How to Install a Trimmer on Wheels

Wheel trimmer is equipment designed for mowing grass and other unwanted vegetation.

How to Install a Trimmer on Wheels

A wheel trimmer is used to treat areas with difficult terrain (roadsides, garden stitches, gardens) where large lawn mowers cannot provide uniform mowing. Wheel trimmers have more power than portable trimmers, with their help you can quickly refine a large area.

Lawn mowing on wheels is powered by an internal combustion engine that provides greater productivity. The equipment can be used for domestic needs and professional processing of large areas, such as parks.

The electric cordless trimmer on wheels has less power than a lawn mower, so it is suitable for processing areas of a smaller area. The advantage of the electric trimmer is its ease of use: for the operation of the equipment it is enough to charge the battery.

Both types of trimmers on wheels have the same mowing mechanism, represented by a head with 4 mm fishing line. Models with a grass catcher significantly facilitate the work.

Features of the device and operation

The lawn mowing device on wheels includes such elements and mechanisms as:

  1. Throttle control system. It is necessary to start and stop the power unit. This mechanism makes it possible to select the required number of engine revolutions.
  2. Starter grip Used to start the motor equipment.
  3. Fuel tank and tank cap.
  4. A bracket designed to control the trimmer head. In order to engage the trimmer head, you need to press the bracket to the handle.
  5. Oil dipstick.
  6. Air filter device.
  7. Fluid pumping button. Pumps fuel from the carburetor into a cylindrical element to start a cold power unit.
  8. Silencer and cutting element.
  9. Protective cover.
  10. Trimmer head and fishing line.

Recommendations for the use of self-propelled wheel trimmer:

  1. Do not place hands or feet under the cutting equipment.
  2. Before starting mowing, it is recommended to clean the workspace of large stones.
  3. To work with this device, it is recommended to use special clothing with long sleeves. You can’t work in shorts.
  4. It is forbidden to use the unit without a protective shield installed on it.
  5. The trimmer must not be used on wet grass.

Gasoline models

Among gasoline models, MTD and Champion can be distinguished:

Technical characteristics of the model from the manufacturer MTD:

Motor model Thorx 45
Powertrain power 5.5 horsepower
Engine displacement 0.16 L
Fuel Tank Capacity 1,5 l
Type of fuel used AI-92 and AI-95 gasoline
Mowing width 0.56 m
Diameter of fishing line 0.4 cm
Knife No
Shoulder strap No
The number of measures 4
Maximum cutting height 7.6 cm
Protective cover there is
Height adjustment knob there is
Oil type SAE 30
Continuous operation Up to 8 hours
The number of cylindrical elements 2
Bore 6 cm

Specifications of Champion gas mower:

Engine power 5 horsepower
Mass of equipment without grass catcher 32.1 kg
Powertrain displacement 0.16 L
Gas tank capacity 0.9 L
Crankcase volume 500 ml
Mowing width 59.9 cm
Mowing height Up to 7.6 cm
engine’s type Four stroke
Noise level 104 dB
Cutting height adjustment there is
Engine speed 3600
Deck material Steel
Number of wheel mechanisms 2
Diameter of fishing line 0.4 cm
Diameter of cylindrical parts 6.1 cm
Piston stroke 6 cm

Electric models

Among the manufacturers of wheel-mounted electric trimmers are:

  • Daewoo;
  • Black decker.

Technical parameters of the Daewoo DLN 1600-E model:

Engine’s type Electric
Aerodynamic knife model Cyclon effect
Type of construction Folding
Overload protection mechanism there is
Grass cutting height adjustment there is
Grass catcher there is
Grass tank fill indicator there is
Device power consumption 1600 watts
Cutting width 0.34 m
Maximum cutting height 0.65 m
Grass catcher capacity 40 l
Number of handle positions 5
Material of which the housing is made Reinforced plastic
Type of transportation Non-self-propelled
System voltage 240 V
Current frequency 50 Hz
dimensions 0,660,40,33 m

Specifications and indicators equipment Black Decker BEMW-451:

Type of transmission system Belt
Maximum cutting width 320 mm
Grass catcher there is
Weight 8.33 kg
Type of power unit Electric
Cutting height adjustment there is
Spindle speed 3500 rpm
Type of grass picker Hard
Lever Adjustable
Power 1.2 kW
Number of operating modes 3
Highest cutting height 6 cm
Smallest cutting height 2 cm
Body material Plastic

Reviews and prices

You can buy a wheel trimmer of an electric type for 5,000 rubles. The average price of a gasoline model is 15,000 rubles.

