August 9, 2019

How To Make A Dog House Do-It-Yourself Tips

How To Make A Dog House Do-It-Yourself Tips

When your dog lives with you in an apartment, she does not need to equip a separate place to stay, it is enough just to make a certain corner. However, dogs do not like to spend time locked up, and you will have to go out with the animal when it wants.

Another question – a dog in the private sector or in the country. Here your four-legged pet will spend time on the street almost all the time. Not all owners agree that the animal should live in the house, and agree that for a dog you need to build your own home, that is, a booth.

And how to make a dog house with your own hands and what is required for this, we will tell you below. It is not as difficult as it may seem at first. For construction you can use any available materials. These are boards, plywood, bars and another, they should be pre-equipped with protection against leakage during rain.

How to choose the size of the booth

Before you begin work, you need to first determine the dimensions of the future home of your dog, which you will do with your own hands. For this you need to know the breed, and the limits of the growth of the animal. If the dog will not grow anymore, then when you make your own drawings consider the following parameters:

  • the depth of the structure should be commensurate with the length of the animal, from the tip of the nose to the tail with a small gap;
  • width depends on the height of the dog to the tips of the ears plus a gap of about five centimeters;
  • The width of the manhole is determined by measuring the chest of the animal plus a few centimeters;
  • height – just above the height of the dog.

If the booth will be constructed for a small puppy that will grow, then it is better to be safe, find out the parameters of an adult animal of this breed on the Internet and take them as a basis when drawing up a drawing of the booth with your own hands.

Remember that the size of the booth should not be "butt". The dog should be comfortable rest in it and sleep. To prevent the animal from blowing in strong winds and do not receive drops of heavy rain, it is better to position the hole not in the middle of the front of the booth, but on the edge.

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If for the region where you live, strong winds are a constant phenomenon, then it is recommended to make a two-chamber booth. To do this, at the design stage, take these tips into account:

  • multiply the width in two and make two compartments from the inside, placing a partition between them;
  • make two holes in the booth, from the front and from the side of the wall.

How to arrange the booth in the yard

To make the animal as comfortable as possible, consider when choosing an installation site booths such tips:

  • so that the structure does not fall into a puddle after the rain, install it on an elevation;
  • the booth should not be near the pond;
  • it should not be entirely in the shade, but should also be illuminated by the sun’s rays in moderation;
  • do not place it near the places where other pets live;
  • do not plant flowers near the booth;
  • To install the structure, choose a place with a good view angle;
  • the place should not be heavily purged.

If, in addition to the booth, you have a separate enclosure for the animal, then it should be installed on its territory. In addition, the aviary is also desirable to equip the canopy.

Do-it-yourself booth design

Canine housing can be equipped with a flat roof, which, if desired, can climb an animal, or a gable, by analogy with the style of other buildings on your site.

If you stop at the flat version, then remember that the roof in this case must be very durable so that it can bear the weight of your dog. In any case, it must hold the weight of snow in winter. As a rule, for the manufacture of the roof with their own hands for the booth they use solid flooring of boards or plywood, and on top they cover with some material for the roof (remnants of slate or metal tile).

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When working with a roof, remember that its slope should be designed in such a way as to allow water to flow freely, and it itself should be stable with respect to the dog’s claws.

It is advisable to build a booth with your own hands so that its design is collapsible. So it will be easier to periodically clean and process fleas or ticks. This includes, in particular, a structure with a removable roof or with removable other parts of the booth.

The booth must not be installed directly on the ground, otherwise the floor will start to rot quickly. It is best to first put the flooring of the boards, between which air will circulate, and on top of it already put the booth. When the flooring is damaged, the boards will need to be replaced with new ones.

Is it necessary to warm the booth and what

The question of whether to warm your dog’s home depends on how cold it is in the fall or winter in your area. If there is a need for warming, then usually foam or mineral wool is usually used for this. A booth made of boards or plywood should be insulated on both sides, but there is no need to equip the construction of 10 cm thick bars with insulators. But to insulate the floor and the roof will not be superfluous.

Build a doghouse do it yourself

For the construction of a dog house with their own hands, the best thing would be use only natural materials, in particular, wood, preferably conifers.

You will need lining for external cladding with a diameter of 12.5 mm. Also prepare chipboard, plywood, batten and sticks of different sizes. To make the outer corners of the booth and create a certain decor you will need a corner of wood, decorative slats and a symmetrical plinth.

As mentioned earlier, for the insulation of the booth you will need mineral wool, foam plastic or glassine, and for the roof prepare a slate or a professional sheet. But the roofing material or shingles for the booth will not work, because the animal has a habit of gnawing the roof, and they will be dangerous to its health.

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To work on the construction of a dog house do it yourself. Prepare this list of tools:

  • hammer;
  • roulette;
  • building level;
  • shovel;
  • pencil or marker;
  • saw;
  • galvanized nails;
  • paint;
  • hacksaw;
  • linseed oil;
  • antiseptic for wood impregnation.

Build a dog house with their own hands

Now that you have taken into account all the useful tips on building such a small, but important for your pet building, and stocked with all the materials and tools, you can get to work. The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • To begin, cut the boards. Remember that if the roof is planned to be single-pitch, then the rear walls of the booth will be shorter than the front ones. This is to ensure that the structure is protected from getting wet in the rain;
  • prepare wooden bars for the frame. Their length should be a little more conceived, it is better to trim them if necessary, than to take new ones, in case they are too short;
  • make a frame out of the bars according to a pre-prepared drawing;
  • take the boards and frame them inside the frame, first sanding them. The roof is better to start doing right away;
  • make a hole in the booth on the front wall and process its ends;
  • warm the floor, walls and roof with specially prepared material, and fix the upper part of the plank wall from the wall panel or chipboard from the top of the heater. It is best to use wood siding;
  • seal all the gaps and seams so that the booth is not blown, and the dog is inside as comfortable as possible. For sealing should be used slats, baseboards, glazing beads and other materials, preferably made of wood;
  • proceed to the roof. It is best to use slate sheets.

When the booth is ready, process it from all sides. antiseptic and set on a pre-prepared tub of bricks or wooden boards. Then paint it and wait until it dries.

Congratulations, you made a home with your own hands for your four-legged pet. It remains to run it inside and pay attention to his behavior. Surely your dog will be very pleased with this housewarming.

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