August 12, 2019

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

The dog box is a place where the animal can hide from the weather or from the excessive attention of the owners.

A standard booth, like a human dwelling, consists of a floor, a wall structure and a roof – the last element can have a single or gabled form.

In some constructions of dog kennels, the entrance begins from the vestibule, it is equipped in order to preserve heat in the main room (see photo).

The simplest dog kennel is a one-volume construction, in which the animal enters immediately from the street.

Materials for the construction of a doghouse

In the process of making a dog box can get any shape. In addition, such a structure can be a log, built of brick, be butovo-wooden or combined.

Winter dog housing should be warmed or heated – for this purpose they use special heat-insulating materials or panel and film heaters whose surface does not heat up above 50 0 C.

Coniferous wood is considered to be the preferred material for making a kennel. The tree is selected only quality, with moisture not exceeding 10%, in the blanks should not be cracks and knots.

The longest service life of structures made of cedar wood is such a material that is resistant to temperature changes and high humidity.

If for the construction of a dog kennel to use a foam block or brick, then such a construction will need to be equipped without fail with a layer of natural insulation.

For this purpose, one of the following natural materials is best suited:

  • mineral wool. It happens stone, slag and fiberglass. Each type of material can be used as a heater – the differences lie in the cost and coefficient of thermal conductivity;
  • linen felt. It has a long service life, is distinguished by high environmental performance, performs not only heat insulating, but also soundproof functions;
  • expanded polystyrene is an inexpensive heater, has a low thermal conductivity, but is combustible and quickly absorbs moisture;
  • batting is the cheapest woven insulation, but it’s impossible to count on its durability.

As for the arrangement of the roof for a dog house, metal roof tiles, soft roofing or slate can be used as a roof covering.

The outer lining for the doghouse is carried out using wooden or plastic lining, block-house.

For the interior of the booth it is better to take 10 mm moisture-resistant plywood or wooden lining.

Sex in a dog kennel must also be insulated. For his finish fit 30 mm batten. For the winter, you can put a “feather bed” filled with straw, hay or wood chips that remained after the manufacture of the booth on the floor of the booth.

Since the kennel has no doors that could protect the animal’s shelter from the cold winter winds, it is recommended to hang a felt or canvas curtain at the entrance to the booth.

To keep the curtain from rising from gusts of wind, small plastic bags with sand can be tied to its edges.

What can be the parameters of a dog house?

The parameters of the dog booth depend on the actual size of the animal – its front part of the tubing must pass freely in the manhole of the structure. Therefore, to the width of the entrance you need to add 50 – 80 mm of stock.

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As for the height of the inlet, it should be 50 mm less than the height of the dog at the withers.

But the maximum size of the booth, vertically and horizontally, should be 50 to 80 mm more than the height of the dog at the withers, which will allow the animal to sprawl while sleeping or to stretch to its full height (see photo).

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

Therefore, the size of the dog box is recommended to be calculated specifically for each breed. You should not use a finished project or other people’s drawings for the manufacture of a kennel, without making sure that the result is suitable for a particular dog.

If you have to make a booth for a small breed dog, then dog breeders recommend finding out if the animal can live on the street.

After all, if a small breed is bred artificially, then such a dog with its low resistance to diseases will be properly kept in human habitation.

Properly make a dog house project can, if you take ready-made drawings and make adjustments to them.

In order to adjust the design of such a structure for your calculations, you need to make measurements of the animal and enter the resulting figures into the drawings:

  • the chest width of the animal;
  • pet length (from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail);
  • the height of the dog at the withers and from the floor to the head.

For example, for such a small breed like the Pekingese, a booth is constructed with the following parameters: depth – 700 mm, width – 550 mm, height – 600 mm, inlet opening 300×400 mm.

But it is worth bearing in mind that the Pekingese are afraid of the cold and may freeze in the bitter cold.

Therefore, a made dog house with its own hands should not only have a good layer of insulation, but also be equipped with special heaters in the form of panels that will maintain a comfortable temperature.

Even better to keep Pekingese in the house, because it is an imperial dog, for which you need careful care.

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

If the finished drawings for the manufacture of the booth contain the parameters: depth – 1150 mm, width – 750 mm, height – 800 mm, inlet opening – 350×500 mm, then such a booth is suitable for a bull terrier of medium height.

For a large breed of dogs, for example, a German shepherd, the manufacture of a kennel takes place according to the following parameters: depth – 1350 mm, width – 1000 mm, height – 950 mm, inlet – 400×600 mm.

