How To Install A Lifan Engine On A Ural Walk-Behind Tractor

Choosing a Lifan engine for a walk-behind tractor

If you decide to change the motor for your iron horse, pay attention to imported models. Although they are more expensive, they have more power. For small areas, domestic-made units are suitable: they are easy to operate and maintain, as shown in.

How To Install A Lifan Engine On A Ural Walk-Behind Tractor

On the market you can find engines of such companies as Greenfield, Honda, Subaru, etc. Engine models of these manufacturers are in special demand due to their high production rates.

Domestic mechanisms are less popular. The reason is that their service life is short compared to the imported version.

Choosing a Lifan engine for a walk-behind tractor

Motoblocks are indispensable units when processing a vegetable garden or a small plot of land. Its service life depends largely on the type of motor. We choose a Lifan engine for a walk-behind tractor.


When choosing a new technique, you must first familiarize yourself with the characteristics of this model. Today on the market there is a large selection of motoblocks, not only of industrial production, but also made by craftsmen with their own hands, as shown in. Consumers are especially scrupulous about buying an engine for their iron assistant.

New models of machines appear on the market, which have excellent characteristics and a fairly low cost. The engines of lighter units run on gasoline. They generate little vibration and are easy to start. The diesel engine is easier to operate and more economical. In addition, due to its heavy weight, it allows the mechanism to better grip the ground.

Chinese companies

In recent years, there has been a particular demand for motors manufactured by Chinese companies. Chinese products are distinguished by modern design, high reliability and rather low price.

In addition, you can always find spare parts for the units freely available. Movers from Chinese manufacturers can be used on Neva, Krot, Cascade, Agro, Ural walk-behind tractors, as well as on other garden equipment, as shown on.
The engine is the heart of the machine. It is on its uninterrupted and reliable operation that the high-quality operation of the entire walk-behind tractor depends.

  1. The single-cylinder Lifan 168 F-2 engine has a horizontal crankshaft and runs on gasoline;
  2. The Lifan160F model differs from its counterparts in a decent power of 4.3 kW, while consuming a small amount of fuel;
  3. The four-stroke dvigun Lifan 177 F is equipped with a horizontal crankshaft. This is an air-cooled motor;
  4. The cylinder engine Lifan 2V177F internal combustion, according to technical data, is considered one of the best.

In general, all models of motors of this company are excellent for working on sites in our climatic conditions.

In addition, some models are supplied with additional accessories: gearboxes, starters, lighting devices, etc., as shown on.

When choosing a motor for a walk-behind tractor, it is necessary to take into account the conditions in which it will work. Based on this, you will choose a unit with a certain power of the proposed configuration. As a result, you will be able to save your money when buying a dvigun with features that you won’t need.

Do not forget that the durability of the motor also depends on the power. So, a unit with a weak power will have much more problems in the same area than its more powerful counterpart.

Due to its many advantages, in this case, the Lifan motor from Chinese manufacturers becomes the best option, as shown in. In the production of units, the companies use modern equipment and the latest developments. Before going on sale, the products undergo a special check. It should be especially noted that many models of the Chinese company are guaranteed for one to two years.


Let’s give some data on the walk-behind tractor.

  • Motoblock dimensions: 1560/790/1050 mm;
  • Ground clearance 270 mm;
  • Cylinder volume 0.475 l;
  • Weight 125 kg;
  • With a fuel tank volume of 6 liters, fuel consumption is less than two liters of gasoline;
  • Four-stroke engine with right rotation, single-cylinder, uses gasoline with any octane number, reacts well to gas;
  • Cooled by air;
  • The battery shows high charge rates.

Advantages of the Ural walk-behind tractor:

  • When the unit weighs more than a centner, it is not necessary to additionally press on the handles with its own weight, which makes it easier to till the land
  • There are numerous possibilities for independent improvements and design upgrades;
  • High resource indicators of the engine;
  • The air filter does not require replacing the gaskets.

At the same time, the following disadvantages were also noted:

  • Frequent leakage of lubricant at the joints of the engine / gearbox;
  • You have to check the oil level frequently;
  • The gas distribution mechanism leads to an increase in the consumption of gasoline and engine oils due to design features;
  • Not recommended for long journeys with a load (low speed).

Engines UMZ-5B and its variant UMZ-5DU-B have the following characteristics:

  • Four-stroke, power up to 5.4 liters. From. (more than 3.5 kW);
  • Equipped with a two-stage gearbox with a gear ratio of 1 to 6 or 1 to 2.91;
  • One cylinder;
  • Forced cooling.

The UMZ-5DU-B model differs in that its gearbox is single-stage and its gear ratio is 1 to 6, and a ratchet is not installed on the gearbox shaft.

