August 20, 2019

How To Make A Dog House – Please Your Pet

Our four-legged pets need a place where they can sleep, relax. Therefore, care must be taken to provide them with a home. You can build a special dog house, it will not take you much time. Even if you are a beginner, you will spend no more than a day on it.

The main thing is that dog housing is comfortable, and that the dog can comfortably accommodate there. Well, in order to doghouse, was attractive, you can most develop an unusual design. So, let’s review how to make a dog house with your own hands, what materials are better to take and how to take measurements.

How to make a drawing for a doghouse

If you do not know how to make a dog house the best way, then try to build the easiest option first. Make a rectangular booth – it is not at all difficult, while the roof can be shed. A single room will be enough for a dog, where it can easily fit.

To keep a dog’s home clean, you will need to periodically wash it, so make it possible to remove the roof when it is needed. So it will be easier for you to carry out antiseptic processing in the booth. Next you will need to correctly calculate the size.

Measure the height of the dog, the length of its body, and draw a drawing accordingly. In height, make a booth 5 centimeters taller than your dog. How deep the booth will be depends on the length of the animal’s body. Make it another 5 cm longer. The height of the exit should be made 5 cm above his withers, and the width of the entrance is 5 cm more than the width of his chest.

Draw a preliminary drawing on a sheet of paper, taking into account the measurements that you took from your pet. After you have a drawing in front of your eyes, search for material for the erection of a dog’s home.

For the construction of premises for four-friend suitable wooden components of conifers. They do not cost too much, but are quite durable and practical. It is not recommended to take a brick, as it gets very hot. Plastic is also not the best material, as it quickly collapses.

What materials you need

In fact, a dog house can be made from any available tools. Some use for this purpose the old appliances – refrigerators, washing machines or tires. But it is better to take, as mentioned above, a tree.

The list of tools may vary. But most likely for the construction of a dog kennel, you should have the following items: nails, hammer, screws, puncher, stapler.

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From building materials you will need to get a dry bar, edged board, eurolining, chipboard, roofing material, pergola, foam plastic. Be sure to treat the booth with a special disinfecting impregnation, so it should also be purchased.

Calculate the amount of materials, but get a little more, so you just have enough.

The boards need to be made smooth so that there are no splinters. To do this, they should be cleaned. Saturate the antibacterial solution should be only after the dog house is ready.

For any dog ​​a shed roof would be the best option. And large dogs, like small ones, will be able to lie on it, rest. You are interested in how to make a simple dog booth – in fact, it is not difficult, its diagram is presented here.

Doghouse – constructing a frame step by step

You will need several 4 by 4 cm bars to make of them a rectangular frame, the length and width you need. Use screws to strengthen your frame.

How To Make A Dog House - Please Your Pet

Now take the boards and frame the frame on all sides. So, the frame is ready, you can proceed to the next stage.

How to provide insulation

If you plan to keep the dog in the yard in the winter, then the booth you will need to warm. In order to make the dog kennel warm, you need asphalt and foam.

Asphalt you can attach the stapler to the floor of the booth. Put polystyrene on it and cover it with glassine again. After that, hammer the floor. The higher the bar, the thicker the insulation layer should be made.

We construct the frame of the booth

With the help of four bearing bars, you will need to build a frame. Two bars should be equal to the height, and the other two should be longer. Two long bars should be placed at the corners. Install shorter bars on the other side to provide shorter roofs. This will allow excess water to drain from the roof, without getting inside the kennel. In the center of each of the walls, you will need to install additional bars. And install the bars from the sides of the exit.

Making the walls of the booth

Now you know how to make a warm dog house, and you need to take care of purchasing warming material. The outer surface of the walls should be sheathed clapboard. So that the dog was warm, the inner lining is insulated, as well as the floor. Secure plywood or other material over the glassine.

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The inside of the booth should be well treated and cleaned any irregularities that can damage the skin of a four-legged pet.

We build a shed roof

A frame is constructed from the bars. Take the sheet OSB and form the roof. The roof should also be insulated with a layer of foam, which then will need to be closed with foil. Well strengthen your design.

The roof can be made with a visor so that the booth does not get wet when it rains. Just take a plywood sheet or board, and fasten it to your frame.

Then secure the frame with hinges. Cover the top with ruberoid to protect the booth from excessive moisture.

Finishing the booth inside and out

Do not forget about the impregnation of the kennel from the outside. Inside, you should not apply impregnation, as the dog may not like the smell, and she refuses to recognize the booth as her home.

How To Make A Dog House - Please Your Pet

The bottom of the booth can be strengthened with ruberoid, the edges of which are bent on the walls. Then put two more bars and primed.

Where to put the booth

If the main task of your dog is to protect the territory, then his house should be in the place where she can see the whole area. The surface should be comfortable, without any bumps and slopes. And the booth for the dog from the boards should stand firmly on the ground. Not bad to provide a canopy for a dog kennel, to better protect it from the weather.

Well, if the dwelling dog will be somewhere in the shade under the trees, otherwise the pet will suffer from the sun.

We build a double slope roof

A small dog requires an appropriate booth. No need to build a huge room, make a small booth, where there will be a gable roof. The frame of this booth is also made of four bars. And you will need to take 4 more bars to drive them at height. The vertical columns on top are connected by four more bars. Auxiliary commissioners will help to strengthen your construction.

The gable roof of the booth is done using rafters. First you need to form the first truss foot with the help of two bars 5 by 5. They are connected at an angle of 40 degrees. The second truss foot is formed on the same principle. Connect two legs with a ridge girder. So that they are well connected, make one bar protruding 200 mm.

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Then the booth is sheathed with clapboard, and the bottom is ruberoid. You can also trim the siding to make the booth look stylish. Do not forget to warm the structure, and then cover the chipboard or plywood.

Inside, the roof is upholstered with plywood, then warm with glassine as well as you did in the other parts. To make such a roof easy to remove and put on, you will need to make holes in the gables where you can drive in nails. Outside the roof can be upholstered with shingles.

Booth with vestibule

If you want to make comfortable, full-fledged housing for your dog, then it is worthwhile to build a kennel with a vestibule. In the vestibule, a four-legged pet can hide from bad weather, and in another room it will just sleep. Any dog ​​booth is done in the same way; step-by-step instructions will help you better understand this.

The booth with the platform is done in the same way. But there is one difference, you need to make a special partition that will separate the two rooms. In one of the partitions is Laz. The partition is made of 40 by 40 cm bars, plywood and insulation.

First, the frame is made, to which the plywood is nailed. Then the construction is insulated and the last words should be plywood. The partition can be made in such a way that it can be removed at any time. To do this, you need to create special grooves in two slats. The width of the slats should be the same as the partitions. The slats are fixed on the walls of the kennel. The partition is inserted into these grooves.

The most important thing is that there are no cracks in your booth, otherwise the dog will suffer from wind and cold. In cold winters, put a little straw on the floor of the booth, this will allow to keep the heat inside even more. After a while, change the litter, otherwise the dog will be uncomfortable. In the warm season, there is no need for such litter.

Of course, you can solve this issue by buying a ready-made booth. But if you like do-it-yourself tinkering and don’t want to spend a lot of money, information on how to make a dog house yourself will be useful to you.

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