How to Insert a Canvas into a Hacksaw

A hacksaw for metal is considered a fairly common hand tool, which is designed to divide the workpiece into several separate parts of a certain size. Its design features are characterized by the fact that it is possible to carry out periodic replacement of the worker is tight. When processing metal, there is a very high probability of rapid wear of the cutting edge. Therefore, the function of replacing the tape was provided, which requires a small amount of time. There is simply a huge number of different paintings, we will consider the features of the choice and many other points in more detail.

How to Insert a Canvas into a Hacksaw

Types of hacksaw blades and their design

Do not forget that the production of a working hacksaw blade is carried out in accordance with established standards in GOST 53411-2009. The specified information in this normative and technical documentation defines the separation of two main groups: for machine and manual cutting. It should be borne in mind that a machine hacksaw blade for metal is purchased extremely rarely, since such equipment is used extremely rarely. For a hand saw, the following versions are produced:

  1. A single hacksaw blade for metal with a distance between fasteners of 250 mm. over, the total length indicator is 265 mm. Such an embodiment is suitable for a tool that is used when there is no need for high productivity.
  2. Single versions with a distance between two fasteners of 300 mm. The total length indicator is 315 mm.
  3. For greater productivity, a double hacksaw blade is installed. The length of this embodiment, as well as the previous one.

When choosing, attention is also paid to the width indicator, which is 0.63 mm for a single version, and 0.8 mm for a double. The height of the tooth in the first case is 12.5 mm, in the second 20 mm.

The value and step of the location are regulated, since a similar indicator determines many operational characteristics.

Download GOST 53411-2009

In the manufacture of such a product, a wide variety of alloys can be used, on which the main operational characteristics largely depend. The following alloys are most widely used:

  1. X6VF.
  2. B2F.
  3. High-speed alloys, for example, P5M5 and P12.

Hacksaw cloth with tungsten carbide spraying is quite common recently, as it is characterized by increased wear resistance. It should be borne in mind that the spraying can have a variety of colors, there are blue options for sale, ordinary steel is dark gray.

The considered tungsten hacksaw blade is characterized by the fact that with high hardness of the working surface, the structure is characterized by high sensitivity to bending load. That is why with careless cutting of metal, a similar product cannot last for a long time.

Manufacturers can achieve a high rate of strength through heat treatment. The following should be considered:

  1. The bulk of the product is characterized by a hardness of the surface layer near HRC 44-46.
  2. Depending on the type of material used in the manufacture, the hardness of the tooth varies in the HRC range from 64 to 67. This indicator is characteristic of alloyed alloys. High speed steel is characterized in that it has a hardness of HRC in the range of 73-78 units.

Do not forget that significant changes in hardness become the cause of the sensitivity of the product to bending. The tool is designed for different loads, it should not exceed 60 kg with a pitch of 1.4 mm, and 10 kg with a tooth pitch of less than 1.4 mm.

A fairly large number of varieties of such a product determines that there are no serious problems with the selection of a suitable embodiment.

The principles of choosing the canvas

It is important to choose the most suitable product variant for the specific operating condition. If the surface does not possess the required properties, then it will not last for a long period. The selection criteria include the following points:

  1. The most important selection criterion is the distance between the two mounting holes. For some instruments, this indicator can vary due to a special device.
  2. The next selection criterion is the strength of the cut metal. If the work involves cutting common soft alloys, for example, copper or aluminum, then the product with the lowest hardness of the surface layer is selected. X6VF steel is very common, HCS marking is used for imported canvases. It is also possible to carry out processing of durable metals for which a hacksaw blade made of high speed steel is suitable, import marking is HSS,
  3. The thickness of the metal being cut and the quality that must be achieved after processing are also taken into account. Abroad, the PPI indicator becomes the determining criterion. the number of tooth tips per inch of length. To ensure high quality, a PPI of more than 24 is required, if performance is a priority, then a version with a rate of less than 24 is selected.
  4. When choosing, attention is paid to the quality of the dilution of the cutting edge. This parameter must comply with the standards that are set in the previously given GOST. There are three main options for execution: dilution for each, through one tooth or two adjacent.