Oleg, 28 years old, Krasnodar: “I bought a gas trimmer with wheels six months ago. Of the advantages, I can note a powerful four-stroke engine. In order to level the lawn, mow the grass in 2 sets. The only negative is the heavy equipment, it is inconvenient to transport it from place to place. ”

Leonid, 40 years old, Yekaterinburg: “Recently I purchased a gas trimmer for summer cottage. The technique is powerful, mowing grass well, but there are drawbacks. For example, every 50 hours worked, you need to change the oil in the crankcase. "

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Roman, 35 years old, Magnitogorsk: “For 3 years I have been using a trimmer from the manufacturer Champion. The unit runs on gasoline and oil. I was pleased with the low fuel consumption and ease of operation of the device. I recommend purchasing special clothes for work, otherwise there is a risk of injury. ”

Yaroslav, 32 years old, Ryazan: “Recently I decided to change the manual trimmer to an electric model on wheels. Working on it is much more comfortable, the device copes even with running grass. I recommend that the engine be serviced on time, otherwise it will quickly fail. ”

Mikhail, 27 years old, Arkhangelsk: “Recently I purchased a self-propelled trimmer lawn mower powered by electricity. Among the advantages, I can note the presence of a handle, which can be adjusted in height, and ease of operation. Of the shortcomings – in order to make the bevel smooth, you need to pass a trimmer on the working surface several times. "

What kind of wheel trimmers did you work with? What features of working with this technique have you noticed?

Why do I need a trimmer

When choosing electric trimmers, you should pay attention to the fact that different manufacturers may call equipment differently. For example, it can be a lawn mower, an electric lawn mower, as well as a lawn mower.

The trimmer will be indispensable in places where the approach for wheeled equipment is difficult.

For mowing grass around bushes, trees, fences, walls and other objects, electric trimmers are most often used. How to choose an instance suitable for certain purposes? You need to know a number of its characteristics.

For grass of a certain hardness, which grows on various reliefs, use a similar technique.

Trimmer advantage

When choosing an electric trimmer for grass, you should consider a number of its qualities. Many users purchase this equipment because of its lower weight compared to gasoline units. Work will be faster and easier.

Due to the lack of a fuel tank, the electrocosm is more compact. It does not make as much noise as analog devices. This allows you to use the device in the evening or early morning.

The absence of exhaust is an additional advantage of such a technique as electric grass trimmers. How to choose it, experts and users advise. However, you should know that it will not require additional details such as a filter for gasoline, air. No fuel and grease, candles, etc. Are needed. It also simplifies the operation process.

When choosing an electric trimmer, you should know that it does not need frequent maintenance. It is these reasons that contribute to the popularity of the equipment presented.


There are several varieties of the appearance of such a technique as electric grass trimmers. How to choose them? First, let’s see what the difference is between these types.

The engine can be located at the top of the device or at the bottom.

In the first type of placement, the equipment is characterized as more powerful, able to mow even thick and hard grass. The lower position of the engine gives a weaker type of technology. As a rule, the cost of this equipment is lower than that of the previous variety.

The restriction for the lower type of engine device does not allow the use of equipment in high humidity grass.

Models with a lower motor have power in the range from 200 to 650 watts. For the upper engine locations, a power of 600-1000 watts is characteristic. Depending on the type of work that the electric trimmer will perform to give, choose the appropriate type of equipment.

Cutting head

The cutting element is also important for a technique such as an electric trimmer. How to choose a suitable cutting head is studied before making a purchase.

There are fishing line and knife (plastic, metal). They come complete one at a time or together.

If thick, hard grass grows on the site, the knife electric trimmer will be the best acquisition. How to choose this element, experts know. They advise buying models with a metal knife. However, the width of the grass in this technique is less than in the previous version.

It will be more correct if, when choosing a trimmer, we dwell on a specimen with a combined cutting head. In this case, it will be possible to use the same equipment at different sites.

Conventionally, electric trimmers when choosing for hard or soft grass can be divided into models with a straight or curved shaft.

A curved shaft is characteristic of low-power types of equipment. The cutting head in this case drives the steel cable. This is a more vulnerable type of shaft. Most often found in models with fishing line, since these are weak versions of the technique.

