita perforator Malfunctions of perforators are divided into electrical and mechanical.

In this article, we will consider all the malfunctions of the electrical part of the punch Makita 2470 and 2450 and the methods for their elimination:

Electric malfunctions of punch Makita 2450 and Makita 2470 Electric malfunctions are manifested in the fact that when connecting the perforator to the voltage network, the tool does not turn on. The connection diagram of the makit perforator to the network is simple.

The electrical circuit of the Makita punch 2450 is a sequential connection of the electric motor, start.Up buttons and wires. Makita 2470 punch diagram is similar.

Through the connecting cord pos.72 supply voltage 220 V is fed through the switch pos.68 and electric brushes through the brush holder pos.66 on the lamp of the rotor of the electric motor pos.54, and through the contacts of the reversal switch pos.60 on the stator winding pos.59. The most common malfunction is the lack of contacts in the compounds.

Instructions for disassembling the perforator Makita 2450

Perforator, this is a stressed drill tool that simultaneously performs the function of shock and drilling equipment when working with particularly durable materials.

CIRCULAR TABLE with your own hands. In detail, from A to Z

Two ideas are used in the device at the same time: the tool rotates and moves in the longitudinal direction, transmitting the impulse of the impact to the hard surface.

Perforators always work in an extreme environment with a high degree of dust.

The duration of trouble.Free operation is affected not only by working conditions, but also by the quality of the units included in the tool.

Makita perforators 2450, 2470 are reliable high.Quality tools. But even the most reliable tool requires the governing and timely maintenance.

To perform maintenance of the perforators Makita 2450, 2470, you must definitely familiarize yourself with the internal content of the tools included in the units. To find out weaknesses of the perforator Makita will help you with this instruction.

To carry out the repair of the perforator Makita 2450, 2470 with your own hands, a person who owns locksmith skills is allowed with their own hands, having the luggage of knowledge in electrical engineering.

Remember! When repairing a perforator, it is necessary to follow the safety rules when working with electrical appliances.

Makita perforators 2450 and 2470 are collected in almost the same scheme and, practically, from the same, interchangeable details. Their repair is no different.

For the convenience of repair, the assembly scheme and the catalog of parts of the Makita perforators are given below.

Makita perforators 2450 and 2470

Makita perforator conditionally consists of electrical and mechanical parts. Over, in the plastic case of black there is a mechanical node of the perforator, and under the green plastic case hides the electric part of the perforator.

The procedure for disassembling the mechanical part of the perforator

The mechanical node is designed to transmit the rotational moment of the shaft to the instrument, creating not only the torque and the progressive shock impulse.

The task of the mechanical node, to transmit rotation from the rotor to the tool, providing the tool with longitudinal movement.

Dismantling the perforator begins with the removal of a quick.Supporting cartridge.

Having dismantled the cartridge, twist four screws poses.10, fastening the cover of the gearbox body pos.14 of the mechanical unit and the perforator case and, pressing on the end of the perforator shaft, remove the black plastic cover.

To remove the mechanical block from the green case of the stator, you must:

    one. Twist three screws poses.70.75.76 holding the lid pos.69 in the handle of the perforator;
    2. Remove the lid;
    3. Freeing the springs of the brush holders pos.63.66, get coal brushes poses.65.

Now you can pull out a mechanical block from the stator body.

Freeing the mechanical block, it is necessary to disconnect the rotor from it. Rotor pos. It is attached in a mechanical block due to the friction of the teeth of the gears and pulled out by staggering and separation at the same time.

Dismantling of a mechanical block of shock knots

The mechanical node is assembled on the internal case pos.49. To remove the intermediate shaft, it is necessary to twist two bolts of poses at the base of the case.43. Another intermediate shaft is fixed by the lever of the mode switch.

Two words about the switch of modes

Makita 2450, 2470 perforators have a lever that provides the tool with three operating modes. The perforator can simply drill, just hammer, and hammer with simultaneous drilling. The switch lever is worn on the axis of the internal case and is fixed by the compression spring pos.85, puck pos.87 and a stop ring pos.86.

