How to fix a trimmer button for grass in a pressed position. Fuel tank (fuel quality)

trimmer, button, grass, pressed, position

Repair of an electric trimmer for grass

The electric trimmer for the grass replaced the usual spit. Today, most urban residents do not even know how to use a “rare” tool correctly. A modern person does not need this, because he has an electric counterpart. But if an ordinary braid had to just sharpen from time to time, then things are more complicated with the power tool. Equipment requires a certain care, and if a malfunction occurs, the repair can lead to big expenses. However, it does not always make sense to carry the failed tool in the workshop: often you can cope with the breakdown on your own.

To understand what exactly can break in an electric cost, first you should figure out how it is arranged.

Ethletric trimmer for grass usually consists of the following elements:

The current is supplied to the power unit through the connector on the case, to which the cable is connected. Inside the rod is hollow. it plays the role of a protective shell for a flexible shaft, transmitting torque from the motor to the coil of the trimmer for the grass. The handle located on the case has a button, when pressed on which the device turns on.

The described design is considered a classic. However, there are options for executing the tool in which the motor is located in the lower part near the coil, as well as the battery versions.

trimmer, button, grass, pressed, position

Repair of an electric trimmer for grass with your own hands: Frequent causes of breakdowns

One of the scenarios in which the tool is out of order is the mowing of a very neglected area. In this case, the equipment is affected by increased loads and often fails of the power unit. A breakdown of bearings or coils is also possible.

And when work is carried out in rainy weather, electrical equipment can simply close. Also, do not forget about a certain resource of individual assemblies of the tool, which are not designed for constant use. The device requires timely inspection with the replacement of worn parts.

Repair in some cases can be carried out independently, without the involvement of specialists, the cost of which is often considerable.

Repair of the launch button

If the tool does not respond to attempts to turn it on, two options for a malfunction are possible. a cable break inside the handle or the failure of the inclusion button.

Important! Make sure that the device is disconnected from the network if it is a stationary type. In the case of the battery version of the instrument, the power terminals should be first disconnected, and only then proceed to repair.

In order to understand what exactly the breakdown is, you need to disassemble the handle.

Having gained access to the inside, you should, armed with a multimeter, measure the resistance of the button. If it is absent after pressing, the button must be replaced.

You also need to check the contacts of the connection of the power cable with the contact group. Often the need for such a measurement disappears, t. to. The cliff can be found with the naked eye. In this case, it must be eliminated by soldering.

In the absence of a multimeter, the same work can be done using an indicator screwdriver. To do this, after disassembling the body of the power cable handle, it is connected to the network and the phase is checked by a screwdriver before and after the button. If zero comes to the button, the fork in the outlet can be turned and measured again.

Attention! You should be very careful when checking the presence of a phase in this way. There is a possibility of gaining electric shock!

Checking the electric motor

If the button and cable that feeds the tool will be serviceable, you should go to the diagnosis of a power unit. To do this, disassemble the case in which it is located. It is usually necessary to simply unscrew several bolts or screws and remove the lid.

First of all, you need to check the condition of the collector brushes. The wear of this node can lead to unstable operation or to a complete stop of the engine. If the brushes are in satisfactory condition, you should check the winding of the motor for a short circuit.

For this operation, it is necessary to completely remove the engine, and then check all the collector plates in the mode in the mode. The device should not show significant deviations in measurements.

The second check is the “ringing” of the rotor winding to the “mass”. To do this, you need to connect one of the multimeter contact to any collector plate, and the second to the “mass” of the rotor. In this case, the resistance measurement mode should be more than 1 MOM. If there is no short circuit, the device will show a very large meaning.

If, according to the results of these checks, all the parameters turned out to be normal, you need to measure the resistance of the stator winding. Indications should be similar, as in the case of the rotor. If not, then the malfunction lies in the stature.

If there is an interval circuit in the engine, it will not be diagnosed in this way. However, this problem can be identified by observing the trimmer for grass in action. An indirect sign of such a malfunction will be a decrease in the power of the work and overheating of the equipment.

