August 12, 2019

How To Insulate A Dog House

The dog is constantly on the street, and its activity strongly depends on the living conditions. In order for the pet’s vitality to be always positive, it is necessary to equip its habitat. In this article we will focus on the insulation of the doghouse.

Warming kennel begins with the floor. The work is performed in the following sequence:

  • Turn the booth upside down and handle the material with special means to protect against moisture and parasites. Close the bottom with ruberoid outside.
  • Make the legs of thick boards to lift the building above the ground.
  • Turn and set the booth in the normal position. Cover the floor with glass or roofing felt inside, roll the edges onto the walls.
  • Lay a layer of insulation on the roofing material, and then make a finishing hard floor of boards or plywood.
  • Throw dry hay on the floor. Its quantity should be enough for the dog only for the rookery, otherwise the hay will be carried out.
  • To hay did not fall out of the house, at the entrance, make the threshold of the board.

How To Insulate A Dog House

The main requirement for a dog house is the absence of drafts. If there are gaps or holes, drive them with boards. With a large number of holes, tack a plywood sheet or similar material on the entire wall. The box will become warmer if the walls are made double, and between them there is a foam or another insulator. True, the weight of the booth to double.

For wall insulation, you can use traditional heat insulators (felt, penoplex, mineral wool), which are mounted according to the standard scheme:

  • Waterproofing.
  • Insulation mount.
  • Facing work (to protect insulation from dog claws and teeth).
  • Vapor barrier.
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If mineral wool is used as a heater, follow these rules:

  • Do not use glass wool, it is fraught with the health of the animal.
  • Be sure to have a protective lining.
  • Perform waterproofing.

How To Insulate A Dog House

Check the roof for tightness. To protect against leakage, make the roof sloped, top it with a sheet of linoleum. The roof should be removable. First, secure the insulating film from the inside, and then the heat insulator. Insulation from the inside, you can not close the wooden ceiling.

How To Insulate A Dog House

Make the entrance opening as small as possible. If necessary, reduce it with boards. Cover the entrance with a thick cloth curtain that attaches to the board nailed above. The shutter should be wider than the entrance by 5 cm on each side and 10 cm below the nut. The design should not be an obstacle for the dog.

How To Insulate A Dog House

If the booth is located in an open-air cage and is protected from precipitation, the cracks in the walls can be sealed with plastic wrap in several layers. A thermofilm tavik will cost a little more, ozospan, etc. The film is attached to the walls with a stapler. The canvas is rolled out so that the fibrous side is adjacent to the boards, and the smooth side is out.

How To Insulate A Dog House

The dog obeys only its instincts, and it does not understand why it is not necessary to tear the foam on the wall or tear the canopy at the entrance. Therefore, choose materials for warming durable or take measures to protect against claws and teeth. For the same reason, it is desirable to use natural materials for thermal insulation.

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