The above calculations will allow animals to easily turn around after entering the kennel and will not hamper them during sleep.

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It should be borne in mind that the inner space of the dog box under the lean-to roof will be larger than under the gable cover.

At the same time, the gable roof is economical in terms of heating, and a shed is better suited for its construction on the territory of the enclosure.

It is better if the booth will have a removable roof, which will simplify the procedure for periodic cleaning of the animal’s housing.

Construction plan doghouse

The following is a photo and an example of how to build a dog booth, observing the sequence of these actions.

If the decision is made to make a dog kennel out of wood, then a saw, drill, hammer, screwdriver and measuring device will be useful for work (this can be a large ruler or a tape measure, a square and a pencil).

Self-tapping screws or 100 – 150 mm nails are useful for connecting wooden elements.

In order for the construction to turn out to be of high quality and durable, it is necessary for the purpose of its fitting to make holes in the fastening zone with a thin drill.

The simplest dog house with their hands can not be made if there is no drawing. As mentioned above, you can draw it yourself or use ready-made, but adjust the numbers.

Often in the information on how to make a dog house, the author forgets to indicate the need to prepare a place for a doghouse.

And it is in vain, because if you put a wooden box on the surface of the ground, then it will not serve for a long time, since the wood, having collected moisture, will quickly rot.

Therefore, a dog house is recommended to build on the foundation. To this end, a layer of sod is removed from the surface of the soil and a foundation is made of brick. The position of the structure is fixed with cement mortar.

In addition, special attention in the construction of the kennel must be given to the roof of the structure. It must be sheathed with a waterproofing layer, as which the roofing material is suitable – its sheets are mounted on the surface of the slopes.

The bottom of the booth must be durable. This property can be provided to it by equipping it with a tongue-and-groove board or plywood, in which the animal’s claws will not get stuck.

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

Dog box with his own hands built in the following sequence:

  • according to the drawing, the trimming of the bars for the frame is carried out;
  • edged boards for walls are prepared or wall fencing of chipboard is cut out;
  • the frame is assembled with self-tapping screws. The design can be fixed and nails;
  • walls of chipboard or edged boards are attached to the frame;
  • thermal insulation of the walls is carried out. If the wall is single-layered, the insulation is placed between the supporting wall and the finish;
  • wooden lining is used as interior decoration; plywood can be used;
  • boards are mounted on the floor, fixed with an adhesive tape;
  • pre-assembled roof is installed on the structure. If a removable roof is planned, then it is fixed to the base with quick-release fasteners. Perform waterproofing.
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At the final stage, the booth is painted and fixed with metal corners on the foundation.

How to care for a dog booth?

The wrong choice of place for the doghouse becomes the cause of the nervous behavior of the animal and the strong contamination of the kennel.

Therefore, when planning in which part of the yard a dog will live, you need to take into account a few main points.

For example, the kennel should be located in a shaded place, in the gap between the outbuildings, under the trees or the vineyard, the main thing is that the direct sun rays do not disturb your pet.

It is very important that the dog can rest on the ground and on a hard surface.

After all, when the heat is intense, all the animals feel comfortable on the bare, cool ground, but after the rain they better sit on the asphalt or other hard surface, since the ground is too “limp”.

In addition, it is not recommended to install a kennel in the valley where precipitations will flow.

Following the above tips, it will be much easier to care for your pet.

The booth should be cleaned regularly and, if possible, dried. Naturally, after bad weather, the mat will often become dirty, but it can be easily removed if it is fixed with scotch tape, so you can easily replace it with a new or washed old one.

General cleaning in the pet’s kennel should be done annually, but in the summer heat, when the booth after washing can dry thoroughly.

As for detergents, you can not use laundry detergent or kitchen detergents – for this purpose soap solutions are bought in a veterinary pharmacy.

Every second or third year it is recommended to treat the booth with an antiseptic and paint it, but the coloring matter should be chosen from less toxic.

There is no need to save on the safety of materials used in the process of care – this is how you can avoid cracking wood and exposure to fungi and insects. Painting, as well as general cleaning, you need to do in the summer.

The stability of the building is recommended to check annually, as well as the presence of gaps at the joining of supporting structures.

If the booth is made of quality materials and in compliance with all the rules, then it can fulfill its purpose for at least eight years without losing its original characteristics.

Moreover, you can extend the life of the building, if you take care of your pet and regularly clean up his house.

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