August 30, 2019

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

Some breeds of dogs, such as German shepherds, just need fresh air throughout the year. Only in this way, a beloved pet will always delight its owner with a cheerful, playful mood and healthy appearance. But in some regions of our vast country the frosts are so severe that they are capable of causing irreparable harm to the health of a man’s best friend. Our friends need a warm and comfortable home. About, how to make a dog house, meeting these requirements, will be discussed in this article.

Choosing a place

When choosing a suitable place for a kennel, you should follow the following rules:

  • there should not be a reservoir nearby;
  • the place should be moderately sunny;
  • there should not be any other domestic animals, in particular chickens and pigs, as the products of their vital activity negatively affect the health of the dog;
  • nothing should interfere with the free movement of the dog;
  • any home cultures will become the most favorite toy of your dog if you grow them near the booth;
  • the dog must see everything that happens around him, otherwise he will be constantly agitated by something.

We are determined with the size

So, you have decided on the place, now you need to calculate the size of the future dog house. To do this, measure the animal and correlate the results with the size of the booth in this way:

  • height of the kennel = height of the dog at the withers 15cm;
  • depth = distance from the tips of the front paws of the dog, lying on its side, to the withers 15 cm;
  • the width is equal to the sum of the width of the tambour and the berth, which are determined based on the configuration of the dog;
  • manhole height = height at withers 10cm;
  • manhole width = dog chest width 8 cm

TIP! Too spacious booth will be difficult to warm in the cold season, so it is advisable not to exceed these sizes.

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When all measurements are done, you can draw a small diagram of the future kennel. So it will be easier to determine the amount of building materials required for its construction.

Choosing and preparing building materials

A dog’s home should be well kept warm in winter, but well ventilated in summer. Of course, these tasks are best performed by wood – it will become the main building material for the booth. We list all the materials that you need:

  • lining,
  • grooved floorboards,

IMPORTANT! Due to the content of harmful impurities it is not recommended to use pressed wood, especially in those places where your pet will be able to gnaw it. An exception can only be the roof.

All boards must be coated with non-toxic paint so that they cannot be destroyed by moisture, and a thin layer of resin that will scare away fleas and other insects from the booth. By the way, you can build a kennel from pine or spruce boards, which are saturated with resin from nature.

Good warm dog house must be built with the use of insulation, in which quality fit: felt, cotton wool, rags, rags or sawdust. Chemical insulation, such as foam, it is better not to use, as they exude a strong smell, unpleasant pet.

Floor and frame

Construction of the booth is best to start from the bottom, which should be warm, durable and without gaps. The basis for its creation is taken by 40 × 40 bars, which are covered with a flooring board. Then, four bars of 100 × 100 are attached to each corner, which are the basis for future walls. Intermediate bars 40 × 40 and the length of the booth are installed between these vertical beams. You can add two more bars to mark the entrance to the kennel, but this is optional.

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For the upholstery of the inside of the booth it is best to use the wall paneling, not plywood, as many advise. Lining has a rather high service life, and besides, it does not stratify over time. To join the lining joint, the joint is chamfered from the ends of each element, thereby eliminating the appearance of gaps between the boards. Fix the edges of each bar to the inner side of the vertical beams, maximally pressing each subsequent part to each previous one.

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

The outer walls are sheathed with a material that is resistant to moisture and precipitation, for example, a block house or the same clapboard. The implementation of this work is the same as described above, with one difference – the material is fixed to the outer part of the vertical beams.


By type of roof booths are different in those in which the roof is the ceiling, and those that have an attic. Of course, the second option will be the warmest and most durable, but if a kennel stands under a canopy, then we can limit ourselves to the first one.

TIP! The roof structure must be removable – so you can easily clean the inside of the booth and provide urgent veterinary assistance to the dog.

For the construction of the ceiling suitable bars 40 × 40 and a piece of plywood, the size corresponding to the parameters of the kennel. Initially, along the entire perimeter of the booth, side beams are fastened which interconnect four vertical bars, then they put 40 × 40 bars into the butt joint, then a layer of insulation, and then after – a sheet of plywood.

The roof consists of two equal-sized axial beams, which are nailed in the middle of the side ceiling strips, and their upper ends are joined with a 40 × 40 bar. The gables on which the rafters are laid are fastened to the outside of the ceiling along the entire perimeter. Their number depends on the size of the booth, but, on average, the distance between them is approximately 30-35 cm. After that, you can begin to install the battens from the wall panel, or edged boards. A layer of roofing material is placed on top, and then – shingles.

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TIP! If there are very severe frosts in your region, it is advisable to lay a layer of insulation between the paneling and roofing material.

A few words about the insulation and waterproofing floor booth

Wind, rain, frost – all this can have a detrimental effect on the health of your beloved pet, so clapboard alone is not enough. Before how to build a dog house, you need to carefully study the climatic conditions of your place of residence, on the basis of which, choose a suitable insulation and waterproofing.

The bottom of the booth should be moisture resistant, for this, its outer part is covered with an antiseptic impregnation, and then stitched with roofing material. Inside the floor is covered with glass asphalt, then with insulation, and then with another layer of glassine. Only after that the finishing floor is laid. By the way, with the walls do the same. Do not forget that the entrance to the kennel must also be insulated; for this, hang a piece of tarpaulin on it.

As you can see, the construction of a dog’s home does not require any special knowledge and skills, so everyone can cope with it. This work will be especially pleasant if you bring kids to it – together you will build a magnificent house for your pet, and at the same time you will occupy your child with an important and interesting work.

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