How to Fit a Circular to a Table

A circular saw is used to saw wood along an array. Its cutting base is a disk-shaped plane having a serrated outer edge. Such saws are not only manual, but fixed on the table. How to make a universal circular table so that this cutting tool can be installed on it? Below are several ways to make a table for a circular saw with your own hands.

DIY circular saw table

How to make a circular table from chipboard? To make such a table for a circular, you need:

  • a sheet of laminated plywood 9–11 mm thick (800×800 mm);
  • 4 sheets of chipboard 16 mm thick (400×784 mm);
  • several bars 40×40 mm;
  • a few bolts and screws;
  • aluminum cornice.

On such a table, you can fix any hand saw with a large disk. Drawings for this type of circular table can be easily found on the Internet.

How to Fit a Circular to a Table

Such a saw is made in several stages:

  1. A drawer of the future table is made from sheets of chipboard. It does not have a bottom, and the walls are fastened with the help of bars, which, in turn, must be secured with bolts and screws.
  2. A cover with a hole is made from plywood, into which it will be necessary to insert a saw. The marking for the hole is carried out on the support shoe and the lower protective casing of the circular saw. The hole is cut with a jigsaw.
  3. The saw is attached to the plywood with plow bolts with a countersunk head cone. Fastening the plywood cover to the body of chipboard is carried out with a steel foot 18 mm.
  4. Along the side of the countertop, wiring is laid and a start button is installed.

Guides for a circular saw are made of timber or aluminum cornice.

The second version of the table for circular. Photo manufacturing technology

Video: How to Fit a Circular to a Table

A do-it-yourself saw table is made of boards, as the most affordable material, quite often. To make this table you will need:

  • plywood sheet (thickness 20 mm and above);
  • boards 50 to 100 mm;
  • bars 50 to 50 mm;
  • several screws;
  • wood glue;
  • one type of wood varnish.

A blank with a hole is cut out from a plywood sheet with a jigsaw. a countertop in which the saw will be placed. When marking, the holes are guided by the dimensions of the sole of the saw. Rigidity ribs are made of boards, which will be attached to the countertop with self-tapping screws. During the fastening process, the boards are pulled together with clamps. On the front stiffener later, a start button is installed. For the manufacture of legs are boards about a meter long. They are mounted externally to the stiffeners with bolts.

Video circular table from a hand circular saw

Examples of prefabricated circular saw tables

A do-it-yourself circular table is not always advisable. It can be too bulky and awkward, it is difficult to adapt for high-precision wood cutting. Therefore, if it is not a pity to spend a certain amount of financial resources, it is better to purchase factory-made tables. They are made of durable and easy-to-use materials, safe when turning on the electric current, and also have a factory warranty in case of breakage.

The Jet JBTS-10 circular saw has a retractable table from each side, increasing the area suitable for work. Thanks to the belt wire, the cut is silent, and the life of the electric motor is also increased. The presence of an eccentric clamp eliminates the displacement of the machine during operation, which makes its use convenient in any conditions.

When using a table saw Caliber EPN-1100, it is possible to saw wooden materials in the longitudinal and transverse directions, as well as at different angles. The level of inclination of the saw can be selected and fixed.

In the Enkor Corvette-10M 90101 sawing machine, lateral and parallel stops are used, which greatly facilitates the work. When cutting, the saw blade can be tilted at an angle of up to forty-five degrees. An industrial vacuum cleaner that removes wood dust can be connected to the machine. At the same time, the device is characterized by lightness and small dimensions.

Use of the stationary circular saw Einhell TC (TH).TS 820 allows to work with timber in the conditions of mass production. It is a suitable tool when processing not only wooden, but also fiberboard blanks. The design of this model provides a hole into which devices that produce wet and dry cleaning of the machine are connected. over, the equipment is so compact that it can be installed on any workbench.