July 31, 2019

How To Make A Dog House Photo Of The Most Successful Models

Owners who keep a dog in the yard just need to take care that their pet has a warm and cozy “house”. Of course, you can solve this issue by buying a ready-made booth. But if you like tinkering yourself and do not want to spend a lot of money, the information on how to make a dog booth yourself will be useful to you.

Although it is not a capital structure, but still the construction of a dog kennel requires some preparation and compliance with a number of rules that must be read before proceeding to the matter. Let us consider in more detail the basic principles of creating a drawing, choosing a place and materials for a booth, as well as the sequence of work on its assembly.

Types of booths. What to choose?

First of all, it is necessary to determine the type of construction. On this basis, booths are divided into:

  • equipped only with a place to sleep;
  • having a resting place and a vestibule.

Booth “with a tambour”

The meaning of the arrangement of the vestibule in the booth is that the animal has a comfortable place to relax in the summer heat, when it is too hot to be inside the kennel. In addition, the vestibule will hold some of the dirt from the dog’s paws, preventing it from getting inside the booth. In principle, this part of the design is not mandatory, therefore, if you are limited in funds, then you can do without it.

Also booths vary in type of roof. It happens:

  • Flat. This top is sure to please your pet, as dogs love to bask on the roof of their home.
  • Gable This design looks more aesthetic and makes it possible to equip a small attic under the roof to store toys and various dog care products.

Very convenient is the option in which the upper part of the booth can be opened. Usually for this purpose they make a single-pitch flat or inclined roof fixed on hinges. It gives the opportunity to air the kennel and greatly facilitates its cleaning.

How To Make A Dog House Photo Of The Most Successful Models

Booth with opening roof

As for the design, different types of booths can have the shape of a rectangle, a square, be stylized as a house or embody more unusual design solutions. We will tell about which models of booths are the most convenient and original a little later.

We determine the location

The choice of the place where you plan to settle the dog should be approached responsibly. It should not be blown heavily by the wind, it is also desirable to have a source of shadow nearby so that the dog does not suffer from the heat in summer. In order to prevent the formation of rain puddles under the booth and around it, it is better to install it on high ground, since excessive moisture and dampness are harmful to the health of the animal.

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It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the dog, being near the booth, had a sufficient view of the yard and could see the entrance gate, otherwise it would be too restless. For large breeds, it makes sense to build an open-air cage around the booth, so the dog will be able to see everything that happens and at the same time isolates it from the yard (which is important if small children or small animals walk there).

Tip! It is necessary to take care of the absence of constant irritants near the booth, provoking the dog to barking, otherwise it will often bark, causing discomfort to the owners and others.

Creating a schematic or drawing is an important stage of work.

After the type of booth has been selected and a suitable place has been found for it, the next thing to do is to create a scheme or drawing of a future structure. The basis for the sketches need to take the size of the dog. In order for the booth for your four-legged friend to be as comfortable as possible, it is necessary to take into account the following parameters:

  • The growth of the dog at the withers.
  • Height from withers to claws on the front legs.
  • The girth of the animal in the chest.
  • Length (from nose to tail).

Calculation of the size of the booth

When measurements are made, you can go directly to the drawing. It should indicate the following parameters of the booth:

  • Height (H). It is taken from the calculation – the height at the withers, plus 10-15 centimeters, so that the dog can sit freely inside without touching the ceiling with his head.
  • Depth (L). This parameter is equal to the length of the front legs with a margin of 10-15 cm of free space.
  • Width (W). Its value will be equal to the width of the vestibule (if any) and the berth. Tambour can be of any size, allowing the animal to comfortably enter and leave the kennel, but the sleeping place should be made according to the length of the dog, of course, not forgetting to take into account a reserve of 10-15 cm.
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Separately, it should be said about Laz. It should not be made too wide to avoid the leakage of warm air in winter, but it should not be too narrow either. The ideal is the height of the manhole (h in the figure) equal to the height of the dog at the withers minus 5-10 cm. Its width (w) at the same time makes a little more circumference of the animal in the chest part.

Note! It is recommended to place the hole on the longer side of the booth, closer to the corner. This will save more useful internal space.

The choice of materials for the booth

Of course, all types of dog booths need high-quality materials. Most often for the construction of kennels use wood. It is better to choose conifers, as they are fairly affordable and have the ability to scare away insects.

You can take the usual edged board, but in this case, it must be carefully polished and ensure that there are no splinters on the surface. In addition, before starting the assembly of the board should be treated with antiseptic and moisture-repellent substances.

How To Make A Dog House Photo Of The Most Successful Models

Selection of materials

Instead of boards, cement strand boards can be used in the construction of the booth. But the DSP for these purposes is not suitable, because it emits harmful substances and poorly resists the effects of moisture. The same applies to plywood.

The roof can serve as slate or sheet iron. If the climate in your places is harsh, you should take care of the insulation and lay a layer of insulation between the walls of the booth and the outer lining. The lining itself is usually made of lining, as this material “breathes” perfectly and contributes to the retention of heat.

Build a kennel with your own hands – step by step instructions for craftsmen

Having on hand a finished drawing and all the necessary materials, you can proceed to the manufacture of individual parts of the doghouse and their connection. Assembling a kennel with your own hands (especially if you have chosen a complex structure) is not easy, but step-by-step instructions will help you not to be mistaken.

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Frame booth

So, installation and assembly are carried out as follows:

  • Construction starts from the bottom. For more warmth and comfort it is better to do double.
  • Bars or boards are attached to the bottom at right angles, which will be the basis for the walls of the booth. The supports for the roof are fastened between them, and the bars indicating the entrance are packed.
  • Further, the inner surface of the booth is sheathed with the selected material (board, lining).
  • Roof mounting is in progress. It is important to make sure that it fits snugly to the walls. At the request of the roof can be insulated with foam or mineral wool.
  • At the final stage of the work, the walls are insulated and lined with clapboard or other suitable material from the outside.

Photo booths for dogs: interesting models and design options

Owners of dogs who not only want to take care of housing for their pet, but also wish to decorate their yard and plot, should see the photo of the dog booths presented below. This photo compilation consists of unusual and beautiful, but at the same time convenient models.

Such a nice red booth with a gable roof will be in place at any site and will give comfort to your four-legged friend. In addition, it is easy to do it yourself.

How To Make A Dog House Photo Of The Most Successful Models

Simple and tasteful. This wooden structure not only looks great, but also provides the dog with a place to play and a convenient observation point.

How To Make A Dog House Photo Of The Most Successful Models

Another very original idea – the booth from the barrel. It is hardly suitable for a harsh winter, but for summer the option is excellent.

How To Make A Dog House Photo Of The Most Successful Models

And such a design can be a good solution for owners of several dogs.

How To Make A Dog House Photo Of The Most Successful Models

It is inconvenient to call this model a booth, rather it’s a full-fledged dog house. It is ideal for keeping a large breed dog and eliminates the need to build an aviary for him.

How To Make A Dog House Photo Of The Most Successful Models

As you can see, the booth is not only a necessary, but also a very beautiful attribute of the yard where the dog is kept. And, if you approach the matter responsibly and with imagination, it can be a wonderful addition to the design of your garden plot.

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