The straight shaft has a gearbox. This design involves the movement of the knife using a straight metal rod.

High-performance models feature a straight shaft. To understand how to choose an electric trimmer for giving, you should initially determine its functions. If the site has hard grass, it is better to use a device with a steel knife and a straight shaft of high power. It will also allow you to work for a long time. Low-powered species suggest their use continuously for 15 minutes.

Pen type

Depending on the functions, manufacturers produce an electric trimmer with different types of handles. There are T, J, D-shaped varieties.

T-like handles are convenient in the process of high complexity or for a long time. They are used for powerful instances. The movement of such equipment will resemble the use of a hand braid.

D-shaped holders are most often used in low-power models, designed for small amounts of work. It will provide good maneuverability during operation. Therefore, when deciding how to choose the right electric trimmer, you should start by assessing the vegetation on the site.

For tall thick grass, J-shaped handles are used. This increases the safety of work. It will prevent the operator from approaching the bevel gear. It is attached to a good, powerful electric trimmer when choosing a model with a metal knife.

Nozzle connector

To understand how to choose an electric trimmer for hard grass, you should pay attention to the connector for nozzles. Often manufacturers suggest their use during operation. This greatly expands the boundaries of the functionality of the technique.

Using this trimmer, you can remove snow in the winter, loosen the soil, cut knots from the trees.

Thanks to the collapsible design, this type of equipment is easier to clean and transport.

When installing nozzles, it should be remembered that removable elements of only the same manufacturer are suitable for a particular technique. Each model has a set of its nozzles. Universal components suitable for any conditions simply do not exist. Therefore, a set of nozzles should be purchased in accordance with the existing features of their operation.

Trimmer Manufacturers

There are a great many manufacturers of the presented equipment. Models of such brands as Bosch (ART 23/25/30), Black stand out with the lower engine&Decer (GL 680/660/650/545/430/425/225). Their advantage lies in the maneuverability and balance of such a technique as an electric trimmer. How to choose a manufacturer? When buying top-motor types of units, this question is more difficult to answer.

A typical representative of this type of model is the MTD ET1000 / EB1000. Such trimmers have more power, have several nozzles and are more suitable for hard grass.

If the marking of such devices contains the letters "ES" or "EB", this indicates the use of the cutter as part of the design.

Negative feedback

Iskra-ero has a coil, which is difficult to replace in the event of a breakdown, since it is quite difficult to find one.

In some instances (e.G. Makita 4030) there is no shoulder strap. It is difficult to work with such an aggregate.

Defective coils come in some models (e.G. "Forester") They are difficult to remove, and it’s almost impossible to manually remove the line.

There are also complaints from users about the rapid overheating and failure of the engine with the lower motor. However, such comments are observed among users who misused the presented variety of equipment.

Moisture entering the engine causes breakdowns. Also, the use of the device not in accordance with the instructions leads to a quick failure of the trimmer.

Positive opinions

Owners of such electric bracelets as "Viking"-500, TE-310, Makita UR-3000 and 4030, Gardenlux GT1300D, Sun Garden, Bosch ART30.

The unit selected in accordance with the required functionality, used for its intended purpose, will serve for quite a long time as fruitfully as possible. It is also necessary to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions in order to protect yourself and others.

Safety regulations

By clearly following all the manufacturer’s recommendations, you don’t have to worry about the effectiveness of equipment such as electric trimmers. How to choose and apply the unit, the instructions will tell. This will protect the most working, pets, trees and other objects on the site.

The user’s clothing should be covered and made of thick fabric. Be sure to use safety glasses. Shoes should have a rubber sole.

Consider the location of the lead cord. Forgetting where he lies is simply unacceptable. This moment should be taken very carefully. So that a long thick cord does not damage the flowers, you should take it along the curbs with the help of pegs.

In the process of operating the trimmer, it is necessary to control the location of children, pets, so as not to let them into the moving wire of the device.

Fruit trees should be protected so as not to damage them during the work.

Having familiarized yourself with the existing varieties of garden equipment, you can choose the best option for such equipment as electric trimmers. How to choose a suitable instance? You can answer this question when planning upcoming work. Taking into account all the conditions on the site and the requirements of the operator to the configuration of the device, choosing the most suitable option is not difficult.