As an alternative to Ural engines, if it becomes necessary to replace it, imported products from the Chinese manufacturer Lifan (Lifan) are often chosen.

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Lifan was founded in the early 90s of the twentieth century and today is one of the most famous large companies in our automotive market. In addition to engines, Lifan also produces other automotive vehicles with an optimal price-quality ratio. The products are certified, and each product must be accompanied by a technical passport and operating instructions.

Lifan presents different types of engines on the Russian market. One of the most important characteristics when choosing an engine is mounting dimensions, since they do not always correspond to Russian standards.

Another important characteristic is engine power, since in most cases Lifan engines have 6.5 liters. From. Against 5 liters. From. Near the Urals.

The actual disassembly is not particularly difficult and is performed in a couple of stages even by a specialist with little or no experience.

  1. The old engine is removed from the mounting connectors using standard open-end wrenches.
  2. First, disconnect the fuel and oil lines, if any.
  3. Next, remove the centrifugal regulator.
  4. Sometimes, at the stage of installing a new engine, it is necessary to use gaskets, but with the correct selection of sizes, this is not necessary. The easiest way is to install an adapter plate with holes for fastening.

Lifan offers several lines of gasoline engines: 168F, 168F-2, 177F and 2V77F.

Ruler 168F:

  • Four-stroke;
  • Power up to 5.4 liters. From. (more than 3.5 kW);
  • 1 cylinder;
  • Forced cooling;
  • The crankshaft is located at an angle of 25 degrees;
  • Cylinder 163 cm3;
  • Fuel tank 3.6 l;
  • Cylinder with a diameter of 68 mm;
  • Shaft with a diameter of 19 mm;
  • Started manually;
  • Dimensions 312х365х334 mm;
  • Weight 15 kg.

The 168F-2 engine is of interest to buyers in that it differs from the previous version in its increased resource and higher parameters, it is more powerful (6.5 liters. From.), Has a larger cylinder (196 cc).

Engines in 9 liters. From. Represented by Lifan 177F models:

  • Four-stroke;
  • Power up to 9 liters. From. (more than 5.6 kW);
  • One cylinder;
  • Forced air cooling;
  • The crankshaft is horizontal;
  • Cylinder 270 cm3;
  • Fuel tank 10 l;
  • Started manually;
  • Dimensions 378x428x408 mm;
  • Weight 27 kg.

The Lifan 2V77F model has even higher characteristics and more power, according to its characteristics the best heavy engine in its class:

  • Four-stroke;
  • Power up to 17 liters. From. (more than 12.4 kW);
  • Two pistons;
  • Mechanical speed controller;
  • Forced air cooling;
  • The crankshaft is horizontal;
  • Cylinder 615 cm3;
  • Fuel 27.5 liters;
  • Manual launch;
  • Dimensions 455x396x447 mm;
  • Weight 42 kg.

Motoblock Ural

Motoblocks Ural-UMP-5V first began to be sold in the country just before its global redistribution at the dawn of the 90s of the last century. Since many people needed motoblocks as a convenient and cheap technical means, therefore it became very popular in the USSR. In just a few years, its sales reached 150 thousand units. Such popularity of the walk-behind tractor was facilitated by the optimal combination of its characteristics.

The walk-behind tractor has a wide adjustable ground clearance, which allows the device to be operated in different types of areas. But it should be noted that the basic model of the Urals is not particularly versatile. It can only transport goods and cultivate the soil. Mowing grass, removing debris or snow using attachments on such equipment will not work, such opportunities are not provided. But if you independently redo the structure by adding the necessary fastening nodes, then you can expand its functionality.

The model is implemented according to the scheme of power transfer to the wheels by means of a differential. Some modifications use foreign high-power engines, but domestic versions are the most popular due to the availability of spare parts, proper documentation and durability of operation.

Selection and installation of the engine on the Ural walk-behind tractor

All gardeners and gardeners prepare their plots with the beginning of seasonal work. For plowing the land, many use walk-behind tractors. But not everyone can buy the latest models and continue to use the legacy of the Soviet Union. One such unit will be discussed today.


According to their traction characteristics, walk-behind tractors are divided into classes.

  1. The light class includes devices with engines of less than 5 liters. From. They are used to treat areas of less than 0.02 hectares.
  2. Medium motoblocks with engines less than 9 liters. From. Used on plots up to one hectare.
  3. Heavy, with a capacity of up to 18 liters. From. Cultivate the soil on plots of up to four hectares.

How to install a Lifan 168f-2 engine on a Ural walk-behind tractor, see.

Instructions for replacing and installing the engine on a walk-behind tractor

This is a perfectly acceptable option for those who have extra funds, but we will consider the option of directly installing the new engine on the Mole frame structure.

