How to Launch Wildberis Firm Trimmer

Modern women can no longer imagine how it feels to live in the image that nature has created. And if the need for various plastic surgeries, changes in hair color, eyebrow shape is a moot point, and a woman is guided only by her opinion in order to resolve it, then the need to remove excess hair in the intimate area has long been a matter of beauty and hygiene.

How to Launch Wildberis Firm Trimmer

What is a device

Veet Sensitive Precision trimmer is designed to combat excessive body hair of intimate areas, such as a bikini zone, armpits.

It is a white device powered by AA batteries. Complete with it there is a bag for storage, as well as three nozzles for various purposes:

  • To remove hair in the bikini area;
  • For trimming hair;
  • To remove facial hair (for example, under the eyebrows, above the lip).

This also includes a cleaning brush and instructions for use.

It’s important to know! It should be remembered that all shaving devices should be cleaned under running water! Do not wipe such devices with napkins or towels!

What manufacturers promise

Manufacturers guarantee quick and accurate removal of excess hair in areas requiring increased delicacy. Do not consider the device as an epilator.

The Veet trimmer (Vit) is intended for intimate depilation. That is, he will not tear out the hairs from the root, but carefully and carefully shave off unnecessary vegetation, removing it the first time. In this case, the process will do without cuts.

The small size of the device will allow manipulations in places difficult to access for the razor, also works well in the eyebrow area, trimming them to the desired length and thickness.

The device is small in size and does not take up much space on a shelf in the bathroom or in a cosmetic bag with travel accessories.

Features of the Veet device (Vit)

The creators of the device suggested that this trimmer will be used exclusively by women, hence this white-pink design. However, even many representatives of the stronger sex appreciated this useful and convenient thing to use, periodically borrowing it from their girlfriends or wives.

All because the device has a lot of advantages, which are difficult to pass by indifferently to every person who cares about their own external attractiveness and, of course, about health. The trimmer has many advantages, which we will talk about later.

1. Painless treatment

Not an epilator, Veet Sensitive Precision acts like a trimmer. He has a very small area of ​​work of knives, therefore, he can not afford to perform a full haircut, but he was created not for this. Fine profile work is what the trimmer cares for. Due to the very quick, invisible to the eye, movement of the working knives, the trimmer cuts the hair without causing irritation and pain.

2. Ease of use

Veet Sensitive Precision is designed taking into account the peculiarities of female hands, small in size, therefore its shape is very ergonomic and convenient for a woman: the device fits in the palm of your hand without problems, does not fall out, does not slip – which is very important for working in the bathroom, as the situation it’s wet there. Even while shaving in the shower, the trimmer is very difficult to drop out of hand – its design is so thought out.

The device is equipped with a tread for convenience and to prevent slipping in the hand

3. Easy to use

In order to start working with the device, you do not need to study the multi-page instructions, as is the case with a home epilator, for example. Vit for intimate depilation is easy to maintain, just insert the battery, put the desired nozzle, turn on and start working in the desired zone.

While home-made epilators, not only do they cause pain, often also do not contain accompanying instructions in languages ​​other than the language of the country of origin and English.

Therefore, to understand their work, a lot of preliminary preparation is required. Trimmer Wit will not create such problems for its owner. It is easy to use, and you can work with it on an intuitive level.

4. Safety at work

Impossible to cut with a trimmer. The fact is that his working knives are located far from the skin, and protected by nozzles, unlike a razor, which touches the epidermis directly and can leave a deep cut in case of careless handling.

For protection, nozzles on the blade of the device are designed

The Veet Sensitive Precision device has no cords, it runs on battery power, not on mains power, so nothing gets in the way at hand while processing the right areas of the body. In addition, the risk of electric shock is reduced to zero.

5. Does not injure the skin

Many razors are not designed to shave delicate, thin female skin, especially in intimate places. Machine depilation is often painful, traumatic, leaves cuts – in the worst case, and at best – red dots at the places of hair removal. Epilation is also painful and is accompanied by the risk of hair growth.

Trimmer wit removes hair gently and quickly.

The skin remains soft, smooth, the hair does not stretch, their structure is not broken, which subsequently does not lead to the risk of growing them under the upper layer of the dermis.

6. Multifunctionality of the device

Trimmer Vit can correct the vegetation in the bikini zone, in the axillary region, on the face – under the eyebrows, and even to shape the mustache and beard in men. What they use, but, perhaps, hide this information.

7. The possibility of home depilation

Not every woman will agree to a salon so that her intimate areas are processed by completely strangers. For a hair removal or depilation in a beauty salon, a certain amount of courage is often required, which not all representatives of the fair sex possess.

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Trimmer Wit solves this problem, because, having it at his disposal, there is no need to fight his own modesty and embarrassment: you work where no one sees you.

8. Autonomy

It works without the use of additional tools in the form of foam or shaving gel.

Note! For best results, start hygiene before taking a bath. First, shave off excess hair, and only after that proceed to water procedures. Using the appliance in the bath after washing and taking a steam room is not recommended!

Like all things, the trimmer has its drawbacks.

The disadvantages of the device

  1. May not work well on very coarse and coarse hair. Sometimes such hair (especially often this happens with black hair) is not removed the first time. They can leave their follicles under the skin, which, translucent through the epidermis, leave the feeling that the vegetation is not completely removed. Only a professional epilator can cope with such a problem.
    Trimmer Vit for intimate depilation is not intended for pulling out hair follicles, therefore, it will not work with these “strokes” on the skin.
  2. To correct the shape of the eyebrows, sometimes skill may be required., because the Vit trimmer works without problems only with sufficiently grown hairs on the eyebrows. If the eyebrows have an acceptable hair length, you may get the impression that the trimmer does not shave them. This is not so, just the difference is most noticeable when working with bushy and wide brow arches.