Dismantling of the intermediate shaft

To disassemble the intermediate shaft, use the scheme attached to this instruction.

Photo of the intermediate shaft scheme indicating the dismantling procedure

  • G). Flat washer 12 poses.35;
  • E). Bearing 606 pos.36;
  • E). Stop ring S-7 pos 37;
  • G). Compression spring 7 poses.38;
  • H). Clutch clutch pos.39.

The procedure for disassembling the shaft of the stress mechanism trunk

To disassemble the shaft of the shock mechanism, it is necessary to pull it out of the internal case.

From the shaft you need to pull the cylinder pos.32 inserted into the inner cavity of the shaft.

To disassemble the shaft itself pos.21 shock mechanism, it is necessary to remove the cartridge installation on the part of the shaft:

  • Ring spring 28 poses.Sixteen;
  • Puck 30 pos.17;
  • Compression spring 31 poses.Eighteen;
  • Direct gear 51 poses.Nineteen;
  • Steel ball 7.0 poses.20.

And from the side of the inner cavity of the shaft you must remove:

  • Ring spring 28 poses.29;
  • Rubber ring pos.28;
  • Metal ring pos.27;
  • Rubber ring 15 poses.26;
  • Ring 9 pos.25;
  • Flat metal washer 28 poses.22.

Dismantling the electric part of the punch Makit 2450, 2470

The composition of the electric part of the perforator Makita 2450.2470 includes:

Switch of modes

To disassemble, the T-shaped latch on the switch handle is removed. Use a 2-mm screwdriver for this. You need to squeeze the paws of the latch very carefully. It is pulled out. The red latch must be held so that it does not fly out under the influence of the spring.

After these actions, the switch handle should be turned to the extreme left position. So her protrusions will coincide with the grooves of the editor building. The switch is easily removed. The lock is taken out with the spring. The rubber ring on the switch handle should be placed with a thin screwdriver and remove it. It prevents the flow of lubrication from the body.

Makita 2450 punch assembly scheme in the switch involves a certain sequence of conduct. All details and seating are cleaned of old mud. Two metal pin and rubber ring are densely lubricated. It is put on the switch. A spring is inserted into the handle, then the latch. He should not pop up when a latch is installed in the case.

Then the switch is inserted into the gearbox. In this case, the pen is sent to the sector between the designation of the combined mode and the impact. It will not be inserted to the end. The switch should be turned to the drilling mode and a little further. At the same time, do not forget to press the lock button so that it does not interfere with the movement.

Then rotate the switch clockwise and pressed to the end.

“Makita 2450”: characteristics, assembly scheme, do.It.Yourself repair, reviews

In our country, one of the most popular perforators is Makita 2450. And this is no coincidence. After all, “Makita 2450” has good characteristics, and its assembly scheme allows you to carry out the repair of the punch with your own hands. Makita is known as a high.Quality Japanese manufacturer, but the HR 2450 model is produced in China. To draw conclusions about the quality of the presented equipment, we must consider user reviews about Makita 2450, left in different sources. Having deepened the knowledge of the presented tool, it will simply be concluded about the appropriateness of its purchase.

General characteristics

Makita 2450 is known among builders and repairmen as a rather functional professional tool. It is simple and reliable in operation, has lightness and good balancing. Thanks to this, Makita 2450 will last a fairly long time. It has a good dust protection system, which makes the equipment of the equipment durable.

Its popularity is explained by the possibility of repairing the punch “Makita 2450” at home. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on its maintenance. However, before the assembly processing process, Makita 2450, you should familiarize yourself with the technology of disassembling and repair.


A certain set of qualities is the punch “Makita 2450″. Characteristics presented by the manufacturer in the instructions, as follows.

The weight of the tool is only 2.4 kg. Drill mounts are carried out by the SDS system. The perforator is designed to carry out crushing, drilling and shock drilling. He has three operating modes. The number of idle speeds is 1100 per minute, and the maximum number of shocks is 4500 per minute. The strength of the progressive movement in the maximum is 2.7 j. Maximum drilling diameter:

There are also additional functions for the performer “Makita 2450”. The characteristics distinguish the presence of a safety coupling, reverse, lock button, as well as electronic adjustment of the speed of rotation.

