September 13, 2019

How To Make A Do-It-Yourself Box Size For A Sheepdog

If you already have a four-legged friend, or you are only going to have an Alabay or Moscow guard puppy, or you are thinking of taking a husky or a Labrador, you will certainly need to make a thermobox for a dog.

There the animal will be placed with all the comfort, it will be comfortable for him to sleep in such a house, and it will take the kennel as its safe haven.

It is necessary to approach the choice creatively, does not interfere with taking care of the appearance of the kennel. To decide on the design, it is recommended to get acquainted with the schemes of different booths. It will be possible to build a booth in half a day, that is, it will take relatively little time to build your trusty four-legged friend’s housing.

By design kennel can be almost anything. Much determines the residence of the pet. So, the yard dog should be resistant to weather and durable. House same pet doggie, in addition to providing pet asylum, also must fit into the interior of the room.

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Features of the street booth

A kennel of a dog living in the street should have the following characteristics:

How To Make A Do-It-Yourself Box Size For A Sheepdog

  • strength;
  • windproofness;
  • impermeability;
  • heat insulation;
  • due sizes.

Special attention is paid to the warming. For insulation used foam, mineral wool, cardboard, polystyrene foam. Remember that most dogs like to gnaw the walls of their own homes. Insulation layer is insulated with boarding, plywood or OSB.

The structure of properly insulated walls following:

  • the first layer is external, resistant to the effects of the atmosphere, lining;
  • the second layer – insulation, tightly laid without gaps and gaps. Styrofoam and polystyrene are laid on the skin, and a vapor-insulating material (izospan, izolon, plastic film) creeps under the mineral wool;
  • the third layer is the inner lining of wood, plywood. The material must be environmentally friendly, breathable.

The most common design of the booth is a wooden house with a single or gable roof.

The location of the kennel in the yard:

  • the kennel is put in the shade;
  • the watchdog should be provided with an overview of the yard;
  • booth should not be warmed up when it rains. From the roofs of buildings, and from the drain pipes of water also should not fall.

With a gable roof

In the manufacture of booths for the German shepherd do-it-yourself drawings will provide an invaluable service. Dvukhskatnuyu roof can, perhaps, be called the traditional option. The walls are made of wood, frame, brick. The roof is covered with wooden boards or slate.. In cold areas, the design is complemented by an attic floor of plywood or planks, which is done to minimize heat loss.

Under the double-sloped roof, a closet is equipped where you can store ammunition, toys, training equipment. One of the roof slopes is mounted on the door hinges and, if necessary, it can be raised. Tilt angle – 50-60 °, it is recommended to make the angle between the slopes about 40 °, so it is more aesthetic.

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With a lean-to roof

In terms of properties, this option practically does not differ from the previous one, but is easier to manufacture. The material is taken the same as in the manufacture of a gable roof – tightly knit wooden shields, slate. Avoid using profiled sheets or metal tiles, as the iron heats up in the summer and does not retain heat in the winter.

Slope heading in opposite direction, so that during the rain the water does not flow into the kennel. The tilt angle is not less than 5−10 °. The wooden roof is additionally protected by slate, roofing felt, thick plastic wrap.

Doghouse with canopy

Such a shelter well protects from rain, but not from the wind, in connection with which such a kennel is installed, as a rule, on a windless part of the yard. The bottom and the roof make protruding from the side of the manhole. Depending on the breed of dog, the size of the porch is chosen, and this element is designed so that the adult dog can freely fit on it. Usually, the veranda occupies half or some less than the total area of ​​the whole structure.

Booth with door

Usually the role of the door is played by an ordinary curtain. It is made to the size of the manhole, but with an overlap. The shutter is fastened to the upper edge of the manhole with a wooden plank, screwed with screws. As a material of manufacture it is recommended to use:

Young animals often tear apart the blind. They also make wooden doors, but only in regions with a harsh climate, or in the case of a four-legged too violent reaction to guests. If you periodically want to lock the animal, the door is hung on strong hinges, equip it with a deadbolt or locking hook.

Calculate the size of the kennel

How To Make A Do-It-Yourself Box Size For A Sheepdog

When making a kennel with their own hands, the drawings first give information about the size of the kennel. It is logical that the dimensions depend on the size of an adult animal.

For optimal sizing it is required to take several measurements from the animal:

  1. from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail – the depth of the kennel;
  2. height at withers, add 5 cm to the resulting figure – height;
  3. The manhole is 5 cm high less, 5 cm is added to the chest width – this is the width of the manhole.

In regions with a harsh climate, it is recommended to strictly maintain optimal size. In the south, the booth may be more spacious.

