August 6, 2019

How To Make A Dog Box Quickly And Cheaply

How To Make A Dog Box Quickly And Cheaply

The territory of any country house or cottage needs protection. Today, there are many options to protect the site and property from intruders, however, as many years ago, the owners of country houses prefer to have a dog instead of ingenious appliances – a trusted guard and reliable friend.

Here are just dogs at the site sometimes delivers a lot of problems. First of all, related to the place of residence of the four-legged friend. Today we will talk about how to build a dog booth with your own hands, while spending a minimum of money, time and effort.

When you start building a dog house, you should first of all consider the size and age of your pet. If this is still only a puppy, build a booth should be based on the size of an adult dog of this breed. In the event that the dog is an adult, design a booth for it based on the existing parameters. Keep in mind that the room of the dog house should not be cramped, but at the same time, it should not be done and too free, so that in the winter period it is better kept warm.

Having decided on the size of the future booth, it is necessary to take care of ensuring the construction process with building material and other connecting elements. First of all, buy a few bars with a cross section of 70×70 or 100×100 mm, their size mainly depends on how strong this structure will be, as well as on its size. For the manufacture of the frame walls will require boards with a cross section of 30×120 mm. Sheet materials made of wood, for example, plywood or OSB plates, will be needed as a covering. Edged boards made of spruce or pine, 20×100 mm in size, will also work. As fasteners, screws are most often used for working on wood of a certain length. Nails or screws will be needed when covering the floor and walls.

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The construction of the base of the doghouse

How To Make A Dog Box Quickly And Cheaply

It is necessary to start building a dog house from the construction of its base. We make a solid and reliable frame from a 100×100 size timber, connecting in the corners with self-tapping screws, all parts inserted into previously prepared holes.

On the upper part of the bars we install two transverse boards in the frame, they will be needed as a support when flooring. For greater reliability, the material should be treated with a special moisture protection agent.

Installation of the booth frame

How To Make A Dog Box Quickly And Cheaply

The next stage of work will be the installation of the frame of the roof and walls of the booth. For its production we use boards of 30×120 mm, we make in pairs side and end walls, after which we make their connection in the corners.

Be sure to install vertical racks in each of the walls, connecting them with transverse details, giving the whole structure additional reliability, as well as facilitate the wall covering process.

We produce roof and wall cladding

How To Make A Dog Box Quickly And Cheaply

For the construction of the roof of the booth you need to prepare a triangular truss, which will be fixed on the uppermost bars of the side walls. The longitudinal horse serves as an element of the connection of the upper parts of the trusses.

How To Make A Dog Box Quickly And Cheaply

For wall cladding, the material prepared in advance is cut into appropriate sizes and we make their fastening with self-tapping screws in order to facilitate the process of using a screwdriver. At the same time, we first sheathe the inside of the booth, then we sheathe the outside and perform the roof construction. It is recommended to lay insulation between the layers of the skin, which will help to provide the dog with more comfortable living conditions for the dog.

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We finish the work by decorating the walls, preferably in the same style with all buildings located on the site. In the course of wood can go, the remainder of the construction work and, of course, varnish or paint, available in the economy. Thus you can make a comfortable and quite beautiful dog booth.

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