July 26, 2019

How To Make A Dog House

How to make a dog box For a dog to feel great in the performance of his guard duties, you need to organize comfortable living conditions for him. The guard dog needs a great security booth. It should be well insulated and the dog in it falsely be comfortable.

How To Make A Dog House

Doghouse made of wooden materials

Even one who is not familiar with the skills of carpentry and carpentry can even make a dog house out of wood. In any house there are wooden boards, sheets of plywood or chipboard, on the basis of which you can make an excellent booth for your four-legged friend. The drawings for this booth are easy to do even on your own.

Before buying building materials, you need to make simple calculations and measure the dimensions of the pet. The size of the booth itself depends on the size of your four-legged friend.

How to make a drawing box?

· The depth of the structure should be approximately equal to its height.

· The height of the kennel to be at least 7 cm higher than the withers of the dog.

· The height of the manhole of the booth should be less than the height of the dog’s withers by 5 cm.

· To determine the width of the manhole, add another 5 cm to the width of the dog’s chest.

· A doghouse should not be too loose or too small. Only under this condition can the dog be heated with the help of his body in the winter season.

When you determine the size of the booth, you can go for the necessary materials. To create a comfortable and cozy booth, you will need certain materials and tools:

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Bars for roofing and frame

Wooden lining or blockhouse for exterior design

Jigsaw, construction stapler

Mineral wool for fertilizer

Stages of construction

First of all, you need to create a frame of construction and consider the option of the bottom. Guided by pre-prepared parameters, we perform the framework of the construction of the timber and lay the floor. For the floor, you can use regular boards 4 cm thick.

How To Make A Dog House

After the frame is made, you can proceed to the outer casing of the booth, using wooden wall paneling. An excellent option for these purposes will be pine wood, this material is very practical, not subject to corrosion, unlike other types of wood.

In order to fix the trim on the frame, you can use self-tapping screws or galvanized nails.

Then you can begin to manufacture the roof. Regardless of which type of roof you prefer (single-pitch or double-gated) in the course of work, you must take into account the factor that it should be easily removed if necessary. This is easy to do – you need to use simple door hinges of the right size. This is done so that you can clean your pet in the booth. There are cases when the dog will need veterinary care. In this case, you can not do without a removable roof.

How to make a booth warm?

We need to make sure that the dog was warm in the booth. It will be necessary to warm the walls of the building. For thermal insulation, you can use the usual mineral wool. Top need to put a layer of glassine. The roof of the booth is insulated in a similar way. If desired, the roof can be insulated with other roofing materials (roofing felt, slate, galvanized). In the end you can paint the structure with oil paint.

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In order for the booth to stand for many years, it is necessary to treat wood with an antiseptic before beginning construction. Then the booth will be resistant to the action of harmful microorganisms and moisture.

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