When, as a result of diagnosis, it became clear that the engine was “burned out”, it would be easier to notice it on a new. In the vast majority of cases, repairs, consisting of rewinding, will cost as much as a new power unit.

If the engine is installed on the engine, then it will turn off the power when overheating. If the problem is the malfunction of the relay itself, this can be identified using the same multimeter or tester. With a cold engine in good condition, the relay should pass the current.

Mechanical malfunctions

Such problems include a breakthrough of the flexible shaft. It is easy to recognize it. the motor works, and the coil with a fishing line does not rotate.

The reason for the breakdown is the unfair care of the tool, which consists in the timely lubrication of the inside of the bar. In the absence of the desired amount of lubrication, the shaft will be subjected to excessive friction and the cliff will become a logical result.

This breakdown is corrected by replacing the shaft, which can be removed by disconnecting the upper part of the trimmer for the grass from the bar. If the second part of the shaft is not extracted, disconnection and lower.

When installing a new shaft, it should first be lubricated.

Such a malfunction can occur only with a classic layout of parts. In devices where the power unit is located in the lower part, there is no flexible shaft. However, with such a layout, the role of the gear ratio is played by a bearing located on the engine shaft closer to the place of transmission of the moment. In this situation, the bearing must simply be replaced with a new.

How to start a lawn mower properly?

Regardless of the type of activity, there is a strict sequence that must be observed, t.E:

Inspection and verification

Any faulty trimmer for grass can be very dangerous.

The weakened bolts of attachment of the clutch bell to the engine can lead to rapid abrasion of the clutch sponges, and any leaks in the fuel system can lead to ignition and burns or fire.

The weakening of the transmission bolts can lead to the fact that the drive shaft rod will jump out and stop the work of the trimmer for the grass. The weakened bolts of fastening the handle can lead to an unintentional fall of the shaft and damage to the cutting tool.

Therefore, before each launch, you should at least fluently check the car for the presence of faults. This applies, in particular, to each first launch, whether after the purchase or after storage. During commissioning, it is necessary to check the fuel system for leaks.

One of the most important checks before the first launch is to determine the amount of lubrication in the gearbox and the drive shaft, for which you need to disassemble the trimmer for the grass and remove both gears from the shaft.

This will allow you to evaluate the quantity and condition of the lubricant not only in the flood hole, but also in the place of mating of the shaft with the gear.

Check the oil level in the crankcase of four-stroke engines every 2-3 weeks. If the engine operates long enough at a low oil level, there is a high probability of jamming of the crankshaft.

The gas station is fuel

This should be done after the purchase and during winter storage or when the engine is turned off due to the lack of gasoline. Four-stroke engines are refueling with pure AI-92 gasoline, and two-stroke. a mixture of fuel and special oil, as described here.

Remember that when refueling a two-stroke trimmer for grass after winter storage, do not forget to drain the old fuel, as it has already lost its lubricants, so the crankshaft bearing and a piston-cylinder group will work without lubrication.

Launching a benzotrimer

  • Install the throttle valve to the “Start” position (“Closed”, “off”);
  • installation of the switch to the “on” position (“on”);
  • Pressing and fixing the throttle button;
  • Installation of the throttle in the “work” position (“open”, “inclusive”).
  • a jerk of a starting rope with the selected free stroke;
  • fuel pumping;

The first 3 points from this list can be performed in any order, but tug of the starting rope is possible only after them. The impossibility of refueling will lead to the fact that you will have to pull the starter’s rope ten times so that the moving engine piston has caught up with enough air for pumping fuel from the carburetor.

Neglecting air thrift will lead to a very rich mixture, which is good for a running engine, but very bad for starting, since such a mixture is well ignited only in the heated cylinder.

When the throttle is in a closed position, the arriving air is not enough to start the engine at idle, so you need to press and fix the throttle button (accelerator, engine speed controller). The engine on/off switch blocks the ignition system, so before starting the movement, translate the switch to the position on the position.

If the switch is not installed in the correct position, the voltage will not enter the spark plug, so there will be no spark for ignition of the mixture in the cylinder.

After starting the engine, transfer the air damper to an open position, since a heavily enriched mixture is good for starting, because it is flammable even in a cold cylinder, but due to lack of air, the fuel does not burn out completely.