Let’s look at the example of a 4-stroke Forza 160F engine, which has 4 hp. This choice is not accidental, because it runs on standard AI-92 gasoline, which is more preferable than the mixture used on the Mole’s factory engine.

This engine for the Mole walk-behind tractor also has increased technical data, which naturally affects its cost, the average price for such a unit is about 7 thousand rubles.

This engine has the following technical characteristics:

  • Type of fuel used gasoline;
  • Maximum power 4 hp;
  • Total weight 13 kg;
  • Length 40 cm;
  • Width 33 cm;
  • Height 35.5 cm;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 3.2 liters;
  • Oil sump capacity 0.6 l.

Now you can start working, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • On a walk-behind tractor Mole you need to unscrew the fasteners of the factory engine, consisting of four bolts. You also need to remove the jamming and gas wires.
  • Remove the factory engine from the frame.
  • The problem is that the old holes on the frame do not line up with the mounting holes on the new engine. We need to mark the points that we will drill on the frame structure.
  • We take a new engine and put it on the frame. We put the belt on it, then we move the motor further along the frame until the required belt tension, it should turn freely. We leave the engine in this position and mark the places in which two through holes will be made. You also need to ensure that the motor pulley and the gearbox pulley are on the same plane.
  • Next, we drill holes along the pre-marked grooves. By the way, to connect the engine to the frame, you need to use screws 3.5 cm long, which is the optimal value for our purposes. Longer bolts simply won’t fit between the frame and the underside of the engine.
  • We tighten the two bolts until they stop, we connect the clutch, gas and jamming system.
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The only difficulty is that the size of the pulley on the walk-behind tractor does not match the shaft of our new engine. You can replace the pulley, but there is a possibility of some modification of the old one, you need to slightly bore the pulley hole so that it fits under the motor shaft.

Here it is important to maintain the alignment of both pulleys, therefore it may be necessary to install centering stands.

Thus, we have got a Mole walk-behind tractor with a rather powerful imported engine. At the same time, its weight became slightly higher, but the performance characteristics increased significantly.

At the same time, it is better not to immediately start intensive work, letting the engine run a little, getting used to the new conditions.


A good option is obtained from the installation of the SadkoDE-220 engine on this walk-behind tractor, the power of which is about 4.2 hp. The shaft diameter is 19 mm, it is started with a cord.

Snow is far from the best coverage for cars, so in snowy areas it is necessary to use other means of transport, such as a snowmobile. Here is all the information about the wonderful Varyag 550 snowmobile.

An electric sprayer is an important and highly effective tool in the competent organization of labor in the garden area, which allows you to protect the plant, feed it on time and carry out prevention. By clicking on the link you will learn how to make a sprayer with your own hands.

In principle, these are the most optimal engine options that can be installed on the Mole. In principle, you can try to install other models, but it is important to remember that their power should not be too high.

Basically, 6 horsepower is enough for such a design of a walk-behind tractor, because the use of high capacities can bring to an unnecessary load on the gearbox, which can cause it to fail quickly enough.

Motor cultivator device

Motor-cultivator Mole, as well as motor-blocks Cayman, Patriot, Texas, Foreman, Krosser, Viking, Forza has sufficient popularity in the post-Soviet space, which is explained by the simplicity of its design and rather good performance indicators.

There is absolutely nothing superfluous in the configuration of this walk-behind tractor, but its device is made in such a way that it is able to cope with the main agricultural work, digging beds, cultivating soil, etc.

In addition, the design of the main working units allows it to withstand fairly long-term loads, ensuring stable operation for many years.

For more information about the Mole walk-behind tractor, look at:

The design itself walk-behind tractor Mole consists of the following components:

  • The frame structure, consisting of two half frames, is bolted to the gearbox.
  • Handles are tubular, as well as a special bracket for attaching additional attachments, located at the back of the structure.
  • On the handles are the main controls for adjusting the engine speed, as well as the clutch.
  • Tillers can be put on the output shafts of the gearbox, as well as wheels that allow the walk-behind tractor to be used with a plow, or for transporting various goods.
  • On the frame structure there is a motor for the Mole walk-behind tractor, which is connected to the input shaft of the gearbox through a V-belt transmission.
  • In addition, the design has built-in wheels that allow the unit to move freely. When starting to work with a walk-behind tractor, these wheels must be removed from the structure, or raised and fixed in the desired position.

As we can see the device is quite simple, does not include unnecessary frills. In principle, all that is needed for high-quality work on the ground, all this is in the design of this unit and in the Sadko, Don, Huter, Profi, Plowman, Champion walk-behind tractors.

Its volume is about 60 cm3, with a power of 2.6 hp. And 6000 rpm. It starts with a regular cable, according to the principle of a chainsaw plant.

