July 15, 2019

How To Insulate A Doghouse With Their Own Hands

Every owner should know how to provide comfortable living conditions for a pet. Dog owners at the onset of the cold season, the question arises as to insulate the dog box for the winter, and whether there is a need for such an event.

Is it necessary to warm the dog house

Dogs of different breeds tolerate low temperatures in different ways, but most of them cope well with the cold and do not even mind sleeping in the snow. This is especially true for hunting dog breeds, as they are distinguished by thick and thick fur. But in order to understand whether a dog is frozen in winter or not, taking into account only its breed is not enough. Dogs of the same breed suffer from cold in different ways, since they are raised and live in different conditions. Even the most cold-resistant animal, which is bred in an apartment or a warm house, cannot normally survive the winter outside.

How To Insulate A Doghouse With Their Own Hands

In the conditions of the Russian winter the dog needs a warm booth

The dog’s body adapts to environmental conditions, which affects the condition and quality of wool. Dogs kept in an apartment have no undercoat, as they don’t need them. If such a dog is let out outside, especially in winter, it will be cold.

It is important! Of course, if you transfer the dog to street living in a booth, then over time the undercoat will grow and the normal state of the coat will be restored. It is necessary to pay attention to the size of the pet. Dogs of large breeds do not lose heat so quickly, unlike small ones. If the dog has short hair or no undercoat, it is unacceptable to keep it outside without a warm booth.

It is worth paying attention to the temperature, which is set in the booth in the winter. If the dog house is made of wood (the most common material), then the temperature in the booth will differ by a maximum of 3-4 degrees from the ambient temperature. This is explained by the fact that air circulates freely through the outlet and does not allow heat to linger inside the dog house. Many owners hang the curtain at the outlet for the winter, however, this is not enough to create a full and comfortable winter conditions for the dog.

The better to warm

A worthy owner, one way or another, will hold events for weatherization, because it is unequivocal to say whether the animal is cold in winter or not, no one can (except the dog itself). For sure to create good conditions in which the dog will endure the winter cold and will not endanger its health, you need to choose materials for the insulation of the booth.

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Mineral wool

Minvat is the most popular material used for insulation. To use it for covering the kennel, you need to take into account a lot of nuances. The dog at any time can crack or tear the material for isolation with claws, and he will lose his properties. Given the structure of mineral wool, if the material gets into the animal’s stomach (digestive system), then this is fraught with major problems with the health of the pet. Given the small dimensions of the kennel, the work on insulation using mineral wool will be very time consuming. If you wish to carry out the insulation with this material, it is worth considering that it is impossible to use glass wool, the waterproofing of the material and lining is a must-have measure (regardless of whether the finishing is carried out inside or outside the kennel).

How To Insulate A Doghouse With Their Own Hands

Mineral wool is often used to insulate dog kennels.


A good option with which easy insulation booth. Thermal insulation characteristics of the foam are the same as in mineral wool, and even better. There is no need to carry out waterproofing, as the foam is resistant to environmental factors. It is better to choose for insulation booths penoplex or polystyrene foam. Considering that in any case the dog will try to scratch or gnaw the heat-insulating material, it is also impossible to do without facing works.

How To Insulate A Doghouse With Their Own Hands

Polyfoam – an excellent and inexpensive heater

Rolled heat insulators

Of the most popular emit polyethylene and penofol. They are easy to fix outside the booth using a stapler. The material has good thermal insulation properties. As in the previous cases, plating is required.


The material is completely natural, and therefore safe for the animal. Its price is available to anyone. Ideal for insulating booths. Given that it has a good level of vapor permeability, prevents moisture accumulation in the booth, waterproofing measures are not required. Using felt, there is no need to resort to facing, it is enough to fix the material with nails.

How To Insulate A Doghouse With Their Own Hands

Felt can be insulated dog kennel both from the inside and outside

It is important! If felt is chosen for insulation of a booth, then it is recommended to purchase fasteners (nails) with large caps. This will ensure reliable and durable fixation of materials on the kennel.

