How to Lubricate a Carver 052 Trimmer Reducer

A gas trimmer is a convenient garden tool that works smoothly on mowing grass, removing dead wood and weeds. But, like any other tool, the device needs care: cleaning from dirt, sharpening knives, changing the oil and, of course, lubrication.

How to Lubricate a Carver 052 Trimmer Reducer

What is a gearbox?

What is gearbox

A mechanical gearbox is a torque converting module. In essence, this is one or more gears rotating at high speed. In most cases, the gearbox converts the angular speed of rotation into lower revolutions of the output shaft. Such a mechanism is called a demultiplier.

According to the type of transmission, the mechanisms are divided into several types:

  • Cylindrical – a gear cylinder acts as the main transmission element. A module of this class is installed on lawn mowers;
  • Worm gears – the transmission tool is a screw;
  • Bevel – the transmission is provided by a crossed arrangement of shafts;
  • Planetary – based on coaxial arrangement;
  • Wave;
  • Spiroid and combined.

Varieties of lubricants

Effective gear operation is possible only in the absence of mechanical damage and in the conditions of permissible temperature. At the slightest distortions, as well as overheating, the risk of jamming of the mechanism increases sharply. And this is fraught not only with a stop in work, but also with serious damage.

To care for the mechanisms, greases of different consistencies are produced:

  • Semi-fluid – a colloidal system containing various additives and additives;
  • Plastic – most often used in gears and helical gears. This is the most versatile option;
  • Solid – suspensions, plastic in the initial state.

Lubricating the lawn mowing gearbox is generally recommended with special gearboxes. The vast majority of them are semi-fluid systems.

When choosing the right composition, you should pay attention to the temperature regime for which the mixture is intended.

How to lubricate a gearbox

A technological hole is provided to accommodate the lubricant in the housing. The procedure is simple.

  1. The screw on the housing is loosened.
  2. Grease is put in the hole – at least 1 ml.
  3. The screw is tightened.

The procedure should be performed after every 8-10 hours of continuous operation. Also, before using the lawn mowers for the first time, it is recommended to make sure that the module is lubricated. Otherwise – apply the mixture yourself.

Special formulations for the gearbox are sold in the form of tubes with a long feed spout. The diameter of the nozzle coincides with the size of the hole, although not always: on models of different manufacturers the diameter may vary. In this case, summer residents prefer to use a medical syringe: it is more convenient because it accurately measures a portion of the mixture.

The video on how to lubricate the gear mechanism of the lawn mowers is described in detail.

The gearbox for the trimmer is designed to transmit torque between the tool shafts located at different angles. In good condition, the unit operates silently, but when the elements wear, it starts to make noise and overheat. Long-term operation of such a unit leads to the complete destruction of gears and housing.

Video: How to Lubricate a Carver 052 Trimmer Reducer


The trimmer gearbox includes 2 shafts – the first is driven by the engine, and the other is used to rotate the cutting blade of the lawn mowing machine or trimmer fishing line. Bevel gears are made as a unit with the shaft, but there are versions with the installation of a separate part on the splined joint. Models are available with different tooth angles, which depends on the layout of the tool. There are modifications of gearboxes with worm, planetary or mixed (multi-stage) gears.

Shafts are mounted on rolling bearings, which are closed with protective washers. Parts ensure the preservation of lubricant and prevent the ingress of dirt onto work tracks. The bearings are mounted in a gear housing made of aluminum alloy. The unit is detachable, consists of 2 symmetrical halves that are connected together by screws. To ensure the tightness of the joint, a separate gasket or sealant is used.

The lower gear for the trimmer is mounted on the tool through the seat. There are several varieties of the joint, varying in shape.

There are modifications of the tool with a square or multifaceted junction of elements. Torque transmission via splined connection.

Basic faults and solutions

Common node failures:

  1. Jamming of the shafts during operation, the appearance of knocks or axial movements of the shafts. The cause of the breakdown is the wear of the rolling bearings, which must be replaced with new ones.
  2. The gearbox is separated from the tool rod guide during operation. The defect manifests itself when the seat socket is worn or when the housing is cracked. Repair consists in replacing broken parts. Temporary fixation of the unit with clamping clamps is allowed.
  3. When installing the gearbox on the rod there is a gap that does not provide fixation. As a temporary measure, you can compensate for the gap by winding the insulating tape on the rod. Subsequently, you will have to either replace the worn parts, or purchase a new tool.
  4. The reduction gear for the trimmer experiences increased stress and heat during operation. Overheating of the unit occurs when there is insufficient lubricant or its low quality. Also, the phenomenon occurs at the time of grinding in new gears.
  5. There is no rotation of the output shaft, or work tool stops under load. In this case, a rattle may appear. A similar defect occurs when the teeth are cut or worn on gears. To restore functionality, it is necessary to install new elements.

How to choose a new one and make a replacement

The lower gear is the most loaded part of the trimmer. Even under normal operating conditions, it is subject to wear: microcracks appear in the metal, which gradually increase; gearbox bearings also become unusable over time.

To replace the gearbox, you will need the following tools:

  • A flat screwdriver, suitable in diameter to the hole in the lower part of the assembly;
  • A set of keys-heads, the size of which is selected for a particular tool.

Replacement process

  1. Unscrew coil from gearbox. To do this is quite simple, since it is screwed onto the thread of the gear reducer. It is enough to insert a screwdriver into the hole between the mechanisms, and then carefully roll the coil until its end falls into the recess of the slots. While holding the screwdriver in this position with one hand, unscrew the reel with fishing line with the other.
  2. To disassemble a structure consisting of a gearbox and a rod, you first need to unscrew the centering bolt of the faulty mechanism, and then loosen the second (clamping) bolt.
  3. Remove the old gearbox from the boom.
  4. Install a new spare part according to the same algorithm, acting in the reverse order.

How to grease the trimmer gear

Grease the trimmer gear regularly, following the recommendations of the tool manufacturer. At the same time, it is recommended to apply anti-friction substance to the drive shaft located in the rod. Lubricant is introduced into the cavity of the gear case through a special hole closed by a threaded plug. First clean the unit of dirt. When carrying out repairs and replacing gears or bearings, it is necessary to remove the remnants of the old oil and introduce a new one.

The types of lubricants for gearboxes are divided by consistency:

  • Liquid or semi-liquid;
  • Plastic;
  • Solid.

Also, the characteristics of the lubricant depend on the base base:

  1. Graphite, contains a complex of additives that reduce the risk of scoring. It has a solid or plastic consistency.
  2. Lithium, further reducing the corrosion of elements. Belongs to the category of plastic.
  3. Universal, consisting of mineral oil and a complex of additives. Belongs to the category of liquid or semi-liquid lubricants.

The most widely used lubricants are Litol-24, Champion EP-0, Gear Grease Oregon, as well as their analogues made by other manufacturers. A list of recommended lubricants and their parameters are indicated in the repair and maintenance instructions for the trimmer.

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