How to Fill a Fishing Line With an Makita Electric Trimmer

How to Fill a Fishing Line With an Makita Electric Trimmer

Electric trimmer. This is a manual household or professional power tool designed to cut grass, weeds and bushes of various densities, thicknesses and heights using appropriate cutting equipment.

  • Electric trimmer by power method It is subdivided into an electric braid working from a household electrical network of alternating current 220V, 50Hz and a battery trimmer working from a rechargeable battery of direct current 36V, 2.6-6 Ah.
  • By the method of arrangement of the electric motor (with top or bottom engine).
  • By type of electric motor. collector or brushless.
  • By type of drive cutting equipment. with a direct bar (with a steel straight shaft and gear) or with a curved bar (steel drive cable without gear).
  • By type of cutting equipment. only the trimmer head or trimmer head and metal knives (including the saw blade).
  • By type of pens. trim loop-shaped or in the form of a bicycle-type handlebar.
  • By type of suspension Trimmers. one strap over the shoulder or a snap on two shoulders (possibly with an elastic belt for the belt).

Electric trimmer powered by a 220V household power supply (electric braid)

The benefits of an electric trimmer over a gas trimmer

The main advantage of electric braids is that it has an electric motor, and not an internal combustion engine. And this greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of maintenance of the trimmer, greatly reduces the cost of spare parts and fuel, several times reduces the noise and vibration from the trimmer, as well as the complete absence of smoke around the operator and environmental pollution.

Disadvantages of an electric trimmer (electric braids) in front of a gas trimmer

First of all, it is that the electric braid has a limited radius of action, which depends on the length of the power cable (there is no mobility and autonomy like a gasoline or battery trimmer). As well as an electric trimmer, as a rule, it has limited power (up to 2.5 kW) compared to lawn mowers, in which the power can reach 8-9 hp.

Advantages of the electric trimmer (electric braids) over the battery trimmer

  1. Network-mounted electric braid, about 2 times easier battery spit (the difference is the weight of the battery).
  2. Electric braid usually more powerful battery trimmer.
  3. The trimmer electric (network) can work, practically, continuously with stops only for operator’s rest and sharpening knives, and the battery trimmer must be charged every half an hour or a spare charged battery should be put.
  4. Cost Electric braids are several times lower than the cost of the battery braid due to the lack of an expensive battery (or even several) and a charger.
  5. Also, an electric braid may have brushless electric motor, knife reverse stroke and high power mode.

Care for electric braid

The electric trimmer does not need expensive maintenance by a qualified specialist (which may be the owner of the electric braid or the master in the service center). It’s enough to keep track of the level gear lubricant, and make sure that lattice air intake To cool the electric motor, it was not clogged with mowed grass. Naturally, it is necessary sharpen metal knives and tackle the trimmer head with fishing line. A collector motor can be mounted on the trimmer. This means that during operation, you sometimes need to look into the cooling grid of the electric motor. if it appears sparking brushes (a red glowing circle will be visible under the grill) immediately stop working and replace the brushes. If you continue to work with brush rubbing metal, then in about 15-20 minutes. the electric motor will burn, and this is about half the cost of the whole trimmer.

Safety measures when working with an electric braid

  • The electric trimmer involves the mandatory observance of safety regulations. In organizations and enterprises, relevant officials monitor this, and at home, when working with an electric scythe, you must follow the safety rules, the same as when working with a lawn mowing:
  • Read trimmer instructions.
  • Within a radius of 15 m from the mowing area there should be no helpers, rotozeys, children, animals, etc.
  • For mowing, you need to use high non-slip boots, a protective mask on your face or glasses (preferably protective helmets, headphones, gloves, overalls). Do not use fluttering clothes, hair or jewelry.
  • Do not use the electric trimmer in the rain or on wet grass.
  • To remember the danger of getting yourself injured or injuring someone with a working knife, electric braids, objects flying out from under the knife (stones, chains, glass, nails, debris) or electric shock.


The electric trimmer is produced by such world-famous companies as Makita. Japan, Bosch. Germany, Hitachi. Japan, Stihl. Germany, Husqvarna. Sweden, Echo. Japan, Efko. Italy, Hyundai. Korea, Foreman. China, Uralmash. Russia and others.

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Cordless trimmer (electric) powered by 36V battery

Battery Trimmer Device

An electric trimmer that runs on battery power or a battery trimmer consists of:

  1. Removable battery (battery. this is a current source that, with the help of repeated electrochemical processes, allows you to repeatedly accumulate and give off electric current).
  2. Electric engine direct current, which can be located both in the upper and lower parts of the trimmer. In the lower part of the trimmer, above the trimmer head, as a rule, a collector electric motor of small power is installed. Such a trimmer is usually designed to work only with a trimmer head.
  3. Also, the electric trimmer (battery trimmer) consists of rods. curved if the drive of the cutting equipment is cable or straight, if the drive of the cutting equipment is shaft.
  4. Loop-shaped on the bar a pen or a bicycle wheel with control buttons and belt or belt equipment.
  5. At the bottom of the trimmer is cutting equipment. a trimmer head or a metal knife with plastic protection.

