September 2, 2019

How To Insulate The Dog House For The Winter

The dog throughout many centuries is the true friend and the assistant to the person. Protecting homes, protecting people, searching for prey while hunting is only a small part of what our four-legged pets are capable of. By themselves, they are quite unpretentious, they can withstand bad weather and independently search for food. In addition, like their distant ancestors, dogs have enough warm hair to survive the winter frosts.

But not in order to take the puppy into the family to take care of themselves. Becoming a full member of this small unit of society, the dog requires certain costs, both financial and physical. Her needs will also have to be taken into account, which manifest themselves in the form of food, drink, walking and shelter.

What make booths?

A couple of decades ago, this question would have caused only a glance full of bewilderment. Of course, from a tree. But it was before. Now, plastic has entered the arena of the construction market. For many, the idea of ​​building a plastic doghouse may seem somewhat insane. On the one hand, it is – the smell of synthetics, which to some extent is inherent in any plastic product, incredible stuffiness in summer and wild cold in winter, plus in such a booth there will be electrification of wool, which can give the animal certain inconveniences.

How To Insulate The Dog House For The Winter

It remains only to be glad that at the moment this phenomenon is not very common. It is often used in spacious apartments, where they want to allocate a separate place to the dog, as if it were their own kennel. In other words, something like an imitation of a real booth.

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There are individuals who manage to put their four-legged friend in a metal booth. But this is a very rash option, as it will be very bad for a dog in such a “house” due to constant overheating and hypothermia. Therefore, this option is better not to consider at all.

How To Insulate The Dog House For The Winter

What is suitable for insulating booths?

Fortunately, the modern market of building material is able to provide a whole list of insulation materials:

  • Wood concrete
  • Styrofoam.
  • Glass wool.
  • PPVH (foam polyvinyl chloride).
  • DSP.
  • DVIP.
  • Fiberboard.
  • Ecowool
  • Mineral wool.
  • Insulators produced on an organic basis.
  • Insulants produced on inorganic basis.

It is preferable to use, of course, the first option, since it is safer, given that the living creature will be from him in close proximity. Plus, we can not exclude the fact that the dog will be able to get to this insulation, and gnaw it (young individuals have an overwhelming desire to try everything around). Inorganic material ingress into a dog’s stomach can not only hurt, but also be fatal.

Another important point – insulation on an organic basis will not emit an unpleasant odor during hot summer days. About the second category of insulation the same can not be said.

How To Insulate The Dog House For The Winter


In general, the process of insulating the booth for the winter period is nothing complicated. The most important – floor insulation. It can be used as various types of insulation, and old clothing or a fur coat, which is a pity to throw away, and it is impossible to wear. The latter will even be preferable, as the dog will be on the floor all the time spent in the booth. Wool of an animal and wool of an old fur coat in the winter will be able to create an air cushion that will trap heat for a much longer period of time. This will create the so-called thermos effect. Plus, the dog will constantly warm up this “pillow” with the warmth of its body, which will fully compensate for the decrease in temperature caused by cold bridges.

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How To Insulate The Dog House For The Winter

The main work will touch the walls and roof. But there is no need to recycle. For simplicity of explanation and perception, we consider foam insulation as a heater, since each person has seen it, or has an idea what it is. Let’s start with the back wall. On the left and right edges of the wall are two wooden bars. It is desirable that their thickness is equal to the thickness of the sheet insulation (if the insulation is thin, it is better to use two or three layers). A foam is installed between these bars. Where necessary, you can trim or substitute the missing piece. The main thing is that there is no open area through which heat can escape.

How To Insulate The Dog House For The Winter

In order to preserve the booth of a standard form, on the following walls, the bars are attached not to the corners, but to the already attached bars. Free space between them is also laid insulation. A similar procedure is carried out with the remaining sides of the booth. With the wall where the entrance to the booth is located, the same work is carried out. Just then a hole is cut through the insulation equal to that in the booth. Then the entire foam is closed by other boards or panels. In this case, it will not play a big difference, since plastic or wood is the outer layer.

The roof of the booth, if possible, should be made of thick boards, or else be made in several layers. At the very top it is better to put a sheet of tar, then rain and spring drops will not bring dampness and mold to the booth.

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