How to Lubricate a Shaft in a Huter Trimmer Rod

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Features and Benefits of GGT-1500T Trimmer

  • Autonomy. Compared to electrical counterparts, the Huter GGT-1500T gas trimmer has its own fuel supply and does not need an external energy source.
  • A fuel tank made of translucent plastic allows you to visually monitor the stock of a push-pull mixture.
  • Convenient handling, due to the handle designed for both hands, while the right side is also a control panel.
  • The upper position of the power unit allows you to work even with wet grass.
  • Operator safety is ensured by a special cover.
  • A device for damping vibration makes working with the unit more comfortable.
  • Thanks to the economical and reliable engine, you can work with the trimmer without stopping for quite a long time.
How to Lubricate a Shaft in a Huter Trimmer Rod

General information

Huter Gas Trimmer GGT-1500T It is a powerful and convenient garden tool designed for mowing grass, weeds, etc. in relatively small areas. This motorized scythe is successfully used when caring for a garden, park, territory around a country house, etc. The tool allows you to process even sections that are not convenient for access (along a fence or wall, in corners, around a flower bed or tree). Unlike electrical counterparts, the gas trimmer is completely autonomous and not connected to other energy sources.

The GGT-1500T gas trimmer is equipped with a power unit, propulsion system and controls. The working part is presented in the form of an angular gearbox on which a semi-automatic reel with a cutting line is mounted to cut fresh grass or a special rotating knife needed to remove large or dry weeds, as well as young shrubbery. A special casing serves to protect the operator’s legs. The power plant consists of a gasoline two-stroke single-cylinder engine with a power of 2 hp, air-cooled, manual start and electronic ignition. The fuel is a two-stroke mixture based on AI-92 gasoline, which is refilled in a translucent plastic tank with a capacity of 0.7 liters. There is a vibration damping device. The trimmer control system is a two-handed grip that looks like a bicycle wheel. The right handle is also a control panel (ignition button, gas button and its lock).

The working and power units are located at different ends of the metal rod and are correctly balanced in weight, which is convenient when holding the tool. For greater convenience and comfort, a special shoulder strap is included in the package of delivery, which allows you to transfer the weight of the unit to the operator’s body and ease physical stress on your hands.

Huter, a manufacturer of gasoline trimmers of the GGT-1500T model, has strict quality control over almost the entire process. This contributes to the fact that the finished products comply with strict standards for quality and safety, adopted not only in Europe but also in Russia.

Device and principle of operation

The Huter GGT-1500T petrol trimmer is compact, easy to use and does not create storage problems. These qualities are due to a well-thought-out layout of its main components and assemblies, as well as controls. In fact, this is a segment of a strong metal tube (rod), on one end of which a working tool is mounted, and not the other. a power plant. Inside the rod passes a shaft connecting both of these systems. On the bar itself, in a convenient place for the operator, a handle for control is mounted, as well as a hook for attaching the shoulder strap.

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Power point represented by a two-stroke gasoline single-cylinder internal combustion engine with air cooling and electronic ignition, a working volume of 42.7 cm 3, developing a power of up to 2 hp (1500 W) and untwisting up to 9500 rpm. Its launch is carried out using a manual cable starter. The outer surface of the working cylinder of the engine has a special finned surface. This allows you to artificially increase the area of ​​the surface heated during operation of the engine, which contributes to more intensive cooling and to prevent overheating. The power plant is also equipped with a replaceable air filter and a small but effective muffler, which keeps the noise level during operation of the unit within 96 dB. The engine is connected to the rod via an anti-vibration device. The engine is located inside the housing made of durable plastic having slots for free air circulation.

The push-pull mixture (gasoline AI-92 and special oil), which runs the power plant, is contained in a plastic translucent tank with a capacity of 700 ml, compactly located outside the motor housing. This allows you to visually control the degree of filling.

The torque from the engine to the working tool is transmitted through a centrifugal automatic clutch. At idle, the clutch remains in a disconnected state. The connection occurs with an increase in engine speed.

Working unit The gas trimmer is an angular gear onto which the cutting tool is mounted directly. The angular gearbox is used to change the direction of the axis of rotation of the shaft of the rod in order to keep the cutting tool in a horizontal plane, with the device position convenient for the operator. Depending on the upcoming task, either a semi-automatic reel with fishing line or a rotating metal knife is installed on the gearbox.

The reel contains a certain supply of fishing line. If the bottom of the spinning reel is slightly struck on a hard surface, the line will be unwound so much as to restore the erased or torn part. The fishing line easily cuts young grass without harming the bark of a tree or shrub. When you have to work with dry or hard grass and weeds, the place of the fishing line is occupied by a metal knife that can cut even a young shrub.

A protective cover is mounted on the lower part of the rod, directly at the working tool.

Huter GGT-1500T Gas Trimmer Control is carried out using a two-handed handle, assembled from two halves and placed in a convenient place on the bar with a special bracket. When assembled, it resembles a bicycle wheel. Its left part ends with a convenient handle, while the right part is also a control panel, on which the ignition on / off button, the gas button and its lock are concentrated. These elements are arranged so that they can be used without removing your hands and without loosening the grip. The surfaces of both handles have a polymer ribbed coating that prevents involuntary slipping out of the hands.

Spinning the engine to high revolutions, the cutting tool receives a significant supply of kinetic energy. Having a small cross-sectional area, both the cutting line and the rotating knife have significant penetrating power under these conditions, which is necessary for the functionality of the trimmer.

Preparation for work

Given the fact that the operation of the power unit of the gasoline trimmer Huter GGT-1500T is associated with the emission of harmful exhaust into the atmosphere, the unit should be used mainly in the open. The top location of the motor allows you to operate the device immediately after rain.

The design of the gas trimmer is easy to assemble, prepare for use and, directly, use for its intended purpose. This does not require special knowledge or skills. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the simple technical documentation contained in the package.

A unit assembled in a single unit needs to be refueled. In this quality, a specially prepared push-pull mixture is used, consisting of AI-92 brand gasoline with the addition of the necessary amount of oil for two-stroke gasoline air-cooled engines. To prepare the mixture and conveniently fill it into the engine tank, a special tank is used, which is available in the kit. After replenishing the fuel supply, the ignition is turned on and the engine is started using the manual starter. After a short warm-up, the engine is ready for operation.

Despite its simple design, a gas trimmer is a potential source of fire and traumatic danger. Gasoline is flammable, its fumes are toxic and can be explosive. It follows that starting to work with such a unit, you should carefully read the rules of fire and technical safety.

The manufacturer gives a warranty period of operation for the Huter GGT-1500T gas trimmer 12 months from the date of official sale. But you can use all the advantages and capabilities of the unit for a much longer period, subject to targeted use, as well as timely and proper care.