An attempt to mow grass with a closed throttle leads to a sharp drop in engine power and a significant heating of the valves, and prolonged operation (tens of hours) leads to the burning of the valves or damage to the gasket of the cylinder block head.

If the motor does not start or works incorrectly

Most often, this is caused by the incorrect launch of a trimmer for grass, when the correct procedure is not observed or there is no important component, so just run the correctly and the engine will start. If the lawn mower is poorly started after storage, most likely the old gasoline has ended and it just needs to be replaced.

If the machine has not been served for several seasons, you can find that the air or fuel filter is contaminated, and you just need to rinse or replace it.

Stihl Trimmer. How To Fix the detached in-tank fuel line problem.

If you did everything right, but there is no positive result, contact the repair workshop or diagnose and repair yourself.

A few tips

It is impossible to launch in the room or in the same place where the equipment was refueled. The high concentration of exhaust gases that differ in toxicity has a negative effect on human health.

You can not smoke during the preparation or refueling of the combustible mixture. It is forbidden to carry out these actions near the open fire.

New equipment needs “”. Do not sharply burn on gas. At first it is necessary to work, making short stops, so that all the elements, as they say, are pulled and greased enough.


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Trimmer for grass Zipper, ESO, SHENLI, repair of gas handle.

The previous time we replaced the cylinder with a piston in the Austrian benzocosa Zipper. In the process of repair, we found out that this benzotrimer is an absolute analogue of many, mainly Chinese production of trimmers, such as: ECO, DeFort, Eland, Skiper, Groser, Gunter, KW, SHETENLI, Belarus, Ural, Patriot, etc. Therefore, all that has been said below, equally refers to the handles of the gas data of these brands.

According to the client, the pen began to work poorly, he dismantled it, the springs jumped out how they did not notice, collected how it turned out. After assembling the trigger, the handle began to seize, when they were fully pressed, he did not return to its original position, the trigger was not blocked by the button in the pressed position, the safety key of the trigger stopped working.

Both springs are installed incorrectly. The person who collected the pen planned that the spring of the main trigger with its second part would interact with the second part of the handle body.

It was assumed that the second part of the spring would cling to the plastic side of the handle body marked with a red arrow.

Either when assembling, the spring did not catch on board in the planned place, or then because of the vibration came out of the hook, as a result, the trigger failed and stopped returning to its original position.

The second spring, the spring.pressing button, was also installed incorrectly and did not perform its functions. Therefore, we completely disassemble the handle.

How to fix a trimmer button for grass in a pressed position

Pavel, a trimmer for grass is a mechanism that, after acting it, fixes the control elements of LA. On the aircraft these are stabilizers and the steering wheel, and the lobe helicopter and loading the steering screw. Through this fixation, the load on the controls (handle, pedal) is removed, which accordingly facilitates the management. Therefore, the trimmer for the grass is not tuned in any way. He is either in work or not. As for our Mi-8, the mood is the inclusion of a trimmer for the grass on some button, which is easiest for you to press without being distracted from control. (I have a kobr under my little finger), and another button (any) mood for disconnecting. Use the trimmer so you need to. For example, Take a step by 3g and make a pond. Trimmer for grass. Fix the helicopter in the horizon and again trim. Take a step by 4 g. you hold a helicopter and again trim and so almost before the break. As a result, the helicopter should smoothly break away from the ground, and at the same time you should hardly help it (maybe a little pedals) of the governing organs. This will be the correct trimming. The same in flight. Changed the position of the helicopter, pressed the trimmer for the grass and so on. In short, you can click a trimmer, at least every 20-30 nets. Well, something like this.

I understand that a trimmer for the grass must either be turned on or off, that is, if I turned on the trimmer for the grass after that, which keys should be trimm? otherwise in the settings I have in English. for some reason, but I thank the very intelligible answer!

Pavel, no, you didn’t understand. And about the trimmer for grass in the Supply in Russian. The inclusion of a trimmer for grass is a trimming. This button is constantly pressing. And the shutdown of the trimmer for the grass turns off the ability to trim the machine. In the settings at the end of the list where everything is on “T”, brake and so on. There are two “trimmer for grass” and “shutdown of a trimmer for grass” buttons, everything.

