How to Grow a Beard: A Guide For Beginners On Styling And Growing A Beard.

This post was posted on BeardBrand by Eric Bandholz. He simply has a stunned beard that cannot be envied. so give him a few minutes of your attention and you will learn how to grow a beard!

How to Grow a Beard: A Guide For Beginners On Styling And Growing A Beard.

To grow a stunning beard, for starters, set aside razors and trimmers and just wait.

Well, that’s all. most men think so.

In fact, growing a beard is a science. And if you are a fan of style in everything. and you undoubtedly are one. you probably already know about it.

I created this guide for beginners in growing a beard. For those who do not yet know exactly what to expect.

I will help you overcome the various difficulties and difficulties that arise in the process of growing a beard.

After reading this article, you will have all the necessary tools in order to get something that a man can really be proud of.

Since this will be the most serious and most educational article on the Internet, I divided it into three sections:

Everyone has their own reasons for growing a beard. For each they are individual.

Personally, I found a lot of associates in the clubs of beard lovers, I received many compliments from absolute strangers and firmly understood for myself what I will do in life.

Everyone will have different results. but I promise that when you correctly grow a beard, it will never be the same as you used to be.

Style and maintaining the shape of a beard (physics)

As I mentioned earlier, the first thing we will need is to set aside the razor and patiently grow it.

In fact, the main character trait of any bearded man is patience. A beard is not measured by length, but by the duration of cultivation in months.

You can have a one-month beard, a three-month, annual or highest degree. the maximum possible (the maximum length for which is enough for your patience and strength).

Each length has its own specific characteristics and represents a certain complexity. During the first two weeks of growing a beard, you will feel some itching, the beard will look shabby and mottled.

The whole problem is that when you shave, you sharpen every hair in your beard, and it is these sharp tips, growing back, that make you itch.

They become long enough to poke you in the face with their pointed tips. Your neck is most exposed to this. this is because it is located at an angle to the head.

  1. Gather masculinity in a fist and just wait. This is a temporary phenomenon. it will pass quickly.
  2. Use a sufficient amount of lotions and moisturizers, beard oil or any other similar product. The main thing is to avoid moisturizers containing alcohol. it will dry your skin.
  3. At the earliest stage of growing a beard, use scrubs and exfoliants. They will soften the skin and stubble and make your face pleasant for kisses.

At this stage, it makes no sense to use shampoo. because the length is still small. Use soap based on natural ingredients and herbs. The main thing is the absence in the soap of various kinds of chemicals (like sodium sulfate). There are many options, but my favorite is Rocky Top Soap.

As soon as the “scabies” phase is left behind, you go to the “untidiness” stage. To make your beard tidy, I recommend using a mustache and cheek trimmer. If you are striving for a long annual beard or natural beard, then you should tolerate and do not let a razor or trimmer to your face.

Most bearded guys stop at this stage. Men are too careless about the process of shaving and trimming. after the first unsuccessful attempt to trim the beard, they shave everything all at once. Due to the risk of errors, I recommend waiting at least a month before trimming.

Newbies in beard farming tend to shave their neck too high. The ideal neckline is the area of ​​the “junction” of the neck and head. So, if the line of your beard is absolutely parallel to the surface of the earth, then everything is in order, do not shave anything. If something is knocked out of a parallel line, delete it.

Trimming is not styling. Do not try to immediately get clear lines and contours from ear to ear.

When you trim your mustache, use scissors and a shallow comb. The crest-limited beard surface will give you more control over the trimming process. Try to adhere to the natural line of growth of the beard in the cheek area. remove only a few hairs knocked out of the total mass.

If your stubble is very thick, do not shave anything below the nose line.

Two weeks are enough for me to reach the European beard. Trimming only when necessary at the lowest trim levels. Our goal is an extremely natural look.

Video: How to Grow a Beard: A Guide For Beginners On Styling And Growing A Beard.

"Corporate beard", a medium-length beard. this is about 1-2 months of growing. It’s good to keep your beard tidy and even. To keep the length, use the most common scissors. This will help to avoid possible oversights and will give you the opportunity to control the growth of the beard. Use a comb to comb your beard and calculate the longest hairs, then to remove them.

The less you cut today, the better. remember that you can always cut even tomorrow. To maintain softness, use special conditioners for hair and beard and emollient oils. Wash your beard with beard shampoo one to three times a week.

Well, now, for those who want to grow a beard further, the real fun begins. After two months, you will notice that your beard begins to do funny things. Everything that was once neat and well-groomed suddenly became curly and shabby. It all looks pretty wild. This is natural, so we get together and continue to wait.

After three months or longer, the beard will need to be washed only once a week and if necessary. However, nobody canceled the daily care with air conditioning. Use oil to moisturize and soften the beard and trim it with scissors. Do not touch the beard if you are in a bad mood or if you are drunk.

