August 31, 2019

How To Make A Dog House According To The Scheme

Our life can not be imagined without animals, animals complement and bring diversity to our life. But we can hardly find a better and more reliable friend for a man than a dog. It was the dog who helped people get food while hunting or to protect the house from uninvited guests. A dog, like any creature, needs a home and, unfortunately, not every dog ​​can be brought into human housing, but in order for our friend to be comfortable and warm, we need a special dog house-kennel or, as it is commonly called, a booth.

To put it bluntly, a dog cannot build a house for itself, and you have hands and a head, which probably work more productively than your pet, so we need to help her with this. To build a dog booth you do not need to have special skills in carpentry or construction craft.

So, how do we start building a doghouse? First of all, we need to find a place. The main place we have chosen should be dry and sunny.

Site selection and preliminary measurements

It is imperative that the place where the booth will be located after construction should be spacious so that our pet can move freely around its kennel. The kennel must be strong, that is, the roof and walls must withstand strong gusts of wind. In order that during precipitation the water could slide down from the roof of the booth, the roof should be made single or gable.

There is a small trick that we can use when building a kennel for a dog with our own hands – under the roof you can make a small attic where we can put our dog’s toys. If we want a dog to protect and our human home it should be located closer to the house.

In order to begin construction, first of all, we need to transfer our thoughts about the construction to paper, that is, we need a drawing. Before you start building a dog house with your own hands, we need to pay attention to the size of your pet, who will live in a kennel. Dogs in size and depending on the breeds are small, medium and large. For example, for a large dog, such as a German shepherd, we need the size of a booth 1360x1020x930mm and a manhole 420x620mm. For an average Labrador type dog, the dimensions will be approximately 1155x755x805, laz-350×500. For smaller breeds of dogs such as Chihuahua, the dimensions should be approximately as follows: 710x560x610mm, laz-310-410mm.

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In order to choose the right size, when building a dog house with our own hands, we need to pay attention to some subtleties and take them into account in our work. When collecting the width of the manhole, measure the width of the dog’s chest and add to the values ​​obtained 5-9 cm. The height of the booth should correspond to the height of the dog at the withers plus 5-9 cm.

Materials used

How To Make A Dog House According To The Scheme

Let us turn to the technical part of the building. Let’s start with the material that we will use. For the main material is best to take solid wood – bars. Since the booth is, in fact, a dog’s living space, the dog will spend a lot of his personal time in it.

Speaking jokingly, in order to provide the dog with comfort, we need a moisture-resistant material that will not need to be treated with chemicals, since they can have a negative effect on the dog. Depression, of course, may not start (at least at first), but this effect on health will not be the most positive. An example of such a good, durable, moisture-resistant material – pine.

To build any structure to us surely need tools, such as:

  1. drill,
  2. saw,
  3. hammer,
  4. screwdriver.

To mark the size we need:

During the assembly we are also very helpful nails and screws.

The booth should not be placed on bare ground, since it can quickly rot, so the surface needs to be prepared. Remove the soil, remove all vegetation and build a foundation. The foundation can be made of bricks with the addition of cement mortar.

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Technical details of construction

To assemble the roof you will need to make a frame that is knocked out of pine bars and put foam between the bars for better thermal insulation. Then a sheet of plywood is put on top, plywood should protrude at 25-30mm. This will help us in protecting the walls from excessive moisture.

So, since the roof is the main protection against precipitation, it must therefore be sheathed with some kind of waterproofing, which you can choose at your discretion. The floor or bottom should preferably be solid, a piece of plywood will do. The walls should be made in the form of two smaller walls, between which the heat insulation should be laid, which you can choose at your discretion. It is very important to cover the insulation with parchment. In order for the walls and other parts of our doghouse to stand as long as possible, they should be treated with antifungal agent.

Walls must be sheathed with something; ordinary wall paneling is well suited for this purpose. When covering the doghouse, it is best to use galvanized nails as fasteners, the caps of which should be drowned in the board to increase the safety level of your dog. The trim should be chosen better, because we need not only a solid and reliable dog kennel, but also an attractive from a design point of view. For example, for a more harmonious look, you can use cladding, which is used on your home or paint a booth in the color of your home. It is not recommended to sheathe the dog’s booth with iron, because during the summer, the sun will bake the iron and the dog will be hot.

Now the booth is almost ready, at best, it coincides with the drawing that you made at the very beginning. But we have to discuss the entrance to the dog kennel – Laz. It needs to be closed with a curtain of tarpaulin, but with strong gusts of wind, the curtain may open. To prevent this, we need to make a sewed on the inside of the curtain of several bags of sand.

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So we were able to build a dog house, let’s calculate how much materials were left: clapboard, plywood, sand, brick, nails, cement, foam plastic, mineral wool (insulation), antiseptic impregnation, bars, tarpaulin. As you can see, we did not have to use expensive materials, but the booth turned out to be quite durable and reliable. In conclusion, there was the last pending question. How do we care for a dog kennel?

Aftercare for a kennel

One of the most important aspects of kennel care is staining. It reduces the effects of cracking and parasite beetles. Paint should be chosen as less toxic as possible so that your dog is happy and does not have a headache. The best time to paint is summer. It is also necessary to check your dog’s kennel for stability every year. When choosing methods and care products for the dog’s booth, you should never save money, because the health and life of your pet depends on it. A well-made booth made of good materials will stand at least 7-8 years, and good care will only prolong the life.

After a step-by-step review of the construction of a dog house with your own hands, it can be concluded that the construction of a kennel is not so difficult, it all depends on your attitude. If you really love your dog, then with pleasure and enthusiasm you will carry out the construction of the kennel. Do not forget that the drawing may be different, it all depends on your imagination and creativity. A booth can be not only a home for your dog, but also a great decoration of your territory, so try to make the booth as beautiful and original as possible.

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