You need to fill it with a special mixture consisting of gasoline and engine oil. These characteristics are rather modest, so many people want to change it to more powerful models.

Factory engine replacement can be done by yourself, because the construction of the Mole, as mentioned above, does not present a certain complexity in its understanding. Most often, they resort to replacing engines with 4-stroke versions, because they have higher performance than 2-stroke ones.

Of course, there are some modifications, such as the Mole walk-behind tractor with a 4-stroke Honda engine, but its cost will be significantly higher than that of the standard Mole. Therefore, we are considering the worst case, when we have a walk-behind tractor with the most standard factory engine, with a capacity of no more than 3 hp.

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How to convert a Mole to an electric motor, installing a Lifan Engine on a walk-behind tractor, replacing it with an imported one

The agricultural sector is gradually entering the means of small-scale mechanization, which makes it possible to significantly simplify the process of carrying out land works.

An important role in this is played by motoblocks from various manufacturers, which are distinguished by their compactness and relatively high power, depending on the type of engine used. In our country, traditionally popular are domestic units, familiar to many since Soviet times.

However, many are not happy with the factory engine included in the kit, wanting to replace it with a more powerful one.

This does not at all mean the poor performance of the native motor, but some want to put a more powerful unit. Consider this issue from all sides, taking into account the technical features of the complete set of the Mole walk-behind tractor, and also find out which engine you can put on it.


As practice shows, you need to take with a pulley shaft of 20 mm (there is another type of engine for 19 mm). It is also important to have an oil bath at the air filter, because such a device is used specifically for areas where there is increased dustiness.

What kind of electric motor can you put on a Mole cultivator?

Frame design walk-behind tractor Mole allows you to install on it and other engines, produced at various factories. At the same time, the alteration of the frame will be minimal, consisting in a few simple manipulations.

wood splitter;
water pump,

The normal functioning of this kind of equipment is ensured by a four-stroke internal combustion engine. Depending on the fuel used, it can be:

Diesel: models of this type are often distinguished by excellent weight and high power. Thanks to these advantages, garden equipment of this type is able to mechanize rather difficult operations on any type of soil. However, such capabilities of the device determine its rather significant cost;

Gasoline: equipment of this nature during operation creates a lower level of noise and vibration. These models are easier to start up and fairly cheap to maintain.

However, like any technique, gardening equipment, regardless of the type of motor used, may require its replacement over time. You can install a new motor yourself. However, you need to know some technical details that will help to carry out the work better.

Self-installation of the engine on the walk-behind tractor

Many owners of summer cottages or personal plots have already appreciated the merits of using walk-behind tractors. Modern manufacturers have provided consumers with a very wide selection of various models of such equipment. However, any equipment in the course of its operation needs maintenance. Let’s talk in this article about how to independently install the engine on a walk-behind tractor of various brands.


In fact, to implement this type of improvement in garden equipment does not require any serious knowledge and skills of a technical nature from the summer resident, as well as large financial investments. However, it is necessary to clearly understand the fact that mistakes made in the process of performing this task can lead to a rapid breakdown of the unit or, in all cases, will cause its dysfunction.

Therefore, it is necessary to approach the installation of the engine on the equipment for the garden and vegetable garden, as in the following, with all responsibility.

How to install the engine on a walk-behind tractor yourself? To install the engine on any unit, you will need to fulfill the following conditions:

Transfer torque from the motor of the device to the gearbox;
fix the engine securely to the gearbox or frame.
If you decide to independently install an old or worn out engine on a walk-behind tractor for your summer cottage, then you will need to purchase a special installation kit. It will help you place the motor on the machine in the correct way without making any mistakes.

It may take very little time to complete this operation, and your device will work like new.
Modern manufacturers are developing special adapter kits, consisting of the following parts:
adapter plate or platform that is mounted between the engine of the unit and the gearbox;
a hub that is installed on the engine crankshaft;
various fasteners for fixing the motor to the unit.

In fact, you only need to perform two actions, and your device will work:

Fix the new motor on the purchased platform from the installation kit;
slide the pulley onto the output crankshaft of the unit.

So by purchasing an engine mount kit you can complete this task in minutes. Over, with their help, you can carry out the installation of an imported motor on devices that were produced in our country. For example, for units Neva, Kadvi (Oka, Ugra), Krot, Salyut, Ural, etc.).

Let’s sum up

Motoblocks are a versatile technique for the mechanization of many processes on a summer cottage or backyard farm. During its operation, it may be necessary to replace its motor. You can carry out this task yourself: it will save you money on purchasing new equipment and will not take too much time.

And in this article he will tell in detail about the technical features of installing the motor on equipment for mechanizing work on the ground.