Vladimir, it’s wildly to blame for my stupidity))) just for me this is still a dark forest, so I found these buttons, so I’ll say I turn on the trimmer for the grass, with which buttons you need to trimm the machine? or she is in the machine in the machine? here I am about)) Once again I am out of my unregistered!

Pash, well, if you like it so much, then call it. In the machine. You turned on the trimmer for the grass, so you slowed down the car. The trimmer mechanism is triggered to receive the signal from the “Trimmer for grass” button. After receiving this very signal, the trimmer mechanism fixes the position of the rudders and therefore control bodies. Example. Here you are flying in the horizon and you need to turn smoothly right.Show completely. You take the RPPU to the right to a certain angle and help with pedals a little (or do not wound). Installed the angular position of the helicopter what is needed and pressed on the “trimmer for the grass” everything, the helicopter is sicked. He can “peck” somewhere a little, you parry this desire to return him to the course and again click on the “trimmer for the grass”. Then the helicopter flies along a given path. Now you need to align the course. You take a helicopter with a pen and pedals to the desired course and again press the “trimmer for the grass“. The helicopter is again shredded, but already in the horizon. And in all these moments when you press again. “Trimmer for grass”, the trimmer mechanism fixes the rudders (screws, or rather the axis of the gearbox) in a new position. If you click on “. trimmer for grass ”, then the helicopter will have to manually lead the handle and the pen will not be possible to release even for a couple of seconds, because the centering will lead a helicopter either into convertible (usually), diving or to the side. In short, you will “catch” it, well, this is that you probably already understood. I hope I clearly explained this time? By the way, I advise you to first learn to keep the car on, in flight and landing, without the use of a trimmer for grass.

Vladimir, I understood everything now! At the moment, I’m trying to fill my hand on, it is true so far 2 with a minus)) it’s hard, it is almost impossible to keep the car at least in a radius of 5 meters in place, all the time is trying to leave on its own, it’s just difficult for me to work as pedals, it is hard to work, Because they are not ((I do everything in maximum simulation mode, since it is hard to teach in battle) thanks for the help!

Pavel, stuff, stuff your hand. I flew for about a year without pedals, it’s okay. And at the expense “within a radius of 5m”. You need to see the settings. They should be very smooth (axes curved) in the near.alloy values.

Vladimir, well, I tuned the joystick according to your recommendations, but they do not fit the pedals (without pedals) because big efforts need to make almost a whole turn so that they move, I understand that this is only a foundation for settings, well, since I myself I don’t know how to configure the joystick, I use yours on this))

And I just ride the airfield))) trying not to work in the air in the air, you think this is right?)

Pavel, well, you can just ride. Put a hand on the movement of the handle and, accordingly, the reaction of the machine in the deviation see. But this will help a little for the flight, I think. Although the reduction also needs to learn. Well, at the same time take off on the aircraft. And at the expense of pedal settings you are wrong. There the screen is just for the twist. When I shared my pedals did not have my settings. It is that such a gentle curve and is needed for pedals to fend off the slightest deviations of the helicopter in the direction. Otherwise, with the slightest turn of the handle around the axis, the helicopter will shout to the side of 15-20 degrees at once. It is very difficult to keep a helicopter with millimeter movements to the right, so think. Although, of course, your business.

Device and repair of a trimmer for grass

General design

The appearance of my electric braid for grass is shown in photographs with explanations of the main nodes.

Technical characteristics of a trimmer for the grass ECO GT-800L are presented by a table from the instructions.

When I chose it, I stopped at the power and number of engine speeds. 800 watts is enough with a large margin. Fishing lines with a diameter of 1.6 mm is quite enough to process grass in the garden and on lawns. Just do not allow its growth above the knees. Otherwise you have to mow in two doses, because long stems begin to twist around the mowing head.

The housing of the electric motor, the inclusion button and the factory sign of a close.up showed a photograph.


All mounting screws are located on one side of the electric motor body. This is convenient for disassembly.

