August 14, 2019

How To Make A Booth For Two Dogs With Their Own Hands

Our younger brothers can live in a variety of conditions: in the open air, in cages, in apartments – or in a booth made for them by your hands. If you are the owner of two or more dogs, you can create one booth for several places. Of course, much depends on whether the animals get on the same “covered territory”, whether they can fairly share their new “place of residence”.

How To Make A Booth For Two Dogs With Their Own Hands

If, nevertheless, your pets are friendly enough to each other, we suggest you make one booth for them – certainly, they will have individual places for rest and sleep.

Basic requirements for the booth

How To Make A Booth For Two Dogs With Their Own Hands

First of all, they must be functional, comfortable for living, durable and aesthetically appealing. It is better to install such houses in the shade of trees or outbuildings, away from the drainpipes, but in such a way as to provide an overview of the entire protected area.

Tire doghouse

At home, the doghouse is made literally from scrap materials. To do this, suitable boards, pallets, bricks, plywood, and even the body of dimensional household appliances – for example, from a washing machine or refrigerator.

How To Make A Booth For Two Dogs With Their Own Hands

You can also make a kennel for dogs from car tires stacked on top of each other, tied with wire and turned to the side. The diameter and number of tires is determined depending on the size of the future four-fingered owners of the “home”. The inner part of such a booth is insulated, and partitions for dog "rooms" are made with plywood. Outside, tires are wrapped tightly with plastic or linoleum, and treated boards are laid on the floor for the comfort of animals.

Classic "two-room" booth do it yourself

First – determine the size of the booth.

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As already mentioned, its value depends on the size of animals. When the dogs are about the same height, all two parts of the kennel will be made symmetrically. If one of the dogs is smaller than the second, this must be taken into account when building a house for them, otherwise the small dog will not be able to warm up in a large space, and the large animal will have nowhere to turn around on a small square.

How To Make A Booth For Two Dogs With Their Own Hands

The basic parameters of the animal that you need to know when making a booth for it are as follows:

– the distance from the spout to the base of the tail (to determine the depth of the kennel, and do not forget about the allowance of 10-15 cm);

– growth in withers (to determine the height of the entrance to the booth);

– full growth of the dog to his ears (so we know the height of the inner space);

– the width of the chest of the pet (to set the horizontal size of the manhole with an allowance of 5 cm).

If you are building a house for a puppy, remember that you need to take into account its growth in the future (the same as its parents).

Often for large dogs the length, depth and height of the kennel are 140 x 100 x 95 cm, for medium ones – 120 x 75 x 80 cm, and for “little ones” – 70 x 55 x 60 cm. The width and height of the manhole will be, respectively, 40 x 60 cm, 35 x 50 cm, 30 x 40 cm.

The second is picking up the material.

For these purposes, suitable balances from the performance of any construction work, namely:

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– timber section 4 x 4 cm;

– boards of 100 x 20 mm or pallets pretreated with linseed oil;

– slate, linoleum or soft tile;

– some insulation (penoplex, foam, mineral wool);

– polyethylene film (roll) or substrate under the laminate;

– metal corners and nails.

How To Make A Booth For Two Dogs With Their Own Hands

Stages of the construction of "two-room" dog kennel.

1. It is necessary to begin with the project. You can sketch out the drawings yourself or use ready-made ones that are available on the Internet, but do not forget to take measurements taken from your animals into account.

2. Make a floor out of pallets, and top dry the boards. You can also knock down the base around the perimeter of the kennel from the bars, laying the boards tightly and without gaps.

How To Make A Booth For Two Dogs With Their Own Hands

3. The floor should be covered with heat insulating material: for example, lay a sheet of plywood on top – to ensure animal safety.

4. The next step is to install side racks made of timber in the corners of the floor, using the level and metal angle to connect the base of the booth and the vertical supports.

How To Make A Booth For Two Dogs With Their Own Hands

5. Next, we install the walls, for which we first wrap boards outside, and after covering the walls of the kennel on the inside with a film of polyethylene or other similar material – to provide dogs with protection from the wind.

6. Then it is necessary to lay a heater and fix the plywood from the inside. Partitions between compartments for pets are arranged in the central part of the booth, taking into account the size of the animals – closer to the side wall.

How To Make A Booth For Two Dogs With Their Own Hands

7. Dog passages are made taking into account the dimensions, which are given above.

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8. The holes must be carefully treated – in order to avoid injuries to animals. The frame at the entrance, made by means of a corner, gives an aesthetic look to the whole structure looks good.

How To Make A Booth For Two Dogs With Their Own Hands

9. The assembly of the booth ends with a roof, which needs to be manufactured in the same way as the floor, but slightly larger in size so that it protrudes beyond the limits of the kennel. The inside of the bars is sheathed with plywood, exactly like the entire structure. Next is the warming and sheathing boards. The roof is nailed to the walls, and slate, soft tiles or a piece of linoleum are attached on top, if desired, to allow pets to rest on the booth. It is possible to install a baseboard at the junction of the walls and roof, which will protect the house in the winter time from snowfall.

10. The finished kennel is installed on the legs so that it does not heat up during the rains. For this, the construction is placed on bricks at a height of 10 cm or more from the surface of the earth.

How To Make A Booth For Two Dogs With Their Own Hands

11. It is also very desirable to cover the exterior walls of the booth with ship varnish – this will make it resistant to adverse weather conditions.

12. In order for your four-lap friends to be comfortable in the dwelling you have prepared for them, lay a soft bed with pine sawdust for each of them on the floor. Such "substrate" perfectly absorb moisture and odors, as well as scare away parasites.

How To Make A Booth For Two Dogs With Their Own Hands

In order to make a dog kennel on "two persons" with your own hands, use our advice and your own imagination.

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