July 25, 2019

How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

It is possible to make a dog box from improvised material in just a few hours. It is important to correctly calculate the dimensions of the future dog’s home, so that for her it would be comfortable there in any weather and at any time of the year.

How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

A self-made dog kennel can serve as a decorative element on the garden plot, if you consider the original design of the structure and decorate it beautifully.

Construction drawing

To make a dog house properly, you need to find sizes and shapes suitable for your dog. You do not need to plan a very complex structure – the use of various protrusions, ladders, partitions, will simply prevent your pet from getting comfortable. It is best to make an ordinary rectangular booth with a lean-to roof and a side entrance, on a flat roof your dog, if desired, will bask in the sun. It is necessary to make a single wall or roof removable, this will make it possible to quickly and easily clean the internal surfaces of the structure and disinfect the booth.

How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

Dimensions of the structure should be calculated taking into account the size and needs of a particular dog, for this reason, when making a sketch, measure your dog – his height at the withers, full height, chest width, distance from the start of the tail to the nose.

Dimensions of the booth

After measurements, you can calculate the dimensions of the future design of the booth:

  • the height and width of the structure should exceed the height of the dog by 5 cm;
  • the depth of the design is 5 cm longer than your dog;
  • entry width is 5 cm longer than the dog’s chest;
  • The height of the entrance should be 5 cm higher than the height of the dog at the withers.

To calculate the size of the booth, designed for a puppy, you will need to use the information from special directories. After calculations, an approximate design drawing is applied to the paper, and all dimensions are applied to it. Next you need to use something for the manufacture of booths. Most often they do their own hands a dog house out of boards – this natural, environmentally friendly material is inexpensive, it is convenient to work with it. It is advisable to choose boards made from coniferous species.

How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

The material before work must be well cleaned, removing all the burrs from it, otherwise your dog can injure his paws. And it is better to soak wood with different compositions at the end of the work, and to cover the booth only outside, artificial odors can cause irritation in the animal. For this reason, your dog may not want to live in this booth.

Assembly of a structure with a lean-to roof

Many dogs on a sunny day with pleasure lie on the roof of the booth, for this reason it would be better to make a dog booth from boards with a lean-to roof. It is necessary to make the roof at a small angle and be sure to consider the possibility of removing it if necessary – it is easier to clean the inside and disinfect the inner surfaces of the booth. In order for the dog to be warm in the cold, the building needs to be well warmed, it is convenient to do this during assembly.

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How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

Lase is desirable to preserve heat cut through the wide side of the structure, shifting it to one side. So the wind will not blow inside, and the dog will have a cozy place to sleep.

Creation of the bottom

The length and width of the bottom prepare bars 40×40 mm, laid out on level ground and connect into a rectangle all the parts with self-tapping screws. If you have a big dog, then it is desirable to strengthen the frame with transverse rails. After that, the frame on one side of the structure is covered with boards.

Floor insulation

The finished frame is laid down with a trim. The inner surface is covered with glass mat, after which the pieces of foam are cut to size and placed between the bars. The thickness of the heat insulating layer should be the same as the thickness of the bars. Foam cover on top of the second layer of glassine and nailed floorboards.

Frame assembly

They divide into several parts a bar with a section of 100×100 mm – 2 equal to the height of the booth, the second 2 are more than 7–10 cm. Prepared bars should be fixed vertically at the corners of the booth bottom frame. Long racks are placed in the front, and short in the back. So they make a simple dog house of boards had a slope, the bars align with the level and fasten with screws or nails.

How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

The joints are reinforced with metal plates and corners to strengthen the frame structure.

Wall covering

Prepared frame outside obbivaya lining and insulated from the inside, as well as with the floor, first lay asphalt and fill the void formed between the bars, heat-insulating material. From above it is closed with glass mug and upholstered the entire area with clapboard, chipboard or plywood.

How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

It is necessary to fix the trim with small galvanized nails, well plunging their caps into the wood so that your dog does not accidentally get hurt.