After turning the fasteners of the screws, it is necessary to carefully separate the halves of the body with the fingers, overcoming the force of adhesion of plastic locks. In difficult places, I put a screwdriver with a flat blade.

The general view of the electric engine after removing the upper cover was presented with a photograph.

Disadvantages of the design

Immediately during disassembly, a weak place was revealed. the mounting unit of the plastic case to the thin.walled pipe of the bar. Self.tapping screws are used. The nest immediately became weakened and the screw is tightly closed: it turns and cuts soft metal.

Engine controls

The Trimmer button affects the microswitch lever. micrics. The return is due to the effort of the springs. In the photo they were installed incorrectly, shot in a hurry and did not notice. The springs are completely placed in the internal compartment of the case.

To start the engine, the same principle is used as the electric drill. The work can be done in two ways:

For security purposes, I refused and the latch, along with the spring, removed. I believe that this mode should be used only for a stationary fixed power tool, when cases of safety violations in everyday life are excluded, and an electric engine does not require an instant stop.

On the lower half, the photo showed a more clearly button of the micrix, which controls the operation of the electric engine.

The miclorinator itself is conveniently placed in a separate nest-Osek, and its marking is shown from below.

The brushes and plates of the engine collector

Small contaminants of the contact surfaces of the brushes and collector plates are quite normal, correspond to working modes.

Stator and engine rotor windings

All surfaces are whole, mechanical damage and traces of overheating, temperature no exposure.

Varnish violations are not visible.

Engine wires and bearings

Everything is fine too. All structural elements in working condition, although you can see small pollution of individual parts and traces of corrosion on the magnetic circuit of the electric motor stator and metal details.

Checking performance

Turned on the assembled trimmer for the grass and tested in the work. Spontaneous shutdowns stopped. The engine under load and shaking works fine, heating the windings is not felt.

I bring photos of a small lawn, first processed by the old grandfather’s scythe, and then a trimmer. Compare the quality of the beveled surface. In the lower picture, it is made strictly on the horizontal plane.

I know that my level of core is quite low and little practice. But, the work of a trimmer for grass is quite happy with me, and I use a simple scythe extremely rarely.

I suggest watching a video on the same topic. The owner Igor Ivanov offers its option to eliminate the breakdown of the engine of an electric trimmer for the grass. He shows everything in real time.

If questions arise about the repair of a trimmer for grass, then ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. It is convenient for you to share with friends of the article material through the social network buttons.

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How to change the disk on the trimmer and for which motorcycle they are used

Trammers for grass differ in the method of engine operation. Electric and gasoline options are released. The latter. have a much more capacity of their competitors.

For miniature trimmers, plastic knives or light metal elements are traditionally used. For mowels of greater power, you can even use a winning disk for a trimmer for grass. But the restrictions affected not only the power of the devices.

The second principle is the mechanism: hard or gear. In the first. rotation is transmitted based on the shaft, and in the second. a steel cable. A flexible cable does not work with large discs, as it quickly becomes unusable. Therefore, for a flexible transmission, use a reel with a fishing line instead of knives. The type of device should be found out before the purchase, so as not to be with a quick breakdown.

Which knife for a trimmer for grass is better to choose? Review of possible options

Manufacturers produce several varieties of cutting elements for motorcycle. It all depends on the type of device. It is customary to distinguish between consumables:

What material for a trimmer knife is better

The purpose of the consumable determines the material: iron or plastic. The choice of one or another option is determined by several factors:

Important: metal mills are never installed on network braids. The power of the device is not enough for a full torque. Therefore, he appeared an alternative. plastic. Features of the design of the electric format motokos simply do not allow metal knives to work adequately:

Plastic blades are used only on devices with flexible hoses. Plastic copes with fine grass, dry areas and burdocks. If the wrong disk was accidentally installed, look further: how to change the disk to the reel on the trimmer.

Metal cutters. It is used for mowing thick, dense grass, small trees. The properties of a disc trimmer for grass allow you to install it in the fight against shrubs.

Technical and external characteristics that indicate that you need exactly an iron tip:

  • straight bar, respectively. the length of the device itself increases;
  • comfortable handles for control of a scythe;
  • Setting a smooth turnover of the blade.

