July 19, 2019

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

The dog is not only a good protector, but also a wonderful friend who will never let you be bored. In order for the animal to feel comfortable, you need to take care of the booth, where the dog could hide in the cold from the cold and warm up, as well as in the heat to hide from the scorching sun and cool. Of course, on the market now you can buy a lot of different booths, but it is much cheaper and, perhaps even better, to make a booth with your own hands from scrap materials.

Dog house requirements

Consider the general requirements that must be considered when building a home for a dog:

  • The booth should be located not lower than the general ground level, where the suburban area is located.
  • When you decide on a place, make sure that the dwelling is slightly raised, as if standing on legs, at least 10 cm. This is necessary in order to protect the dog from insects that can penetrate into the building. The best option is considered a 50-centimeter height, so you will be able to provide a shelter for your dog that will be protected from the scorching summer sun.
  • If the dog is on a chain, then make sure that there are no high vegetation or foreign objects near the structure, to which the dog will cling to a tether.
  • If the dog is on the street all year round, it is recommended to take care of good insulation of the dwelling in order to ensure a comfortable wintering for the animal. If for the winter the dog is taken into the house, then you should not worry too much about this.
  • Select materials for the home, which will be harmless to the health of the dog. The most popular material for the construction of buildings are wooden boards, because they do not heat up much in the summer and do not cool down much in the winter.
  • Wood is recommended to choose coniferous because it is more reliable, and also releases substances that will scare away harmful insects. DSP is not recommended for use, because it is toxic and not sufficiently moisture resistant.
  • If you plan to paint the house after its construction, it is recommended to do it only outside, because the paint can be toxic to the dog and cause irreparable harm to the health of the animal.
How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

How to make a booth

Now that we have fully understood the requirements for an animal home, consider how to build a dog house with your own hands.

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Material and tools

In order to make a home you will need the following materials and tools:

  • 120 mm 50 mm board for the main frame of the booth.
  • Plywood.
  • 100 mm 20 mm board for the roof of the building.
  • Imitation of a bar for covering housing.
  • Insulation – foam 100 mm.
  • Any foam material for floor insulation.
  • Polyethylene foam 3 mm to protect the home from the wind.
  • Nails – 60 mm, hammer, sharp knife, self-tapping screws, tape measure, saw, screwdriver, furniture stapler.
  • Impregnation for wood from moisture and rotting.
  • Sandpaper to mop imitation lumber for smoothness.
  • Plinth, for interior flooring and roof rim.
  • Door hinges for the roof so that you can open it.
  • The angle for framing joints.
  • Polyethylene pipes for roof insulation.
How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

Calculations and drawings

The dwelling should be spacious enough, but at the same time not very large so that the dog can warm up during the winter period. To make a dog house with your own hands, you can use the drawings and sizes that need to be calculated from the measurements of the dog.

When the animal is in a lying state, measure the distance from withers to the tips of the paws and add 15 cm to this indicator, so you will get the depth of the booth.

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

To determine the height of the booth, measure the growth of the animal and add 10 cm to the result.

Based on the data obtained, it is necessary to draw up a drawing of the booth, thanks to which you will be able to more accurately determine the dimensions of the dog’s dwelling.

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

The drawing of the dwelling can be developed independently, depending on personal preferences, and also, so that it fits the general concept of the yard. A doghouse with your own hands can also be made according to the finished drawing.

Making the bottom

It is recommended to start building the structure from the bottom, because it will be the basis on which all other parts of the dwelling will be fixed as a result.

In order to make the bottom, you need to cut a 120mm 50mm board, according to the dimensions that you previously indicated on the drawing. Further, all the cut parts of the board are knocked together into a large rectangle, which is divided in the middle by a slat, using a hammer and 60 mm nails.

On top of this structure, a rectangle of plywood, pre-cut according to the dimensions in the drawing, is also attached with a hammer and 60 mm nails.

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

The resulting construction is turned over with plywood downwards and the insulation and fitting of the empty parts of the structure with the help of any foam insulation is carried out.

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Heater should be cut in such a way that it tightly went into the voids and completely filled them.

From above on a heater we sew the prepared rectangular part of plywood, which completely closes the upper part of the bottom. It is also recommended to nail the entire structure with 60 mm nails.

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

When the bottom is fully prepared, it is necessary to cover it with impregnation, which will prevent the tree from absorbing moisture and rotting.

We build a frame

Further, in accordance with the drawing, it is necessary to make the walls in a similar way, like the bottom of a booth. To make it clearer how to do this, consider carefully the photo.

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

We install walls

After all the walls are ready, you must begin to mount them to the base of the structure. To do this, use a screwdriver and screws. This manipulation is shown in the picture below.

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

When all the walls are connected, use the 100 mm board to make the front wall of the booth, that is, the part where the dog will go.

Also with the help of this board it is necessary to trim the upper part of the booth on which the roof will be mounted.

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

Next, you need using plywood to make the front wall trim from the inside.

Foam insulation

When the frame is completely ready, you should begin to insulate it by putting the cut parts of the foam into the empty openings of the booth walls.


When all the preparatory work is completed, you can move on to the casing, for this measure and cut the imitation of the beam, in accordance with the size of the booth.

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

It is necessary to begin to mount an imitation of a timber from the bottom of the structure, when the first board is attached from the bottom, you should insert the next board into the slots and only then fix it with screws, and so on, up to the top.

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do


The lid should be made in the same way as the walls, that is, put together a rectangle, the bottom of which should be hammered with plywood, then tightly filled with foam.

In order to be able to attach the door hinges on the roof, it is necessary to take care of the stiffener, which is done with the help of slats, at an equidistant distance from the edges of the roof.

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

Sew another part of the plywood on top, then you should lubricate the finished cover with impregnation. When the impregnation is dry, it is necessary to proceed to the lining of imitation timber. The cover is attached to the main part of the booth on the door hinges, which are attached to the stiffener with screws.

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Arrangement and painting

When the booth lining is complete, it is necessary to lubricate the imitation of the bar with one layer of impregnation and wait for it to dry out well. Next, you should go through the sandpaper over the entire surface of the booth to remove roughness, and then once again cover it with impregnation.

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

It is also recommended to make the insulation along the first contour with the help of polyethylene foam in the form of tubes and sheathe the entire perimeter of the part that the lid touches when closing.

The area under the cover can be trimmed with plinth, which will prevent the ingress of snow and protect from the wind.

The inside of the booth can also be painted by impregnation, but it is important to choose a tool that will be safe for the animal. Joints of the floor with walls can be trimmed with plinth, so that micro gaps can be closed.

How To Make A Dog House And What You Need To Do

Also, the booth on the outside is framed by a corner for a more aesthetic look; you can also frame the entrance frame for the dog.

Where to place the booth?

In order for the dog in the booth to feel comfortable, care should be taken to find the right location for the dwelling:

  • Pick up the necessary place so that the whole yard is visible from the booth.
  • It is recommended to place the booth in a place that will be as protected from the wind as possible.
  • The dwelling for the dog should not be located close to other dwellings of domestic animals, that is, place it away from the hen house, the shed where the domestic animals live, so that the dog does not suffer from the fumes of the waste products.

Thus, we considered how to make a dog house with our own hands using a specific scheme, which consists in the phased production of parts of the dwelling.

The main thing in this business is to follow the instructions and do not rush., and do everything conscientiously, so that the dog was cozy and comfortable in a personal new home.

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