For large dogs

The structure is done with a margin of safety. We give the approximate dimensions of the booth for alabaya:

  • height – 90 cm;
  • width – 100 cm;
  • length – 130 cm;
  • dimensions of the manhole – 40 × 60 cm.
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For a Labrador or German Shepherd, the room is somewhat smaller.

For medium sized dogs

If your pet belongs to one of these breeds: Shar Pei, Rottweiler, Boxer, Like, Hound, Pointing Dog, the approximate dimensions of the booth will be as follows:

  • height – 80 cm;
  • kennel width – 75 cm;
  • length 110 cm;
  • manhole – 35 × 50 cm.

Small dog house

How To Make A Do-It-Yourself Box Size For A Sheepdog

In this case, the dimensions are:

  • height – 60 cm;
  • length – 70 cm;
  • width – 55 cm;
  • dimensions of the manhole – 30 × 40 cm.

The design takes into account the individual characteristics of a particular breed. Decorative short-haired doggies, such as toy terriers and chihuahuas, are often cold even in an apartment, so the house is certainly warmed or a thick mattress is put inside.

The use of scrap materials

The functional kennel will be able to make yourself out of any available materials. Can be used wooden boards and bars, slate, plywood, brick. Some craftsmen manage to bungle the booth, even from old car tires, the refrigerator case or a washing machine.

Plywood construction

Stages of construction of a single-shed roof box:

  1. from the bars of 100 × 100 mm is piled up the base of the floor. The frame is laid on a flat surface and a sheet of plywood is filled on one side in its size. The design is turned over and foam, mineral wool or polystyrene foam tightly fit into the space between the bars. Plywood is also stuffed on this side;
  2. Two vertical beams are installed at the base of the facade and two beams on the opposite side are shorter to provide a future slope roof. During the construction process, the verticality of the racks is checked. Bars are fastened with screws for wood and metal corners;
  3. Separately, three bars are joined in a U-shaped construction, the size of the manhole with screws and metal corners. The design is screwed in the right place;
  4. outside the structure is sheathed with OSB or plywood. Inside, as well as on the floor, a layer of insulation is laid, and then the inner lining is made. The roof is made in the same way as the floor, but somewhat larger in size so that it protrudes slightly beyond the limits of the structure. The finished roof is mounted on a kennel, upholstered with roofing felt or covered with slate. The booth is placed on thick bars or bricks.


Robust brick construction will last several decades. Such a booth is built like any building from a given building material. Instead of brick, foam block or cinder block can be used.

  1. building plot cleared and leveled. The outlines are laid out, and a trench for the foundation is dug around the perimeter, approximately 25 × 25 cm. It is poured with concrete and left for several days to freeze;
  2. Spread the walls. In the course of work, the verticality of the structure is checked, all corners should be straight. In place of the manhole lay out the number of bricks along its width. When the masonry reaches the height of the manhole, a wooden bar is laid across it and the masoning continues unabated;
  3. inside, the booth is insulated with wood paneling, wooden floor is constructed;
  4. On the roof, an overlap of plywood or boards is made, then a roof is installed, for example, of slate.
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We use cardboard

Many will have boxes of household appliances. From this material in haste will be able to make a good kennel.

To work we need:

  • thick cardboard;
  • tape measure, pencil, scissors;
  • large stapler;
  • wide scotch tape;
  • remnants of wallpaper or pieces of cloth to decorate the booth outside.
  1. Draw a template. Draw a smaller copy of the size. We reflect everything on cardboard in full size. The pattern can be made of paper and already on it to draw cardboard blanks.
  2. Large scissors or a construction knife cut parts. The walls and the bottom, it is recommended to make a one-piece with bends, so that the booth acquired additional strength.
  3. We collect the booth. We connect details with a wide construction adhesive tape. First, fix the corners with pieces of scotch tape in several places, then glue along the seams in several layers. The edges of the manhole are also decorated with scotch tape.
  4. To make it aesthetically pleasing, outside the kennel is covered with wallpaper or covered with upholstery fabric. Inside, fit the mattress with a removable cover.

A cardboard box will not last long, but being a temporary dwelling is an excellent option. Make it work in an hour. By the way, the tape can be replaced with a thin wire or use a stapler.

Tire bed

How To Make A Do-It-Yourself Box Size For A Sheepdog

From a car tire, it is not difficult to make a bed for a medium-sized dog. The inner edges are cut off from the tire, and then it is painted. At the bottom fit round mattress. The old wheel can serve as a material for making a booth for a yard dog. Several tires are stacked on top of each other and connected with strong wire. The design is laid on its side. The hole on one side is closed with a piece of plywood, the opposite hole plays the role of a manhole. Inside is a board shield.

Caring owner will certainly find a way to make a booth for your favorite dog. Perhaps the ideas presented here will only push for the creation of housing for the four-people, and it is up to you to decide how exactly it should be!

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