Battery Trimmer Maintenance

The electric trimmer (battery trimmer) does not require complicated maintenance. It is enough to charge the battery, refill the fishing line, sharpen the knives (if they are provided for by the trimmer design) and clean the ventilation grill from grass and debris, as well as lubricate the gearbox (if any) and check the fastener tightness. If a collector motor is installed on the trimmer, then such a motor has a collector with copper or graphite brushes that burn out, wear out over time and require replacement. The need to replace the brushes can be determined by the sparking (red luminous circle) under the cooling grill. If the brushes are not replaced on time, the motor collector will burn, and this is about half the cost of a new trimmer.

Battery Trimmer Benefits

Electric trimmer battery operated compared to a household trimmer trimmer:

  • It is not tied by a power cable to an outlet (which limits the radius of its operation), but is completely autonomous an electric tool for mowing grass.
  • Also, the advantages of a cordless scythe include its noiselessness (no more than 80 dB) and almost full lack of vibrations (no more than 2.5 m / s²).
  • But the main advantage of the cordless trimmer is that now all the leading manufacturers in the world have begun to install on their top engine trimmers brushless electric motors. motors that are not serviced at all (during the entire period of operation of the trimmer).
  • On some models there is a function backstop for quick cleaning of the knife from the accumulated grass and mode high power charge indicator showing how low the battery is.

Disadvantages of the battery trimmer

  • The cordless trimmer, in comparison with a network electric braid, has heavy weight (almost 2 times: electric trimmer. 4 kg, battery trimmer. 7 kg).
  • The rechargeable braid typically has less power, than electric. 200-1200W versus 1200-2500W.
  • The network trimmer can work continuously (with small interruptions), and the battery trimmer can last a maximum of 0.5 hours and requires long recharge or replacing the battery with a charged one.
  • Cost The battery spit along with the battery and charger (they are usually sold separately from the trimmer) is almost 3 times higher than that of a trimmer that runs on a household network.

Examples of electric trimmer and battery technology

Husqvarna 536 LiL and Husqvarna 536 LiR Battery Trimmer Technical Specifications

Battery Type. Li-Ion (lithium-ion battery. during the intervals between work it is not discharged and it is possible to charge an incompletely discharged battery. its life does not decrease).

Voltage. 36 V.
Capacity. 3 Ah (BLi 60. 1.5 Ah; BLi 110. 3.0 Ah).
Battery Charge Time. 35 minutes
Trimmer weight (without cutting equipment). 4.2 kg. / 4.8 kg.
Weight without batteries. 3 kg. / 3.6 kg.

Electric motor BLDC (without brushes), developed by Husqvarna. 5500 rpm.
Working hours electric trimmer from the battery (at idle) in savE saving mode. 1 hour.

Noise at the operator’s ear level, the cordless trimmer produces. 81 dB (A).
Vibrations (ahv, eq) on the left / right handle. 1.7 / 0.5 and 2.6 / 2.1 m / s².

Husqvarna 536 LiL has a loop handle like a trimmer, and Husqvarna 536 LiR steering wheel bike type like a regular lawn mowing or brush cutter.

Options electric trimmer Husqvarna 536 LiL
  • Battery Trimmer 536 LiL
  • Trimmer head (fishing line 2 mm.)
  • Battery 3.0 Ah
  • Charger QC330.
Options electric trimmer Husqvarna 536 LiR
  • Battery Trimmer 536LiR
  • Trimmer head (fishing line 2 mm.)
  • 2 batteries 3.0 A / h
  • Charger QC330.

Recommended PRICE as of June 2016. 32,000 rubles for Husqvarna 536 LiL (price in Germany. 619 EURO for 536LiL and 839 EURO for 536LiR).

By pressing a button on this battery trimmer, it is possible to change the direction of rotation of the trimmer head (you can choose in which direction the line will discard the chopped grass so that the grass does not fly in an undesirable direction or when the grass fills between the knife and the guard).

If available two batteries You can work continuously, since the charging time is less than the operating time.
Thermal bag Protects batteries from cold and dirt.

No expenses for fuel, oil, candles, filters, etc.

The electric Husqvarna trimmer (cordless trimmer) has brushless electric motor no mechanical wear with almost endless service life. Power and torque are increased by 25% compared to other similar electric motors.

Noise level gas trimmer reaches 94 dB. The noise level from the electric trimmer is 81 dB, i.e. 13 dB less, and it is well known that a decrease of 3 dB is perceived as halving the noise level.

The battery is located between the handles, which ensures good weight distribution and makes it easy to move and rotate the braid.

Husqvarna BLi520X and BLi940X Battery Backup Specifications

Approximate prices for Husqvarna battery technology

Electric trimmer (battery trimmer) Husqvarna 536 LiL / 536 LiR with Bli110 battery and QC330. 620 charger.

Chain Saw 536 LiXP. 750.

Gardening scissors 136 LiHD50. 380.

Native Li-ion battery Bli110. 260.
Native Li-ion battery BLi60. 160.

Charger QC330 (330W). 150.
Charger QC120 (120W). 100.

Knapsack battery Husqvarna BLi520X (520 Wh). 1200.
Knapsack battery Husqvarna BLi940X (940 Wh). 2200.

Additional Information. Any Husqvarna battery technology (electric trimmer, garden shears, chain saw) can work from a backpack pack. The charger is made in a common housing with a battery. The battery trimmer is connected to the backpack battery through a retractable cable.

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