How to Make a Chainsaw Silent Video

How to Make a Chainsaw Silent Video

Good day, dear readers, subscribers of the Andrew Noack Blog. Then recently, my neighbor in the country sawed down trees on his site and prepared firewood. Naturally used a chainsaw. Although he acquired not a professional saw, but a household one, but it was very noisy. While he was working, all the neighbors, including myself, were tired of this noise. Here, the thought came to my mind to tell him how to make a muffler for a chainsaw with your own hands.

Why is a chainsaw noisy?

All chainsaws have only one significant disadvantage. this is the noise during work, which in some places (cottages, personal plots) disturbs and annoys many people. If the noise from a working saw makes it difficult to concentrate, then an option such as headphones that suppress noise is also possible. But everyone around will not be wearing headphones while someone is making noise.

A clogged or uncorrected muffler causes the engine to stall continuously or not start at all.

It happens that a chainsaw works normally at low speeds, but it is worth adding gas, as it sneezes and stalls immediately. The reason, as a rule, is that the exhausts cannot pass through the muffler clogged with the burner and are forced to move in the opposite direction. To do this, it is enough to remove it and clean it, if it is of course disassembled, if not, then you have to dry it with hot air using a hair dryer.

The main cause of muffler contamination is an excessive amount of oil, which is diluted with gasoline and as a result settles on its walls.

If you decide to independently clean a non-demountable muffler, then keep in mind that you can’t do this dry using the same hair dryer, as hazardous substances are extremely harmful to health.

Although most manufacturers of chainsaws try to muffle engine noise as much as possible, but this does not lead to anything good and primarily affects the power of the device.

Professional chainsaws, for example, Husqvarna generally can not work quietly, as the power and speed are very high, which leads to loud noise. It is extremely difficult to try to muffle the roar of the motor yourself, while maintaining high performance. But there are people who use an ordinary bucket of water and a plastic tube, one end is lowered into the water, and the other end is screwed to the exhaust pipe. Efficiency from such actions is, the sound of the motor becomes quieter.

Why do you need a silencer

This is a special device, thanks to which the noise from a running engine becomes an order of magnitude lower, but does not completely muffle and this does not suit many.

Of course, saws are now sold, in which the silencer is able to suppress noise several times, but this immediately affects the operation of the saw.

Therefore, if you want to make the motor work even quieter than provided by the factory, then it is worth trying to put an additional silencer, making it yourself.

If you are smart, the same Ural saw can be made to work much quieter and this will not affect its performance.

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Do it yourself

In order to save money and time spent searching for the right workshops, I advise you to make a silencer at home. It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

All you need is an ordinary sheet of 1 mm stainless steel, an iron tube of a smaller diameter than that of a muffler, stainless wool, basalt fiber and a little patience.

  1. We take a sheet of steel and wrap it around the rollers, in the end we get a round tube, but an oval-shaped tube will be needed. To do this, using welding, we heat and then press down the tube, an oval shape should be obtained;
  2. If you have a finished pipe of suitable diameter, then this is good, if not, then you need to make it using a welding machine. To do this, take a metal sheet, mark the desired dimensions and cut by welding. Then we make a pipe, the seam should be thin and without tubercles;
  3. When the finished pipe has turned out, you need to make as many holes as possible, and you can make holes both randomly and in strict order, it does not matter;
  4. Next, we take the stainless steel wool prepared in advance and start wrapping the outside of the pipe. This is to ensure that there is no blowing of the muffler casing;
  5. Then we wrap basalt fiber over stainless steel wool (this is the most suitable material) and so that this does not slip, we fasten it with a wire that should be thin and at the same time strong;
  6. We insert the wrapped pipe into the future apparatus and wipe it all with sandpaper, pay special attention to the seams and joints so that they do not bulge out much;
  7. When all this is done, the resulting unit must be attached to the chainsaw as tightly as possible so that it does not fly off at the right time.

Such a home-made device, if done correctly, will last a long time and significantly reduce motor noise, and Friendship works well on chainsaws. Another plus of a homemade muffler is that it will cost you a tiny amount. You only spend time, but it’s worth it.

You can also use this option of the silencer: put partitions in the pipe, which is located in the silencer and thereby reduce the noise level of the motor. This is due to the fact that noise itself is a strong vibration of the air, which leaves the muffler at great speed.

In order to reduce the noise of work, it is enough just to drill holes in the pipe and insert partitions into them at equal distances. It will turn out many divisions and the gas will gradually come out, while the pressure and noise will decrease. Accordingly, the gas velocity will fall, which will lead to a decrease in noise.

If you want to make the gases leave the cylinders faster, thereby reducing the engine’s forces, so that the saw productivity increases, remember that there will be several times more noise.

In order to achieve this, a straight-through muffler is needed, which can be made from the pipe according to the sketches of the old muffler, having unscrewed and subsequently using all the bolts and nuts.

I advise you to choose a pipe from steel, then the muffler will last longer. If there is no suitable steel pipe, then it must be done using a steel sheet. With the help of a welding machine, it is possible to produce a tube that is necessary in diameter and size.

Everything is provided for by the factory, everything should work as a whole and if you try to change something yourself, including improving the muffler without any drawings, it is quite difficult and not everyone can do it.

In the best case, power will be lost, and in the worst, the chainsaw will stop starting.

For chainsaws like the Stihl 180, it’s better to buy a native muffler, which you can change yourself and without any problems.

Therefore, if you have certain knowledge and ingenuity works well, then you should try to make an additional silencer yourself, thereby saving money and maybe you can make a device that really makes the chainsaw much quieter and you don’t have to quarrel constantly with neighbors or with others you people.

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