August 26, 2019

How To Make A Dog House Do-It-Yourself Options

The dog is not only a friend of a person, but also an excellent security guard, whose services a few private owners do not care about. She serves all year round, all 24 hours a day and at the same time does not require anything other than food, a good attitude on the part of the owner and some elementary conditions of detention. In particular, to make the dog feel comfortable, it will need a small house – a booth. We will talk about it in this article, in which, together with the site, we will deal with the question of how to make a dog booth with our own hands – we will consider various options for its manufacture.

How To Make A Dog House Do-It-Yourself Options

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How to make a dog house with their own hands: the standard version

What is the standard version of the doghouse? This is a small house made of boards – this is the easiest and most affordable option for everyone. Such a booth protects the animal exclusively from rain and wind, but not from the bitter cold. Some people say that it is, on the contrary, good – when the dog is cold, she sleeps lightly and does not miss a single moment to warm up, reacting even to the weakest sound. Maybe this is right, but if we are talking about a person’s friend, then this approach to business is not very acceptable. Basically, you decide.

How to make a dog house of such a plan? The technology of its manufacture is very simple and for its implementation nothing is needed except nails, planks and a hammer. You can submit it in the form of the following sequence of works.

  1. First the bottom is made. An ordinary rectangular wooden shield is a set of wide boards located close to each other and fastened with a pair of transverse bars. There is even nothing to tell here – we just cut the boards into the required size and pack them into two parallel boards that are located relative to each other. They should be on the edges of the shield.
  2. Side walls. The principle of their manufacture is exactly the same as at the bottom. There are practically no nuances here either. Two shields, hammered in the manner described above, are nailed to the bottom from the side or from above – by and large, there is no difference here.
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How To Make A Dog House Do-It-Yourself Options

How to make a dog house from the photo boards

How To Make A Dog House Do-It-Yourself Options

How to make a dog house from improvised photo

And the final stage of solving the issue of how to make a dog house out of boards is the manufacture of a door. The principle is the same – the boards left after cutting the entrance hole are fastened together with bridges, after which the resulting shield is mounted on the loops and supplied with a locking mechanism in the form of a hook and eyelet. This and the whole dog house from the boards – before placing the dog there, do not forget to throw a wadded sweatshirt to the bottom. She will help to survive the most frosting of the most devoted man’s friend.

How to make a dog house: insulated design

Insulated dog house differs from the standard version only in that it has double walls, between which is a heater insulation, namely its presence and dictates the technology of manufacturing such a booth. Let’s face it – it is significantly different from the above option, but, nevertheless, it still remains simple and accessible for independent implementation. Let’s get acquainted with this technology in more detail. To present a solution to the question of how to build a warmed dog house with your own hands, it is possible in the form of the following sequence of works.

  1. Frame booth. In fact, it is a parallelepiped, assembled from a wooden bar with a section of 20 by 30 mm or so. This is not exactly a parallelepiped, since its top needs to be slightly mowed – it will have a laid roof, which requires a slope to drain water. Such a design is going to be elementary – it is best to twist the timber with screws, but you can knock them down with nails.
  2. The lining of the frame from the inside. It is better to use plywood or OSB for the inner lining of the resulting structure – these materials will greatly facilitate the construction of the doghouse. Everything is also quite simple here – we take the dimensions from the inside of the frame, transfer them to the OSB sheet or plywood and cut out the resulting figure with a jigsaw, then fasten it from the inside of the frame. In this way, the bottom of the booth, side, rear, front walls and the roof are upholstered – in general, round. The only thing we should not forget about is the entrance, which will also need to be cut in the front wall – for ease of operation, it is better to leave the front end for last. You can’t do it differently.
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How To Make A Dog House Do-It-Yourself Options

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And completes the work on the manufacture of such a heated dog house, as in the previous case, the manufacture of the door. Here, as you wish, you can make it double and with insulation, or you can just from the board or the same wall paneling. By the way, I made a little mistake with the door – it is not the last stage, besides it, you also need to think about waterproofing the roof (standardly, you can glue it with roofing paper or upholster with shingles that will make the booth more attractive), as well as lower supports. The booth should be slightly raised above the ground so that the wood does not rot so intensively.

How To Make A Dog House Do-It-Yourself Options

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In conclusion of the topic I will say a few words about alternative solutions for making a doghouse with your own hands. As you understand, it can be built not only by the methods described above and not only from wood and its sheet substitute. Quite often, a shelter for a house guard is made of brick or some other block material. Some pet lovers even warm the booths in the manner of the facade of the house – what’s more, they warm it, they even heat it so that their beloved pet lives warmly and comfortably.

That’s how things are with the question of how to make a dog booth with your own hands? Naturally, the easiest and most affordable way is to make it from boards, but you already see for yourself – you see it necessary to make a capital booth with an aviary, then, of course, it will be better to use a brick. It should be understood that it will be impossible to rearrange a similar box later – if the need arises, it will have to be broken and then built in a new place.

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