August 21, 2019

How To Make A Dog House

How To Make A Dog House

  • Required: a dog, boards, nails, a hammer and compassion for the animal

How to make a box, every self-respecting man knows after school work lessons. Just in our example, it should be a little more. If you assume that in the near future the dog will be at least 70 cm at the withers, then the box, that is, the booth, should be “for growth”.
Optimal: a height of 120 cm, a depth of 100 cm, a width of 120 cm. A dog does not need a shell, it needs its own house, where it will languish on long winter nights, guarding your property and peace.
Caution: all nails hammered inside must be carefully folded!
For bedding, as usual, you can use old blankets. It is even better to upholster the walls of the booth with blankets from the inside, on the eve of severe cold. Provide a blanket cover in front of the entrance to keep warm and prevent the penetration of cold and snow.
Attention! Do not forget to regularly, at least once a month, clean the booth and air the litter.

Optimally: the outside of the booth should be covered with roofing paper, and also upholstered with a tin, it is an excellent protection from rain and rotting wood.

How To Make A Dog House

How To Make A Dog House

  • – carton box size 40×40 cm;
  • – a piece of felt;
  • – warm litter.


How To Make A Dog House

Large or small

The model and configuration of the beds depends on the size of your pet, temperament and even sleep patterns. Before you go shopping or start making yourself, pay attention to how your dog prefers to sleep. If you often come across a “bagel” under your feet, stop choosing a round bench with sides. For dogs that rest, stretching at full length, it is better to purchase a mattress, lounger, cushion or sofa.

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For miniature dogs, which, with a slight decrease in temperature, freeze, fit the house closed from the sides and on top.

Before buying, measure your pet in a sleeping state, add 20 cm to the received number, this will be the optimal size of the bed.

Types of beds

Mattresses are convenient because they fit compactly in a corner, inside a carrier or a cell. Choose a model made of soft material and covered from the outside with a washable, durable nylon fabric.

Dogs-mothers with their babies need protection and reliability, for them it is better to choose a bed with sides. The same design will delight the "oldies" who love to put the face on the side.

The cots are similar to a human bed. Structurally, it is a metal frame covered with durable fabric. This lounger will be appreciated by a pet who likes to climb onto the master’s bed.

Sun beds without boards can become a comfortable sleeping place for dogs of large breeds and those that have a confident, bold disposition.

If your pet requires protection from cold and drafts, install loungers and sofas with backs. At the same time, the dog will be safe and able to view the room.

Plastic lounger looks like a basin. Its advantage lies in its resistance to mechanical damage and dirt. It is also perfect for those pets who all strive to try "to the tooth." To make the animal comfortable in it, the structure is supplied with a soft cotton pillow or a thin mattress.

Place the installation so that it was a secluded corner, but at the same time allowed to observe what is happening. It is possible to protect from drafts of the four-legged friend, if you place a berth 8 cm above the floor level. Beds, cabins and mattresses should not be located near the batteries, balcony, electrical appliances and at the front door.

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