July 12, 2019

How To Make A Dog House Frame Option, Canopy For Design

Various options for the protection of the territory of a country house or suburban area are available to modern residents of our country. In spite of this, many people prefer to entrust their property to the cares of a live guard – a dog. Living an animal on the territory of the land is associated with a number of problems. One of them is the organization of the place of residence. Our article will be devoted to how to make a booth for your dog on your own with minimum time, effort and money.

Before you begin to work on the manufacture of a doghouse pay special attention to the size and age of your pet. If the dog is small and very young, specify its possible size in the future, characteristic of dogs of this breed. If your caretaker has reached the optimum size of his suit, design the house based on these characteristics. In the room the dog should not be cramped, but also excessive freedom is also useless, especially in the winter period.

After determining the main design dimensions, it is necessary to ensure the construction process with a sufficient amount of building materials and connecting elements. To manufacture the base frame, purchase several bars with a cross section of 70 × 70 or 100 × 100 millimeters, depending on the required structural strength and size. We will make a skeleton of walls from planks with a section of 30 × 120 millimeters. For the decoration of the walls of the future dog house outside and inside can be useful sheet-like materials made of wood, such as plywood or OSB plates. They can be replaced by planed edged boards made of pine or spruce with a cross section of 20 × 100 millimeters. Assembling the frame is convenient to perform using screws on a tree of sufficient length. Cladding of walls and floor can also be performed on screws or with nails.

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Base doghouse

We start making the booth from the bottom. Make a sturdy frame of timber with a cross section of 100 × 100 millimeters, connecting the parts in the corners with self-tapping screws, inserting them into the pre-drilled holes.

To support the flooring, install in the frame two transverse boards at the level of the top layer of the bars. To protect the base material, treat it with a moisture-absorbing compound.

Carcass for dog

The next stage is the installation of the framework of the walls and the roof of the building. We perform it with the help of parts from boards with a section of 30 × 120. run in pairs of end and side walls of equal size and connect in the corners as shown in the photo below.

Do not forget to install several vertical posts in each wall of the booth and connect them with transverse details. This will create additional structural strength and will help with wall cladding.

Roof and trim box dog

To make a gable roof, make several triangular trusses and fix them on the upper bars of the side walls. The tops of the trusses are connected by a common longitudinal ridge.

The next stage of work is the sheathing of the frame with moisture-proof material. File the material of your choice to the size of the walls and roof of the roof and fix it at the destination with screws using a screwdriver. At the same time, it is necessary to begin with finishing the interior of the house, and finish with the exterior trim and installation of the roof. In order to ensure optimal conditions for the animal during the winter period, it is recommended to put rolled or sheet insulation between the layers of the lining of the kennel.

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The final stage is the final decoration of the building. If there is a large number of buildings in the same style on the site, try to finish the booth with a four-legged guard in accordance with the general architectural ensemble. For this, various wood turning products left over from work in other buildings, as well as various dyes can be used.

How To Make A Dog House Frame Option, Canopy For Design

Option doghouse with a shed

The technology of building a dog house described by us is not the only one. This structure has a large number of different options. Another type of booth in a simpler version can be made in the form of a parallelepiped, covered with boards and having a single or flat roof.

It is much faster and easier to build such a kennel, but living there will not be comfortable enough for an animal, especially in the winter period. In the presence of such a facility, we suggest to make a canopy above the booth to protect the dog from wind, rain and cold.

The best option would be to use one of the walls of the existing structure on the site. Secure the support board from the outside, and opposite the wall, at a distance of several meters, build two pillars of wood, after processing the underground part.

Connect the pillars and the plank on the wall of the building with bars with a cross section of at least 30 × 120 mm., Which will play the role of the basis of the roof of the canopy of the doghouse. For reinforcement, we recommend installing another bar between them, with the second end resting on the cross member fixed between the pillars.

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After that, sheathe the outer wall of the canopy with edged boards, and perform the sheathing of the roof with the same material in steps of 30 to 40 millimeters. After that, cover the roof with any available roofing material, such as metal, professional sheet or unduline, as in our example. Install a booth under a shed, providing your pet free access to his home.

To finish the canopy and protect the structure from the effects of atmospheric moisture, coat the exterior of the sheathed wall with a protective compound, such as stain, pinotex or aquatex. These materials not only perform a protective function, but also give a beautiful appearance to wood products, imitating various species.

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