The power of the power supply is 780 watts. Cable length is 4 m.

Signs of fake

Due to the great popularity of the equipment presented, cases of its fake are frequent. There are characteristic features that determine the fake punch HR 2450. These include a short cord (about 0.5 m). The letters on the black fasteners of the suitcase at the fake are matte, and the original. Brilliant.

In the photo of the punch in the instructions of this product, the background is light gray, almost white. The copy will have a dark, deaf color of the background of the image.

If on a suitcase of the HR 2450 model is indicated as a manufacturer of Japan, this is a fake tool. The original says: “Made in p.R.C.”, t. E. “made in China”.

“Makita 2450” includes a rubberized handle on which the serial number is indicated. All the details of the suitcase should also contain each of its designation. The fake of the handle is not made of rubber, but from plastic. It should also be a signal about the need to refuse to buy such a tool.

Dismantling scheme

In the process of repairing the presented equipment, the user must be able to disassemble the tool. The assembly scheme “Makita 2450″ has many components and elements. Not all of them should be known for repairs. Here are the most basic elements that the scheme represents (“Makita 2450”. The device is very complicated).

The first is the locking ring. It participates in the process of dismantling the cartridge cover. Next is the ring locking device. It holds a ball for fixing the drill. Its guide is a puck and a conical spring.

Reducer with the engine connect 4 screws. There are many rubber parts in the diagram, which, with their wear, become a common cause of breakdown.

This knowledge is enough to repair at home. Next, you should familiarize yourself with the technique of its implementation.

The expediency of independent repair

Repair of the Makita 2450 perforator with your own hands should be carried out for several reasons.

Representatives of the Service Center carry out the elimination of problems by a specific algorithm. This leads to a fairly large cost of repairing the tool.

punch, makita, perforator, malfunctions

It is also likely that the company’s employees will simply conduct a scheduled inspection, whose need is doubtful. And you still have to pay for it.

If the knot or several of them still require a replacement, the service employees will put only the licensed parts of Makita 2450. Repair in this case may be comparable in cost with the purchase of a new tool. All these facts speak in favor of independent setting or replacing equipment parts.


“Makita 2450” is repaired with your own hands in the presence of certain knowledge and skills. The technology of inspection and replacing parts of the HR 2450 model is quite simple. It involves disassembling the tool, after which all the old grease, dust, and dirt are removed. Damaged nodes are replaced by new. Then all the details of the perforator are collected together. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with each paragraph of such works. They can be produced in the area of ​​the cartridge, mode switch, perforator body.

To carry out the repair, first remove the cartridge, then the speed switch. After that, repairs are carried out inside the case. Lubricant and worn rubber elements are replaced.


With the help of a flat screwdriver, the cartridge is disassembled. Repair of the punch “Makita 2450” with their own hands begin with this element. Having squeezed the cartridge lid, remove the rubber boot. The stop ring is dismantled. Then the cartridge cover and the metal ring are removed. It locks the Boor fixation ball in the barrel. It is removed, and a metal washer, a conical spring gets without effort.

Installation of electric brushes

Remove the dirt from the grooves of the brush holder and install the brushes in place, fixing them with latches.

Now is the time to check the performance of the perforator. Connect the fork of the punch to the outlet, turn on the punch in the “Drilling” mode for a short time. After making sure the tools, turn it off. Put the mode switch to the “blow” position. Do not insert the tool. Check the performance of the perforator in this position. At the same time, you checked the operation of the mode switch.

It remains to check the styling button of the speed control regulator, make sure of the reliability of contact connections and you can start installing a patch cover.

The cover is attached with three m × 4 ongoing screws of different lengths.

Connect the punch to the 220β network and check in all modes. Makita punch 2450 or 2470 assembled and works properly!