Roof construction

Shed roof is convenient to make of 40×40 mm bars with a section and OSB sheet. Prepare a frame of bars to the dimensions of the inner perimeter of the booth. A piece of OSB of the required dimensions is cut off and fastened to the frame. In the void remaining between the bars, place the foam, protect it from moisture film. After that, a sheet of plywood is filled from above so that it protrudes 10 cm from the side and from behind, and not less than 15–20 cm from the front. The projections are needed to protect the entrance to the booth and the walls from precipitation. If these materials are not available, boards of 20–25 mm will fit instead.

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How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

The roof is nailed to the finished structure, and its top is covered with soft tiles or roofing felt.


A wooden dog box after assembly is processed outside with a special impregnation or simple antiseptic composition, after which it is well dried. The bottom is sheathed with ruberoid, imposing on the walls of 5 cm on all sides, and 2 bars of 100×50 mm section are filled on top of the ruberoid. The booth again needs to be turned over, and the ends of the structure and the manhole are trimmed with wooden trim.

Installation in place

For the finished booth you need to find a suitable and convenient place. It will require an even and completely dry piece of land that is not melted in spring with melt water, located near the apartment building and covered from the influence of the prevailing winds.

How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

It is good if the sun shines on this place for some time, and a large tree grows near it or there is a shelter so that the dog can hide from the heat if necessary. From this site, of course, there must be a good overview of the whole territory, so that it can see the uninvited guests in time.

Booth with a gable roof

Gable roofing on dog houses from improvised means is desirable to be made small, as it is difficult to lift heavy structures during cleaning.

How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

Frame assembly

First of all, you need to assemble from 4 bars, with a section of 50×50 mm, the bottom frame of the structure. In the corners of the dog booths from boards, made with their own hands, set the rack length equal to the height of the booth, at the top they are connected by strapping from the bars of the same section.

How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

To get a more durable frame, reinforcing bridges are stuffed along the edges of the manhole and at the bottom.

Roof installation

Two bars of the same size, cross-section of 50×50 mm connect, maintaining an angle of 40 degrees. Make the second the same billet. They are fastened on top of the structure, flush with the walls, and are baited with nails. Connect together on top of the longitudinal beam, still prepare 2 of the same bar and attach them to the lower edges of the rafters.

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Structural casing

The frame of the booth from the outside is covered with plywood or clapboard. It is important that the boards are tightly joined, and there are no gaps.

How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

The bottom is re-sheathed with ruberoid, if necessary, set the bars-stand.

Insulation booth

The inner part of the structure is sheathed with glass mug, using a stapler, and warmed with mineral wool or foam. Then the heat-insulating material is sheathed with glass mat and sewn up with plywood.

Roof sheathing

The frame of the roof is dismantled, and the inside is sheathed with plywood, and the glassine is attached with the help of a stapler. The voids formed between the individual bars are filled with any insulant, and it is closed with glassine, and at the end profiled sheeting is attached to the structure. At the junction of the slopes, the ridge is attached, and the front of the roof is covered with slats.

How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

To make it easier to remove the roof while caring for the booth, at its ends they drive in a long nail.

Booth with vestibule

To keep your dog warm, you can build a dog booth from the boards with a vestibule. This element creates in the design inside 2 compartments – the far one serves to rest the dog, and the near one serves to protect the internal space from frost and drafts. Between them, a warmed partition is installed, in which a manhole is made.

How To Make A Dog House From The Boards

No need to make a place to sleep a dog is very spacious – they always rest, curled up. And the dimensions of the vestibule need to be thought out so that the dog can comfortably stretch out to its full length, and he could unfold in a booth without any problems. The assembly of the whole structure is carried out as usual, it differs only in the installation of the partition. From the bars prepare the frame, the appropriate size in height and width.

Plywood is divided into 2 segments, one of them is attached to the frame, thermal insulation material is laid between the bars, and the second segment of plywood is closed. Conveniently, if the partition is easily removed from the main structure, for this purpose, the grooves choose the grooves in 2 wooden slats. After which they are attached to the walls of the booth grooves inside, and in the grooves install the partition.


As you can see, it is not difficult to make a booth from boards with your own hands. You only need to follow the instructions and have on hand all the necessary insurgents and materials.

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