Dexterity is required to work on the shape of the eyebrows.

  • Many women are afraid of the inability to sharpen knives. With proper care of the device, including regular cleaning after each shaving and lubrication procedure, knife sharpening will not take a very long time. You may already be tired of the trimmer, and the knives will still be sharp and actionable.
  • Note! It is strictly forbidden to lubricate the knives with vegetable oil. For these purposes, it is allowed to use only special oil, in extreme cases – machine or sewing.

    Epilator or depilator?

    To correctly determine the mechanism of operation of the device, you should understand what is the main difference between the processes of hair removal and hair removal.

    Epilation is the removal of a hair through its destruction with the obligatory destruction of the hair follicle. Epilation is carried out using a laser or electric current.

    It is better to expose yourself to this procedure in specialized salons, as there is always a danger of injuring yourself or leaving scars on the skin when processing the cutting element with an inexperienced hand. Moreover, extreme accuracy is required when manipulating in such difficult and inaccessible areas as the armpits or the bikini area.

    Depilation – getting rid of the cutting element by removing it without destructive effects on the hair bulb. You can depilate the hairs with a razor, shugaring, wax, various creams with a chemical effect on the hair root and, of course, with a trimmer.

    How the Veet Sensitive Precision Trimmer Works

    • To start work in the intimate zone with a large comb-shaped nozzle, it is necessary to shorten the regrown hairs first, and then, changing the nozzle to a special one, shave the remaining parts of the hair under the root;
    • Then you should clean the knives with a special brush that comes with the kit;
    • Having removed the nozzle, rinse the trimmer head in water, avoiding moisture getting on the device body;
    • Grease the knives with oil;
    • Put in a special storage bag.

    The specifics of hair removal in intimate areas

    In order to carry out painless hair removal in the intimate area, you need to know the properties of the hair in this area. Trimmer Vit successfully copes with its function, because its knives are sharpened for these properties.

    Properties of hair in the intimate zone:

    • Hard – this is necessary in order to create an air gap that protects the groin from hypothermia and overheating;
    • Curly – the same function intended by nature. In addition, curly hair provides the best opportunity for evaporation of sweat and pheromones, attracting the opposite sex.

    Subtleties of depilation in the bikini area:

    • It is better to use men’s razors, which are equipped with a floating head and many blades for more comfortable handling;
    • Depilation creams, shugaring can have consequences in the form of irritations, allergic reactions. Caution is required in use;
    • Hair removal, especially of poor quality, almost always leaves micro-scars and scars, which can become inflamed and lead to more extensive problems;
    • Depilation with a trimmer is almost always safe, as it eliminates cuts, and, consequently, inflammation, abscesses and unpleasant consequences in the form of hair ingrowth.

    If the skin of the body is soft and thin, and the hair, on the contrary, is strong and stiff, after depilation there may be a risk of ingrown hairs under the skin. To prevent this from happening, remember simple skin care rules after trimmer treatment:

    • Once or twice a week, use body scrubs so that keratinized particles of the skin exfoliate and are removed;
    • With a razor you need to slide in the direction of hair growth, and with a trimmer – against growth, not vice versa;
    • Perform a light skin massage the day after the procedure so that the hairs that have grown during the night rise above the skin, and not grow into it.

    How to use the Veet Sensitive Precision electric trimmer for intimate depilation

    Trimmer Vit is designed to remove hair in different parts of the body, including in particularly delicate places, such as a bikini area or armpits. It is important to know how to use the epilator properly for a comfortable shave and maximum effect.

    The step-by-step process of using the Veet trimmer for hair removal of intimate zones looks something like this:

    1. Buy an anesthetic in advance to relieve pain during hair removal in intimate places. Many cosmetologists consider a good remedy emla cream. Cooling gauntlet or freezing spray. Also, for a comfortable shave you will need a shaving aid and a skin care product after shaving.
    2. Also make sure the trimmer works correctly in different modes and does not require battery replacement.
    3. If the hair is long you need to cut them to a length of about 0.5 cm. It is with this length of hair that the Vit trimmer works most effectively.
    4. Take a hot shower to steam your skin or bathroom.
    5. To protect yourself from ingrown hairs after depilation, thoroughly rub the skin with a sponge.
    6. Lubricate your skin with shaving, soap suds or regular cream. Start using the Vit trimmer for the first application at low speed.
    7. Remember – no effort when shaving. In order to shave with maximum effect, you need to stretch the skin a little and hold the head of the Veet trimmer against hair growth.
    8. After removing hair, rinse off any remaining hair.. Treat your skin with a moisturizing baby cream or alcohol-based solution to repair damaged skin as soon as possible. You can also apply at this stage a special cream that slows hair growth.

    After several times, shaving with the Veet trimmer (Vit) will become very simple and you can perform any intimate haircuts to your taste very quickly and beautifully.

    To remove hair in intimate areas, manufacturers of various cosmetic products offer many options for products that have mechanical or chemical effects.

    Using the Veet Sensitive Precision trimmer is guaranteed to protect the skin from damage and allergies., leaving only comfort and the desired result after application.

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