Tip: for mowing a large territory with different types of grass and shrubs, gasoline units are well suited. They need to install a metal disk with sharp knives on them.

How many blades should be

The form does not affect the efficiency of the blade as their total number. For example, for the future hay it is worth taking a mill for 6-8 blades. With an amount of 2-4, the grass is mowing “into the meat”, and you will not fall any drows. For young trees, blades with many small teeth are great (look in stores with winning elements. also a great option).

Labric mushroom knives are Natural in different ways: on one or both sides. Dumb or spent option increases fuel consumption and works inefficiently.

Important: try not to work with blades in areas with stones, brick. The only hit of the blade on the solid edge can break it can break it. Worse, if part of the pebble flies away in your direction. Be carefull!

How to change the nozzle for a trimmer for grass? The element should be selected on the basis of dimensions, material and design. Also focus on the format of work and the area that you will mow. The instructions from the tool will help you partially. Manufacturers indicate which knife what territory your equipment will process. Well, we go to how to put a knife on a trimmer for grass correctly.

Checking the electric motor

If the button for turning on the device and the sections of the internal wiring turn out to be intact, then you should proceed to check the electric engine. For this purpose, it is necessary to remove the cover cover, having previously unscrewed a few screws with a screwdriver.

The first thing to do after access to the electric engine is to check the operability of the brush unit. If the brushes are worn out over the maximum permissible value, then the electric motor can completely stop or work unstable. In the case when the brushes and the collector are in perfect order, you should proceed with the “call” the engine winding. In order to exclude the likelihood of a breakdown in both contours, one should alternate

Checking the stator and engine rotor. To perform this operation, it is necessary:

  • Remove the engine from the electric ships.
  • Turn on the multimeter in the resistance measurement mode and check all the collector plates for the break. When checking, there should also be no significant deviations in the testimony of the diagnostic device.
  • Check for a breakdown of the rotor winding per mass. For this purpose, you should connect one multimeter probe to the “mass” of the rotor, and the other to any collector plate. The multimeter should be installed in the resistance measurement mode of more than 1 MOM. The resistance of the working engine between the winding and the “mass” should be very large.
  • Measure the stator winding resistance indicator. If the resistance is absent, then in this case its malfunction can be stated in this case.
  • If the stator wiring is in perfect order, then it is checked by a possible breakdown on the case, in the same way as in the diagnosis of the stator.

When checking in this way, it is possible to establish the cause of the malfunction of the electric motor in 90% of cases. Carry out a check for an interval circuit, which can only manifest itself in the process of engine operation, in this way it will not work, but you can diagnose such a malfunction

According to indirect signs, which are manifested in reducing the power of the electric motor and overheating. If the electric motor is equipped with a thermorele, then such an electric cos, with an inter.flip circuit, will work for a short time, after which the trimmer will automatically turn off the grass. In some cases, the thermorelele can cause a malfunction of the trimmer electric motor for the grass, therefore, in the complex of verification

events should be included “calling” the thermallane using a multimeter or tester.

It is very simple to do this: in good condition, an electric current passes an electric current in a cold engine, in

The electrical circuit will be opened faulty.

The problems of performance of the electrocos associated with the cliff of wires are easily eliminated by swinging contacts, but if the motor “burned out”, you will need to perform a complex rewind process that can

How to tell where to correctly connect what fuel line on a weed eater, trimmer, leaf blower or edger

perform only a qualified specialist. In many cases, it is much easier and cheaper to purchase a new engine and install it in the place of burned. This work can be done independently

If the electrician of the trimmer for the grass is in good condition, then you should pay attention to other types of malfunctions that can manifest during operation of the electrocos.

Mechanical malfunctions of a trimmer for grass

If the electric engine of the device is turned on, but the rotation of the bobbin with the fishing line does not occur, the causes of such a malfunction may consist in a break in a flexible shaft transmitting torque. This problem is especially often manifested with improper care of the electrical appliance. For example, in the absence of lubrication inside the rod, the electric cables will be subjected to excessive friction and for a short time this part will fail. To replace it, it is enough to disconnect the upper part of the electric cos, in which the electric motor is located, after which it will be possible to extract a flexible shaft from the bar.

