September 7, 2019

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

To make a dog house with your own hands you need to take into account a number of factors:

1) the size of the booth should be optimal. If the box is too big, it will be difficult to warm it; if it is too small, the dog will be cramped;

2) the doghouse should be made of environmentally friendly materials, optimally, from wood;

3) the roof must be removable to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in it;

4) good thermal insulation is necessary so that it is not cold in winter and not hot in summer;

5) dogs love to observe the surrounding space, so the booth must be in the viewing area.

6) if you show imagination, the booth can be a decoration of the site:

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

Now about the size of the house. To calculate it, measure your dog:

The width of the booth should be equal to the distance from the nose to the tail; the depth of the booth is usually equal to its height; the height of the house is equal to the height of the dog. To calculate the width of the manhole, you need to increase the width of the chest by 5-8cm. The height of the manhole is equal to the height at the withers minus 5 cm.

If your dog is still a puppy, you need to focus on the size of an adult animal.

For the construction of the booth will need lining, plywood, batten, timber 10 by 10 cm, 10 by 5 cm and 4 by 4 cm, decorative slats.

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First we build the bottom. Paul do double. Saw off 2 bars 4 to 4 cm long booth width and sew the floorboard on the bars. Now turn over the design.

Now saw off and place in the corners of 4 bars 10 by 10 cm. Their length is equal to the height of the booth plus 4.5 cm. In the place where the entrance should be set two bars with a section of 4 to 4 cm.

Fix the rack, they will later rely roof. We sheathe the booth clapboard.
The bottom is treated with antiseptic from rotting.

Fasten the roofing material with the stapler to the bottom and two 10 by 5 cm bars for ventilation of the booth.
At the bottom of the house put asphalt, insulation of mineral wool and asphalt again. Next, we finish the finishing floor and walls of the booth. The floor is well covered with a sheet of plywood. The threshold is constructed and the entrance is made out.

The ceiling is warm. The roof as I said earlier will be removable. We take the bars 4 to 4 cm and knock together the perimeter of them, onto which the plywood is fixed in size. Put asphalt, mineral wool and sewn on top of the second sheet of plywood.
To build a roof starting with gables. We build perimeters from bars 4 by 4 cm and we sheathe them with clapboard. Fasten the glassine to them from the inside. In order for the roof to be removable, at the ends of the corner boards we hammer (not fully) on the nail and remove the caps with a nipper or hacksaw. But the pins are formed implant gables. By the way in the front gable you can provide a hole for the attic:

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After this, we make a crate of lining or edged boards with a lap at the back and front. The ends of the crates are better to sew with a casing. We cover roof from above roofing material and a bituminous tile.

It remains to paint the booth outside and hoist on the right place.

By the way, if you have two dogs, you can make a booth with a partition inside:

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