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Many are looking for a hacksaw blade that can last for a long period. It should be borne in mind that the quality of the applied coating affects the operational life. The use of low-cost substances is the reason why, when heated, a large number of cracks appear on the surface.

The uniformity of the wiring also affects the quality. For a good hacksaw blade for metal, the deviation is not more than 45% for a length of 10 mm. A visual inspection also allows you to determine how equal the height of the individual teeth is. Accurate results can be obtained using a micrometer or other measuring device with high accuracy.

How to set the blade on a hacksaw

The design of the tool in question allows for quick replacement of the hacksaw blade. It should be borne in mind that when making a mistake, the product in question will not last for a long period. How to install the blade in a hacksaw for metal is a very common question, since this tool is found in almost all home workshops. The main recommendations are the following:

  1. The instruction largely depends on the fastener system used in a particular case.
  2. A threaded clamp is widely used, in which the hacksaw blade is installed and stretched. A sharp change in the applied load becomes the reason for periodically checking the degree of tension.
  3. There are tools with lever mount. In this case, the installation is greatly simplified, since it is enough to take the lever and install the hacksaw blade to cut the metal, and then tighten it in the opposite direction.

When considering how to properly insert the blade into a hacksaw for metal, it should be borne in mind that after appropriate installation, it creates an easy ring during operation and may vibrate a little. However, at the time of sawing, the product should not change its position, as this may cause damage to the mounting holes.

Selection rules

Subject to certain rules, it is possible to choose a suitable canvas that can last for a long period. The main recommendations are as follows:

  1. There should not be cracks or other defects on the surface, as well as traces of corrosion. This is due to the fact that even minor damage will cause increased wear.
  2. At the time of selection, make sure the elasticity of the saw. To do this, they bend it a bit, then release it. A high-quality product restores its shape almost immediately, which indicates high flexibility.
  3. As previously noted, the allowable cutting speed is largely dependent on the number of teeth per inch.
  4. The determining factor in many cases is the type of material used. Often they prefer hot-rolled steel or bimetallic products. The tungsten carbide sprayed version is for a short period.

It is not recommended to use the price indicator as the main selection criterion. However, a too cheap option fails for a short period.

As practice shows, the low-quality version of the implementation has to be changed several times, as a more expensive offer will last for a longer period.

Recommendations for use

Only with proper use can the risk of damage to the hacksaw blade for metal be eliminated. The main recommendations are as follows:

  1. It is necessary to carry out processing with one speed and the applied effort. Even minor changes can cause a defect.
  2. From time to time you need to take breaks. The reasons are that too high a temperature causes an increase in ductility.
  3. At the time of processing on the surface should be all hacksaw blade. This ensures uniform wear.

Often you can meet a situation where, due to strong heating and applied force, the metal plate bursts. Low-quality versions wear out quickly and become practically unsuitable for use.

Number of teeth

The determining factor is how many teeth per inch. The following depends on him:

  1. Performance depends on the indicator. With an increase in the number of cutting edges, the task is significantly complicated, the chips become smaller.
  2. A large number allows you to get a quality cut. This is achieved by reducing the resulting chips.

In addition, an increase in quantity causes a rise in the cost of the product.

Tooth Shape Metal

Attention is also paid to the shape of the tooth. From this indicator depends:

  1. Installation direction of the metal plate.
  2. The degree of wear during operation.
  3. Tool performance.

In most cases, the classic form is used, since it is considered a universal option.

Tooth pitch

The tooth pitch may also vary. This indicator of the hacksaw blade determines:

  1. Performance.
  2. Possible quality of the cut.
  3. Application area.

A fine step allows you to get a quality cut when working with various alloys.

Tooth setting

Chip removal from the cutting zone is carried out due to a specific wiring of the cutting edge. As previously noted, according to this criterion there are several options for execution:

  1. Wiring for each.
  2. Wiring through one or two teeth.

At the same time, attention is also paid to the direction of the teeth. Based on this parameter, the plate is installed.

Today, many tool manufacturers specialize in hacksaw blades. At the same time, domestic products are much cheaper, foreign ones are more expensive, but at the same time they have higher operational characteristics. For long-term operation, several products are required, as they can wear out at high speed.