If there are difficulties in extracting the second part of the cable remaining in the cavity inside, the lower part of the braid for grass with a bobin and shaft is disconnected. The assembly of the mechanism is carried out in the reverse order.

trimmer for grass with the lower engine location

trimmer, button, grass, pressed, position

Before installing, the flexible shaft must be carefully lubricated with plastic lubrication to reduce the probability of re.failure of this part out of order.

The rupture of the flexible shaft can only occur in the models of the electrimmer with the upper engine location.

Electrics with the lower engine of the engine do not have a flexible shaft, but the malfunctions of such devices can manifest itself in the form of destruction of the main shaft of the electrocos on which the Bobin is installed with the fishing line.

It is very easy to repair such a malfunction to replace the failed bearing with a new part.

As a power drive in any gasoline trimmer, an internal combustion engine is used. By means of a hard or flexible shaft, rotation from it is transmitted to a cutting element. a coil with a cord (fishing line) or a special knife. The shaft is placed inside the metal rod, on one end of which the engine and the fuel tank are fixed, on the other there is a cutting head. In the middle part of the rod, the handle is attached. Most often, it is precisely on it that keys, buttons and switches are placed, with which the work of the trimmer for grass is controlled.

The layout of the control elements can differ slightly depending on the model of the tool, but, as a rule, this includes a button for jamming the engine, the gas key, which allows you to control the throttle darling of the carburetor, and the stopper of this key in the pressed state, facilitating control with large volume of work.

Gearbox. 2. Trimmer head. 3. Protective casing. four. Gas Stop button. 5. Switch.

Gas lever. 7. Lever. eight. Stop a gas lever. 9. Barbell. ten. Loop for fastening belt carbine.

Air filter. 12. Spark plug. 13. Engine case. fourteen. An exhaust manifold. fifteen. Gas tank. 16. Starter.

Gasoline trimmer device for grass. Asseting device and common malfunctions

The easiest way to give the lawn mower for repairs, allocating a certain amount of funds from the family budget, operational and high.quality repair with your own hands is no less simple and convenient to understand the design of the lawn mower and fix all the problems.

The massive and piece manufacture of trimmers is based on the use of generally accepted technology, the typical design scheme consists of certain elements and parts, it is important to know them when carrying out independent repair work:

  • top part. The basis of the entire structure, where all important elements are collected, such as the starter, carburetor and the engine of the lawn mower;
  • middle part. Hollow rod, inside it is a cable connecting the engine and gearbox, which sets the cutting fishing line for the trimmer. In this part there are mounts for the distribution of weight of the entire structure and a belt for fixing a trimmer for grass on a belt of a person using a trimmer for grass for its intended purpose;
  • Bottom part. It has a gearbox and cutting elements that are hidden under a practical casing, which protects the user. The casing provides an increased level of safety, preventing large fractions of garbage, pebbles and glass in a person while working with a gas station.

Knowing the internal device and the principle of operation of the trimmer for grass, you can independently carry out repair measures for the design or replace individual unusability of the nodes using the repair instructions.

The most common and often encountered, subject to independent correction of the breakdown of the unit can be called the following problems:

  • engine malfunction, due to which the lawn mower is not started and does not work;
  • enhanced vibration of the bar motorcosa, which complicates its targeted use;
  • increased overheating of the gearbox, its accelerated heating during operation;
  • slow and weak functioning of the cutting fishing line at insufficient speeds;
  • the clogging of the starter grill causing the engine overheating and its refusal to work;
  • rapid and frequent clogging of the carburetor due to the use of poor.quality fuel;
  • clogging of the air filter in case of non.compliance with measures to care for the device.

All these problems can lead to the fact that the device will lose its ability to work before ordering the necessary spare parts for non.bosomeds should be carried out by a visual inspection and diagnosis of the device.

Special attention is required by individual spare parts and assemblies of the device, to verify them, you will not have to turn to a professional master, a complex of diagnostic measures will help to identify a consequence of the occurrence of a loss of performance.