July 10, 2019

How To Make A Dog House

In this article you will learn how to make a dog booth, standards for its construction.

For guard-type dogs that arrive in the open air for almost a year, they naturally need their own “living space”. Remember that before starting construction work, it is recommended to choose the most suitable location. This is a very important point. Try to choose a place so that the booth is located in such a way that a full review of the entire territory of the yard opens up in front of your pets, and he feels himself the owner of this land. Another important criterion for choosing a site for construction is that it always had a dry microclimate, as well as a sufficient amount of sun or light rays. In addition, it should be in a shady area is necessary in order for your pet to have shelter during the hot summer heat.

Remember that when thinking about the approximate size of the future kennel, you must be based on the size of the future tenant. In the booth it is necessary to create a spatial balance so that the dog is both comfortable and not too spacious. Because if the space is very large in winter, the dog will be more prone to cold and, accordingly, will often freeze.

How to make a dog house. Dog size

Before you begin to think about the plan of the future house should measure the parameters of your pet, and then act according to the following rules:

  1. In order to determine the optimum width of the manhole, it is necessary to measure the width of the chest of the pet and then add another 8 centimeters.
  2. The height of the manhole is determined by the height of the dog to the withers, and then you must subtract 5 centimeters.
  3. The total width of the kennel will be equal to the length of the dog from the nose to the end of the tail. This size of the booth is done to ensure that the pet was able to freely stretch out in length.
  4. The height of the box is identical to the height of the dog.
  5. Depth approximately equal to height.
How To Make A Dog House

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All the above parameters can be slightly exceeded, but it is strongly not recommended to reduce them, as this will create a dog with unnecessary tightness and discomfort.

Building materials

When choosing building materials, purchase only those that have a very high level of environmental safety. Mainly for the construction of booths used various wood species. According to general standards, the construction process of a booth is made to start from the floor, knocking down a shield approximately 35 mm thick and hanging it at a height of 12 centimeters above sea level. To insulate the booth, it is possible to specially build double walls, filling the void between them with special insulators. For small dogs, a small platform should be made before entering the booth.

How To Make A Dog House

Now you know how to make a dog house with your own hands. As you can see it is not difficult. One has only to apply a little desire and skill so that your four-legged friend “lives” in comfortable conditions, and faithfully serves you!

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