September 4, 2019

How To Make A Dog House At Home

How To Make A Dog House At Home
How To Make A Dog House At Home

How To Make A Dog House At Home
How To Make A Dog House At Home

Virtually every dog ​​owner living in a private house sooner or later faces the problem of building a home for their pet. Let’s figure out how to make a booth with your own hands.

Bottom of the booth

We start from the bottom. Saw off two bars with a length equal to the width of the booth, for example, 40×40 cm. On the bars we sew a board and turn over the resulting structure. We install four bars in the corners with a length equal to the height of the booth, for example, 100×100 cm an additional 45mm. At the location of the entrance, we install two beams of 40×40 cm. We also fix intermediate posts equal in length to the internal height of the booth on which the ceiling will hold. We sheathe the outside of the booth clapboard.

Ceiling booth

Cover-ceiling must be removable to facilitate cleaning in the kennel. We make the ceiling warm. Again, we use cubes of 40×40 cm. On the perimeter heaped out of them we sew a sheet of plywood corresponding in size.

If the kennel is quite large, we cut intermediate bars in the middle so that the ceiling does not sag. The resulting construction is carpeted with glass roofing and insulated from the inside with mineral wool or foam. From above we sew the second sheet of plywood.

Waterproofing of the bottom of the booth

We put the construction on its side and saturate the bottom of the booth with antiseptic "pinotex" or "senezh". We fix the roofing material with a stipler and nail two bars 100×50 cm to the bottom for additional ventilation and warming. Bars are also covered with antiseptic.

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Wall and floor insulation

The bottom of the booth is carpeled with glass cloth using a stapler. Then put a layer of insulation and glassine again. If the booth is large, nail additional reinforcing bars to the bottom. We nail the finishing floor. Do the same with the walls of the kennel. A plywood sheet is nailed to the floor, and a fillet in the corners and on the bottom of the booth. Finally, we make a frame for the manhole and the threshold.


We start with the manufacture of gables booths. We make the perimeters of 40×40 cm bars that we sheathe clapboard, and inside with glass asphalt. To make a removable roof, the ends of the corner bars of the doghouse do not completely hammer in nails with a diameter of 7-10 mm. To prevent the bars from cracking, we pre-drill holes for them. Cut down the cap. On the resulting pins, we fit the gables, where we pre-drill holes for the pins. Install gables in their places. Now you need to build the roof sheathing. It will be more convenient to do the crate in place.

However, you should first set the gables vertically. We fasten the crate, which we produce from a cut board or lining; we do not forget to foresee the issues in front and behind. At the ends of the crate we beat the lining of the lining, and at the bottom – we make a slab of ordinary plywood.

We block roofing with roofing material and install shingles, which we fix with staples. Outside, we paint the finished booth with pinotex. Inside should not be painted, so that the dog is not poisoned.

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Make a dog house at home with a certain skill will not be difficult. The booth is ready – we put it in its place and you can start the tailed host!

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