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How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

Posted by: Tatyana Kuzmenko | Posted on: June 17, 2015 at 11:51 pm

A dog box is a prerequisite if you have a private house and a four-legged friend. It’s not very difficult to make a dog house with your own hands, especially since for this purpose the remnants of materials after repair will fit, simple clapboard or plywood, so the idea does not promise to be too expensive.
But before making a kennel for a dog with your own hands, you need to think about some points: will it be insulated, what kind of roof will the booth have, how many rooms will it have, and most importantly, how big should a doghouse be? We will discuss these and other issues in today’s article.

Doghouse: what to build?

You will find a specific construction option for the doghouse at the end of this article. But there are no universal dwellings, so it is necessary to reckon with the characteristics of the animal and the conditions that we have.

Dog box: choose the right size

The main criteria on which the size of the dog box will depend on, is to ensure a comfortable stay of the animal in it. That is, the animal must be able to lie down, sit down and turn around.
At the same time, too wide a booth should not be done, even if the materials and capabilities allow. The thing is that in the cold season, your four-legged friend will not be able to warm up too much room with his heat, and he will freeze. Therefore, only residents of warm regions can do a dog’s box a little larger than necessary.
And what sizes are needed for a doghouse? The answer will show you a drawing and an explanation to it.

– The width of the chest of the dog – it will be the width of the hole 5 7 cm.
– The height of the dog is at the withers – it will be the height of the manhole (you can make less than 5 centimeters – the animal can duck at the entrance, but the gate for cold and wind will decrease)
– The height of the dog – this is the height of the booth. The width of the building will be about the same as the height, 5 7 cm.
– From the nose to the tail of the dog – this is the depth of the booth 5 7 cm.
If you only have a puppy – refer to the directory and find out what will be the dimensions of an adult dog.

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Doghouse: single or double room?

How to make a dog house with your own hands so that the animal in it is good in the cold and in the heat? The answer has already been invented: make a vestibule, or a hallway, or a walk-through room – call it what you want – and the bedroom. From the street entrance will be only in one room (vestibule), and in the second – through the partition in the doghouse. At the same time, the width of the booth should be increased one and a half to two times: one room will have a “full size” dog, and the second room should be enough so that the dog can curl up.
The point is that the partition can be fixed in two positions or removed altogether.
Option 1, summer – without septum. A large booth in the heat – this is what you need shaggy doggie.
Option 2, autumn and spring – the “bedroom” is made to its full height, the vestibule remains small.
Option 3, winter – we make a square bedroom, small, so that the dog can curl up.

Remember, the smaller the room – the easier it is for an animal to warm it. Also in the winter between the rooms you can hang thick fabric.
To warm both rooms or just a “bedroom” – that’s up to you to decide how cold the winters are and how the materials allow.
But if such a version of a dog booth seems too “confused” to you – you can easily make a “one-room” booth. Only with this entrance for the animal do not place in the center – so at least one corner of the booth will be more weatherproof.

Doghouse with his own hands: what roof do

There are only two options:
dog house with a flat roof. If the booth is not under a canopy – it is better to make a sloping roof, with a slope from the facade in the opposite direction. The advantages of such a roof – it will be comfortable for a dog to lie on it, and it is much easier to make such a roof;
Do-it-yourself dog box with a gable roof. Its plus – looks prettier and will last longer, since the dog will not climb on it;

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In any case, the roof in the kennel must be durable, waterproof, and covered with some kind of roofing material (if it does not stand under a canopy).

Dog box with their own hands: choose a place

There are no difficulties here, but it is impossible not to mention the choice of a place to live in a pet. A kennel for a dog should not be standing in a constant sun, or in a valley where water is collected, or on a site that is generously blown by the wind. And one more thing – choose a place so that the dog could see the entrance to the courtyard from it. Watchdog instincts in the dog are not asleep, so if you put the booth uncomfortable for review, the dog will be nervous and bark whenever the gate creaks.

Doghouse: choose materials

It is best to make a dog house out of wood. So, for the frame, take the usual wooden bars, which are in the household. For interior cladding, take a wooden wall, or at worst – waterproof plywood (so as not to exfoliate). The floor of the booth is the weakest point, so it is better to additionally lay the plinth (a regular board of suitable dimensions) around the perimeter.
As the outer skin of the kennel for the dog is best to take a wooden wall paneling. As an option – plastic lining or fiberboard, but not metal.
The insulation can be either mineral wool, or foam, or sawdust.
For the floor requires a solid board, without flaws, so that the animal is not damaged. Grooved batten is an excellent option.
For the roof, you can take the same timber as for the frame of the house, and sheathe it with plywood.

Doghouse do-it-yourself: assembly

As an example, take the assembly box for dogs boxer. The dimensions of the doghouse turned out to be as follows: height — 75 cm, depth — 65 cm, total width — 140 cm (the platform is 50 cm, the sleeping area is 90 cm, depending on the season). The dog box will stand under a canopy, so we will make the roof straight, without inclination.

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How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

1) For a start we will assemble panels for the walls. We take the bars (in this case, 5×2.5 cm and 5×5 cm) and cut them in size to get two identical sidewalls, a frame for the front and rear walls. For fastening used screws. Then we trim the frames from the inside with clapboard or plywood. Notice that at the bottom of the side wall between the clapboard and the base bar there is a gap equal to the thickness of the floor board. Now you can make a frame – fasten the frame of the dog box with your own hands with self-tapping screws. Insert the floorboard into the floor slot.

2) Making the ceiling. To begin with, we assemble a frame from a bar (5×2.5 cm), we sew plywood from the inside (in this case, 0.6 cm). Fill the space with insulation, cover the top with thicker plywood (1 cm) or make the flooring from the wall paneling.
3) In the same way we warm the walls. If you take foam plastic for warming a dog box from wood, cut pieces a couple of millimeters more so that the space fills up tightly.

4) Then we sheathe the dog shed with the selected material, and we warm the floor. The easiest way to warm the floor is to take foam. Bottom booth sheathe plywood.

5) Now it remains to attach the roof to the rear wall using ordinary hinges (door). It is not necessary to make a folding roof, but it will be easier to clean, disinfect a dog booth, or reinstall the partition between the "rooms".

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

Well, almost everything, wooden dog house with their own hands is ready. It remains to establish it on a lag-type elevation, so that the floor does not touch the ground and rot.

Now you know how to make a dog house with your own hands. And to make a dog house made of wood in harmony with other buildings in your yard – gazebos, bathhouses, country furniture, tree house – you can turn on the fantasy and call for help from children. And fun for children, and you joy, and only four-legged will be satisfied for sure!

Tatyana Kuzmenko, member of the editorial board Sobkor of the online publication "AtmWood. Wood-Industrial Gazette"

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