Main rule. Before you shave your beard, think so many days, how many months you should have grown a beard. That is, if you have grown a beard for 6 months, then devote a week to reflection. This will help you not to lose your beard at the wrong time.

If your beard is even longer, then you will probably notice that if you use a hairdryer when drying, the volume of the beard will increase significantly. And most importantly, after drying, there will be a prolonged sense of comfort and cleanliness. If you blow dry your beard, direct air into the beard from the side of the neck. If you are interested in styling products, start with a regular beard balm. It is applied to a wet beard. Then blow dry.

After the beard is dried, use the same hair dryer to smooth the beard a little and "put" it in place. Use a quality acetate, wood or metal comb. Give the final form a massage comb. Watch my video and find out how I do it.

The beauty of the beard is that it suits any style. I always recommend growing “what works.” This means that your genetics can do everything for you. Once your natural beard has grown, you can easily find your style. Well, if you grow a thick mustache, then please do not shave these beauties.

If your beard is thin, then your goat beard is your ideal, fashionable option. A full-fledged beard does not require any particular fashion. She is eternal. Although new styles and variations will continue to come in and out in fashion.

Beard Growth (Physiology)

Your genetics is directly related to your potential in growing a beard. Stress, poor nutrition, and illness adversely affect this potential. Want a great beard. here are some more tips on how to do it fast and stylish.

To begin with, understand that shaving your beard in NO way will accelerate its further growth. This is one of the old urban legends. And if some bearded man is trying to convince you of this, believe me, he’s just mocking you.

Well, now, let’s move on to the tips. If you regularly exercise, rarely get nervous and eat right, then they will not be useful to you at all. But if your life is not perfect, then our tips will help you grow a thick and healthy beard.

For starters, think about nutritional supplements. That is, about what your diet really lacks. Among my favorite supplements are multi vitamins, biotin and fish oil. Biotin accelerates hair and nail growth. In some countries it is called Vitamin H, from the English word "hair" ("hair"). In addition to these basics, you can add zinc, vitamin B (especially B6) and magnesium.

What really helps in growing a beard is testosterone. To increase testosterone levels, you need to eat more red meat, avoid soy based foods, and lift weights. Other good foods include spinach, nuts, avocados, olives, broccoli, and olive oil.

As soon as you take care of what gets inside your body, focus on external factors. Do not often comb your beard. combing it too often will lead to split ends.

The most important thing that is really needed is patience. A beard takes time, and the longer you want it, the more time you will have to spend. We all understand that the best in life requires patient expectation, right?

Beard Growth (Psychology)

If you are new to growing a beard, then the most difficult test for you will be the reaction of others. If you lived on a desert island, it would hardly affect you. But in society, a change of image always causes a reaction.

The first difficulty is contact with loved ones. However, do not worry in advance. loved ones, as a rule, support.

People who see you as a confident and successful person are unlikely to try to dissuade you. (Well, if you don’t feel enough support, find support in clubs and social networks.)

I like this expression of thoughts about the beard:

“Darling, I decided to grow a beard and I know that will change me a little. This is what I wanted for a long time, but I never had the confidence that I could start. I am going to grow a beard for several months and would be glad that you supported me. Please help me overcome difficulties and achieve my goals. ”

If you are not sure that you are going to be 100% supported, then try to say something like:

"Darling, I’m (so many) years old and at least the next 50 years I intend to spend with you. Please give me a few months out of these 50 years so that I can use them for something really important to me. ”

If this does not work, then something like “My body is my beard” should work. However, such an argument may be considered too rude.

As soon as understanding is established with loved ones and loved ones, it is time to process best friends.

Start with the confident “I need your support.” Although, I doubt that everyone can just take it and boldly lay out all the cards.

As soon as one of your friends comments on your beard from the negative side, immediately answer: "Oh yes, it will grow back soon and will look great."

People around you will feel your confidence and will accept your choice. And the main thing to keep in mind is the famous “Haters gonna hate” (“Haters will always hate”). It’s unavoidable.

You can not please everyone at once. You can not control the views and emotions of other people. All you really can control is your own actions and emotions. This is enough for you to be happy.

In the end, there is no need to please everyone. do it only for yourself.

While you grow a beard, you will meet many who really support you. And everywhere you will begin to be called nothing more than a "guy with a beard."

The problem with unpleasant comments will be solved as soon as your circle of acquaintances is replenished with like-minded people. And you, meanwhile, will be who you really are. a great person.

Growing a beard is a very interesting experience for most men.

If it doesn’t suit you, you can just shave it off. But definitely worth a try.

In the process, you will become more open in communication, more confident, calm.

A beard can really affect your mind and make you a better person.