How to Install a Knife on a Patriot 3355 Trimmer

Thus, first you need to decide what type of food will be better for certain conditions. If you take care of the lawn away from the city, it is better to choose a gasoline model, because it does not depend on the outlet. In general, not only trimmers that run on liquid fuel are on sale, but also electric and battery options. Each of them has its own positive features.

For example, a gasoline unit is characterized by practicality, high power, maneuverability and mobility. In order to finally make a choice, you should consider several models of the described devices. Among others, the Patriot petrol trimmer is presented on the modern market, and we will talk about it below.

PT 3555ES trimmer review

How to Install a Knife on a Patriot 3355 Trimmer

If you have already decided on the manufacturer and decided that it will be the Patriot company, then before making a purchase you need to consider several models of gasoline trimmers from this supplier. Among others, it should be noted PT 3555ES, the cost of which is 5690 rubles.

This equipment is a tool with which you can carry out works on decorative mowing grass. The device works due to the fuel engine. The manufacturer took care of a lightweight start, providing the device with a primer. The described Patriot petrol trimmer can mow grass of any height. The design is equipped with a cutting knife, which easily fights with ragweed and overgrowth of hogweed.

Technical Specifications Reviews

Power model PT 3555ES is 1.8 liters. s., which is 1.32 kW. Engine capacity. 33 cm 3. The thickness of the line used in the work reaches 2.4 mm. This parameter, according to customers, is the most optimal. The design is equipped with a bicycle handle and a rigid drive shaft.

Landing diameter is 25.4 mm. The overall dimensions of this installation are 1850x680x265 mm. The device weighs only 8.05 kg. As owners of private territories emphasize, such a mass allows you to work for a long time without getting tired. A knife and fishing line are used as a cutting element. According to consumers, a large amount of fuel is contained in the tank, which is 0.9 liters. The unit operates due to a two-stroke engine. The design has a collapsible shaft.

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Reviews on the benefits of the model

The Patriot petrol trimmer, which was discussed above, according to customers, has many positive features, among which are:

  • all-metal forged shaft;
  • adjustable bicycle handle;
  • advanced anti-vibration system;
  • a primer;
  • special four-blade knife.

Customers also like the lightweight launch feature. The barbell is collapsible. A backpack belt is supplied.

To the spark plug, according to consumers, easy access is provided. For the operator, the bicycle handle guarantees a perfect grip. As for the folding bar of the Patriot gas trimmer, we can say about it that it provides the convenience of transportation and storage. For long work the belt will help. The manufacturer also took care of easy access to the air filter. The spread of poisonous juice is now excluded, which is provided by a four-blade knife.

PT 555 trimmer review

If you want to consider another model of a gas trimmer from the manufacturer Patriot, then you should pay attention to the PT 555, which will cost you 6,990 rubles. This equipment mows grass in overgrown areas. Use for this should be a fishing line. As for the knife, using it, you can take care of small bushes and remove hard grass.

Technical Specifications Reviews

Buyers like the design of the bike handle. Separately, they also note the landing diameter, which is, in their words, optimal and is 25.4 mm. There is no collapsible shaft in the design, this factor, as consumers emphasize, sometimes forces them to make their choice in the direction of another model. The device weighs even less than the above, the mass is 7.7 kg. The tank holds 1.2 liters of fuel. According to the owners of country houses, this option allows you to work for a long time without refueling.

Positive feedback

Reviews and features of operation of the trimmer 3355

The Patriot 3355 gas trimmer is a device for mowing grass around shrubs, trees, and also near fences and fences. Guided by the opinion of people who have already used such a device, it can be argued that the equipment allows you to work even with uneven terrain. Its power is 1.3 kW, and the engine capacity is 33 cm 3.

Additional operating recommendations

To start the unit, the choke lever must be set to mid-position. The starter handle must be engaged several times until the engine starts. Leave the tool in operation for 10 seconds until the engine warms up. The Patriot gas trimmer, the instruction manual for which is supplied, must be used after pulling the trigger. This must be done as smoothly as possible. If the engine has already warmed up, the device should be turned on without pressing the primer.