August 14, 2019

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

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What is your dog’s booth? Warm, spacious or with slots and it is not possible to turn quickly in it ?? And maybe it does not exist at all. Meanwhile, it’s quite simple to make a dog house with your own hands.

Build a dog house.

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

To build the most simple booth for your dog, you will need boards and wooden bars. The boards should be 25 mm thick and the bars should be 50 x 50 or 40 x 40 mm.

First of the bars you need to make a frame. Tie the bottom of the frame, erecting the flooring from the boards. The boards are customized very carefully, so that the nails on the paws of the dog do not fall between them. For complete confidence, you can sew the floor with centimeter plywood. From the bottom of the floor, tamper around the perimeter of the timber and then sew it up again, for example OSV – with a slab or boards, placing insulation in the space between them.

Bottom of the booth with the help of a stapler and your hands, sheathe ruberoid. So that the booth does not get wet from the bottom during the rain, and was blown by the wind, put it on flat stones.

To make a dog house was easier, I will give its approximate size. For dachshund type dogs, make a booth with a height of 60 cm and internal dimensions of 70 x 55 cm. For a Shar Pei or Rottweiler – 80 cm high and internal dimensions – 120 x 75 cm. For large guard dogs such as the Caucasian Shepherd Dog or Great Dane – 95 cm and internal dimensions 140 x 100 cm

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When you start work, it’s better to increase the given dimensions so that it doesn’t happen that the dog in the booth will be cramped and she will have to go to sleep outside.

Laz in the booth make almost all of its height, securing the manhole door on the canopies and providing a hook on it in case of the arrival of relatives.

At the corner nearest to the entrance of the booth, lay a thick wire about 1 cm in diameter on the ground, along which the dog can run along the buildings and the entrance to the site.

Wall the walls of the booth with boards, nailing them horizontally to the frame posts, so that the edge of each fixed top board overlaps the edge of the bottom board. To insulate the booth inside it, you can fill vertical planks on the boards, lay insulation between them, cover them with film and sheathe plywood. Instead of boards for the outer siding of the booth, you can use the WWS plate.

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

To make it easy to clean the booth, make the roof removable, but fit tightly to the rest of the structure so that the dog will not be cold in winter. On top of the roof you can attach two handles.

Roof – ceiling, as well as the roof of the booth, also make removable. To do this, almost without reaching the top of the bars and along the perimeter of the booth in the horizontal direction, punch the bar. On top of it, place the ceiling, made of planks, on top of which you can lay insulation. Cover the roof with ruberoid and secure it to it with a stapler.

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At the end of the work, twice satiate the outside of the booth with linseed oil. It can not be polished, but then in 2 layers paint with oil paint or pinoteksom. Inside it is not necessary to paint or varnish!

And yet – above the entrance to the booth, to protect from the cold in winter, hang a piece of linen, breaking it through with small carnations. That’s all! So you managed to make a dog house with your own hands!

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