July 12, 2019

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

That is why many people prefer to make a dog house with their own hands. Below, we will show you how to make a “hut” for a dog, where to put it, it is good to design and determine the optimal dimensions.

The size of the booth

We can determine the dimensions of the dog enclosure individually. The easiest way is to measure the size of the lair in which our pet lives. If the dog does not have its own corner, it is worth measuring it during sleep. The size of the dog enclosure must be at least 20 cm larger than the size measured in the pet’s dream.

Specifying the size of the enclosure for the dog, we must also consider the size of the entrance. The project of the dog enclosure should take into account the size of the zone depending on the size of the pet. To do this, measure the height of the dog from the neck to the ground. Then we add at least 5 cm. It will also be good to measure the width of the pet. We add 10 cm to it. The height of the enclosure should be at least a few centimeters higher than the size of the dog, measured at the height of his head. Thanks to detailed measurements, the size of a dog enclosure will be well adapted to individual needs. However, this does not mean the end of our training.

Warm booth

At the second stage, we determine the frequency of the dog’s stay in the open air. If the animal is in the garden only occasionally, then we can make a simple hut without insulation. We assume here that in winter your pet lives with us in a heated room. Otherwise, the warmed dog box will be required.

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We perform the layer of insulation even when the dog has to sleep outdoors in the autumn or in the spring, when it is soft for the dog – especially necessary. Morning temperature drops can be very tiring for him. The dog box is the best protection from the effects of adverse weather conditions, and, by the way, provides greater comfort.

Flap doors for booths

During the construction of the dog enclosure, we can also use ready-made elements. One of them are special, folding doors. Such products mainly have transparent, protect the interior of the booth from precipitation and strong winds. The dog easily opens them with a snout during each entry or exit from its shelter. However, it is worth remembering that in the summer period the doors were all the time open. This will provide better air circulation in the booths to protect it from overheating.

How to make a dog house: step by step

Dog box is not difficult to do. The whole process, we can formulate in a few simple steps. Below we show step by step how to do this.

The grounds of the booth

Installation work starting from the base. Create a frame of bars. Bottom set plate OSB. Directly below it must be an insulating film. Thanks to this we protect it from moisture coming from the ground.

Inside the floor frame lay polystyrene plates. Then install the top plate OSB. Slab sides may have an unsightly finish. Therefore, it is worth their additional sanding after the completion of trimming.

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On a prepared in advance basis, we mount a frame of bars. Then plate OSB. The front wall should have a corresponding groove, forming an entrance inside the tent.

After OSB trimming, we install internal walls. Then we stack the foam insulation. At the last stage, we install external walls.

Tip: Some people refuse to make double walls and leave the foam (inside the booth) open. Unfortunately, such methods have no practical justification. The dog will quickly tear apart the foam and hurt the whole shell of insulation. Moreover, polystyrene balls will be eaten in the garden for weeks and even months. Therefore, it is recommended to make a double layer of the wall and hide the insulation in its interior.

Roof construction

Developing a dog house, we could make the roof together with the frame of the walls. This solution seems easier to perform. Unfortunately, it carries with it some drawbacks. The interior of the booth should be cleaned from time to time, and making this hole is not very convenient. Therefore, the best idea would be to build a removable roof. Thus, we get easy access to the inside of the booth.

Tip: The roof is best done in a more aesthetic way. A proven method is the bituminous shingles here. A well-mounted roof of the tiles is not only an ornament, but also will be a good protection against precipitation and moisture ingress.

The optimal location of the booth

When the booth is ready, you still need to resolve the issue of its location. It is advisable to mount it in a shaded place, as in open areas, from exposure to sunlight, the booth will be very hot, since its area is very small. Think about it, choosing a place. It would be best to install a hut under a tree or behind a tall building. Thus, we will provide the dog with a shadow at any time of the day.

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When choosing a place, you should also pay attention to the entrance from the light side. There should be no rainwater inside or a gusty wind.

Remember also that the booth can not stand on the open ground. Because of the accumulated moisture in the winter in the booth will be very cold. A much better option is to install the booth on the palette or on additional bars.

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands
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