How to make a warm booth with your own hands

It is recommended to carry out work on the insulation of a dog kennel in the following order:

  • If the kennel is made of wood, first of all it is recommended to treat it with a protective compound (antiseptic), safe for the health of the animal.
  • For high-quality insulation, it is recommended to disassemble the structure in parts, inspect each element for the presence of cracks and, if necessary, fix them. A good material for this is construction foam.
  • Laying insulation material on the floor.
  • Laying the finished floor.
  • Attaching the selected material for warming the dog kennels on the walls, if necessary, conducting waterproofing walls and cladding.
  • The last – roof insulation measures.
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In addition to the option of creating comfortable conditions for the dog for the winter specified above, it is possible to use some types of heaters. Each of these is described in more detail below.

Installing the curtain

The shutter at the outlet is set according to the following sequence of actions:

  1. Initially, at least 2 rectangular fabric elements are cut out. The dimensions depend on the inlet parameters. The length of each segment should be added 5 cm, to the width should be added to attach the overlap elements.
  2. Fastening of the material is carried out from the inside of the booth, it can be done directly on the structure or on a previously prepared and attached rail.
  3. For a more reliable attachment, you can use the option of installing a curtain outside the kennel, but additionally build a frame around the perimeter of the outlet opening and fix it on top of the curtain.
  4. For fixing use screws or nails with wide caps.

It is important! It is recommended to observe overlap to secure the length of fabric equal to 4 cm.

To weight the curtains, it is better to use a two-layer soft fabric, stitching it from below. Choose a material for the curtain that will prevent heat loss from the kennel. For this purpose, suitable silicone blinds, an old warm blanket, felt.

Step by step instructions for weatherization

Next, we consider how to warm the dog’s booth for the winter in stages:

  1. Initially, the booth overturned, proceed to the treatment of the floor with special compounds and attached roofing paper.
  2. The design is turned back and attached waterproofing material inside the kennel. You can use the same roofing material.
  3. The material should be overlapped to prevent gaps. Roofing material must be fixed at the joints using a mounting stapler.
  4. Next stack insulation material. Considering that it will be necessary to close it with a clean floor in the future, it is recommended to use bars and use miniature logs for attachment.
  5. Begin to lay the finishing floor. For these purposes, use treated boards, plywood or OSB.
  6. The next stage is wall insulation. The process depends on the selected material, and before proceeding to work, you need to read the manufacturer’s instructions. But the principle of constructing a heat insulating layer in a dog booth is identical, regardless of the material.
  7. First of all, proceed to the cleaning and processing of walls, if necessary, attach waterproofing materials, and then directly lay the insulation.
  8. Depending on the requirements of the insulating material proceed to the decoration of the walls. To do this, you can use, as for the floor, plywood, boards or OSB.
  9. The last stage – the insulation of the roof. The work is carried out by analogy with the previous stages. If the kennel’s roof is designed in such a way that the dog does not have access to it, then lining is not required.
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Video: a warm dog house with his own hands

Heating options

There are several types of heaters, which are allowed to use in the booth.


The device, which is designed to heat a dog kennel, is small in size and designed in a metal case. Installation is easy. The maximum temperature limit is 50 degrees. You can install the heater on the roof or walls of the booth. The positive characteristics of the device are its silent operation, the minimum cost of electricity, there is no need for maintenance, during operation it does not consume oxygen.

How To Insulate A Doghouse With Their Own Hands

Panel heater for a doghouse can be made yourself

Film strip

The thinnest heaters that work at the expense of infrared radiation. Available in rolls and have flexibility. For an animal, they are completely safe and do not consume much energy. Additionally have a positive effect on the immunity of the dog. You can install them in any convenient place in the kennel.

Warm floor

The contour design of a warm floor is easily made by yourself. This will require the use of heating wires that need to be laid on plywood or chipboard and attached to the main structure. You can purchase a finished floor heating.

There is another option suitable for creating heat in a dog kennel – convector heater. Selecting a device, it is important to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics and pay attention to safety and heating temperature. And it is best to use a convector mat in this situation. The advantages of the equipment is that the device does not heat up to high temperatures, therefore it is completely safe for the animal.

How To Insulate A Doghouse With Their Own Hands

Option of connecting the heater to the pet booth

It is important! If you want to build a heater for a doghouse, you need to make sure that it is completely safe for the animal, does not create the risk of fire and does not get too hot. The maximum temperature for instruments is 50 degrees.

Options for insulating a dog house for the winter are many. After reviewing in detail with each of them, you can choose the most suitable for both the animal and its owner. The type of heating depends on the pet and on environmental conditions.

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