How to check the suitability of the rotor of the punch makit

Makita begin to check the fitness of the rotor in the perforator with a dismantling from the body. But first, external studies need to be conducted. If in the rotor the spark from brushes on the collector covers the weight of the collector, if the punch does not develop speed during operation and it has a power, this is the first sign of the rotor malfunction.

How to get a rotor from the body To get the rotor from the case, it is necessary to divide the black and green buildings as in the case of the dismantling of the stator.

We pull out the rotor

Пеоратор Makita 2470 не включается. РЕМОНТ

Having disconnected the stator body, take the gearbox (black) in the right hand, and the rotor in the left and pull in different directions to their complete separation. The rotor is kept in the gearbox due to the friction of the braids.

And this is a rotor

Carefully inspect the rotor collector. It should not have traces of scratches from brushes. The collector lamps should be clean.

punch, makita, perforator, malfunctions

Pure collector

To check the integrity of the collector, use the device to detect a short circuit. The chain calls are easiest to produce according to the fundamental electrical circuit of the Makita perforator 2470,2450. By the way, such a device can be made yourself if you know how to communicate with the soldering iron.

Scheme of the KZ VITKOV sample

If you are convinced of the rotor malfunction, then you can install a new one, or you can try to restore failed.

Repair instructions. Replacing and connecting a perforator button using the example of Makita 2450

Most Makita perforators (in HR2020, 2432, 2440, 2440F, 2450, 2455, 2475 and 2641 models) uses a typical TG813TLB-1 switch.

To conduct his audit and/or replacement, it is necessary to prepare the following tools:

punch, makita, perforator, malfunctions

The procedure for repair/replacement of the power button on the perforator Makita 2450 is as follows:

  • We disassemble the electric part of the tool. To do this, unscrew the three mounting screws on the back of the handle with a cross blade and remove the plastic cover.
  • Next, you need to push the brushes and extract the TG813TLB-1 switch itself.
  • To disconnect the switch, it is necessary to remove all the wires from it. Network wires (brown and blue) are attached with a screw clamp and there are no problems with them. To throw off two wires, it is enough to loosen two screws. The remaining wires are mounted on self.Loading connectors, and to extract the wire, you need a spoke or awl, which are inserted into a special hole and open the clamp. Similarly, all wires are recovered sequentially. To carry out the repair, it will not be superfluous to have on hand a scheme for connecting the perforator button, so we strongly recommend that you draw a conditional circuit before removing the wires or take photos on a smartphone so that there are no questions when connecting a new button.
  • Connecting a new button. The wires are simply inserted into automatic clamps to the stop, the network wires are fixed with screws.
  • Next, you need to install the button in the landing hole, return the brush to the place, install and fix the rear cover of the handle with three screws.

Useful tips

Often, even professional equipment quickly fails. This is due to the operation of the tool with a significant overload of the electric motor. The power unit should not be overheated, it is periodically necessary to do technological pauses. Sometimes a serious breakdown of a perforator is a consequence of a careless handling of a tool during operation or during storage.

After each use, it is necessary to carefully clean the perforator from dust. With a soft cloth or a napkin, not only the housing of the power tool should be wiped, but also the ventilation grooves.

It is regularly carried out by inspection of coal brushes, which are a responsible part of the electrocope. They conduct current to the collector and gradually wear out during operation and require replacement.

Do not buy non.Original components of dubious quality, which can lead to more significant breakdowns.


A certain set of qualities is the punch “Makita 2450”. Characteristics presented by the manufacturer in the instructions, as follows.

The weight of the tool is only 2.4 kg. Drill mounts are carried out by the SDS system. The perforator is designed to carry out crushing, drilling and shock drilling. He has three operating modes. The number of idle speeds is 1100 per minute, and the maximum number of shocks is 4500 per minute. The strength of the progressive movement in the maximum is 2.7 j. Maximum drilling diameter:

There are also additional functions for the performer “Makita 2450”. The characteristics distinguish the presence of a safety coupling, reverse, lock button, as well as electronic adjustment of the speed of rotation.