July 1, 2019

How To Make A Booth For A Shepherd

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How To Make A Booth For A Shepherd

Sheepdogs have thick wool and thick undercoat, which allows them to feel quite comfortable outside. They are excellent watchmen, which also contributes to their maintenance not in the house, but in the yard. But, in spite of their wool cover, they may experience discomfort in the conditions of severe winter or wet weather. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to make a dog box.

But not everyone knows how to make a booth for a shepherd. Sheepdogs have considerable dimensions, so the booth must be appropriate. But you can not do a very big booth, as it will be purged. It is advisable to knock the walls of the booth out of boards without large burrs in order to avoid injuries. The walls should also be double, and glass wool or other insulating material should be laid between them. The roof is better to do with the slope, so that the moisture is not poured into the booth.

Shepherd puppy problem is falling ears. Therefore, there are often questions about how to put the ears of a shepherd. For this you need to do a special ear massage. It is necessary to put the puppy back to itself and take his ears so that they are in a depression between the thumb and index fingers. Then, with circular movements forward, the ears are massaged. In addition, the ears may fall due to the large amount of wool on them. Therefore, at puppy age, the tips of the ears should be trimmed.

There are many questions about how to treat a sheepdog. It is possible to cure a dog only from a non-serious illness, for example, from indigestion or nitrous eyes. It is necessary to be attentive to puppies of shepherd dogs, as they are prone to the disease plague. Therefore, prophylactic vaccinations are necessary. In general, with the slightest deviation from the norm in the health of the dog, if the reason is unknown, it is best to contact a veterinarian who will provide qualified assistance.

How To Make A Booth For A Shepherd

Many questions arise about how to wean the shepherd bite. Shepherd puppies, flirting, begin to bite. Sheepdogs are very susceptible to the mood of the owner. Therefore, if during the game, the puppy began to bite, you need to pick up all the toys and go to another room, not paying attention to whine. Returning back, you need to praise the puppy and play with him again. If again there will be bites, then the procedure will be repeated. Over time, the puppy will understand the relationship.

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Sometimes, apart from a booth for keeping a shepherd dog, an aviary is needed, but not everyone knows how to make an aviary for a shepherd dog. The open-air cage should be spacious so that the dog has a place in which it could defend the need. The dog is the mistress of the yard, so it must control its territory. For this, the aviary must be set so that the shepherd observes as much space as possible. In addition, the enclosure walls should be made not deaf, but from the netting of the chain-link. If you plan to keep a shepherd in an aviary for a long time, then it should be equipped with a booth.

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