August 12, 2019

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

Virtually no household without a dog. Four legged animal – man’s true friend, the servant is not for the sake of self-interest, but completely sincere.

But the master must take care of the faithful being and build a dog house, where she could hide from the summer heat, and sleep at night. Such a structure as a dog house, it is easy to make yourself.

The location of the dog room?

Construction of a dog house is carried out according to a certain technology, taking into account the correct choice of location. This will allow maximum impact. guard the yard. Besides:

  1. the structure should be located taking into account the wind direction. The wind should not be in the booth;
  2. a kennel for a dog should be placed in a sunny place, but so that an island of shadow is nearby. The dog can not withstand the scorching rays for a long time;
  3. the kennel should be on high ground, since the lowlands can be a source of water accumulation, which is harmful to the dog;
  4. It is desirable to install a dog house near the room where the owners live

How to make a dog house?

Before answering the question of how to build a dog house, you should correctly calculate the size of the dog room. Future dog comfort is largely determined by this. The housing parameters must be optimal. The opinion that the more housing, the better the wrong. It must be built on the basis of the parameters of the dog. Only if housing is planned for a puppy, then it is necessary to be guided by average indicators.

  1. after measuring the animal, determine the depth of the booth, which should be more than 5 cm in length of the dog. The width of the structure must be calculated from the height of the dog, with the addition of 5 cm. The dimensions of the dog’s aisle are determined on the basis of the calculation: width is 5 cm in diameter, 5 cm in height, and 5 cm in height, head size around the withers. In addition, there are averages for all kinds of breeds. For example, a shepherd kennel should be made in all respects at least a meter, and a width in the region of 1.5 meters. If the dog is small, then all internal dimensions can be 0.5 meters;
  2. the next step is the definition of the roof variant. It can be odnoskatnaya and gable. The first option is preferable for animals that like to lie on the roof and observe the territory. A gable roof increases the internal volume of space and the time it warms up, however, does not bring significant benefits. This is especially true in winter, when a dog with its own breath heats the entire area of ​​the kennel. In some cases, you can make a separate ceiling. The roof, while made in the form of a folding structure. It is convenient when carrying out disinfection.
  3. on the floor should also pay attention. The floorboards should rest on a downed frame that raises them to a certain height from the ground;
  4. dogs love to sit in front of the booth, so a good owner should make a shed, from rain and sun, and under him dog flooring;
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The material used to build a dog house with their own hands. Possible insulation

Tree – It is the most acceptable material that keeps you warm and cool at the right time. It is from him that it is recommended to make dog kennels. Boards must be precisely fitted to each other without cracks.

It is possible to make a booth of bricks, however, such a construction allows cold in winter, and in the summer it doesn’t keep cool. Often, animals do not want to lie in such structures. Given the dog’s temper, they do not tolerate uncomfortable conditions. In order to save, wood can be used as a supporting structure, and used on walls MDF or OSB.

Warming dog box passes any materials at hand. Waste of cotton wool or polyfoam is suitable here. The main thing is not to overdo it. The foam misses the air, so if the dog is closed on the bolt, you need to provide it with additional air flow. Insulation is laid in the floor, roof and ceiling, so these things should be double. When laying, it is necessary to observe the measure, since the dog itself gives enough heat. Sudden temperature drops are harmful to pets.

It is advisable to fill the kennel with soft straw, which in time will be compacted.

With the onset of winter, the opening of the manhole closes with chopped strips of material. This protects the kennel from the wind, while access remains free.

How to make a doghouse do it yourself

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

Dog box with their own hands is made easy. This work is available to everyone.

  1. according to pre-measured dimensions, pieces of bars are cut off with a square section of 40 centimeters. They are knocked off by the frame, which is the base of the kennel. From above boards which will serve as a floor fasten. If the floor space is large, additional bars are attached below to avoid floor sagging;
  2. along the edges of the floor quadrilateral, smaller bars are nailed, which are 10×10 cm in cross section. These are the future bases of the walls. At this stage, the design looks like an inverted table.
  3. wall cladding are wooden clapboard, well withstand climatic factors. The mount is nails, preferably galvanized;
  4. the next stage is the roof. If the structure is located in a closed area, it is allowed to make a single roof. Open space, requires a complex roof to protect it from rain;
  5. sometimes a kennel needs to make a ceiling. It’s also easy to do it yourself. The starting material is plywood canvas, mounted on bars. From above on it polyfoam keeps within and is fixed by other cloth. In that case, if the construction of the roof is not foreseen, a layer of roofing material just lay down on the ceiling;
  6. nailing the shutter into the manhole is a very important operation, so that the wind does not appear in the kennel;
  7. one of the last stages of the manufacture of the booth – laying insulation.
  8. Previously, the kennel is turned over and the bottom is treated with an antiseptic solution, on top of which, a ruberoid is nailed. Turning the design back, start laying the insulation and fixing it with the second layer. Insulation is not needed if the wall thickness is of a decent size;
  9. Finally, the booth should be put on a brick base so that the wood does not rot.
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Features care for a dog building

A kennel for a dog needs regular cleaning. In the summer it is carried out once a month. There is a sweeping out of the garbage accumulated during this period and the disinfection of the room. In winter, such work should be done only once. During the processing room, the pet is temporarily relocated.

If you foresee that the booth has a collapsible structure, this will greatly facilitate the cleaning process. The roof can be made folding, and the walls retractable.

Types of dog premises

The variety of dog kennels is very large:

  1. home construction, for indoor and small dogs, weighing no more than 20 kg, are small designs of lightweight material. Inside is laid soft mattress, which can be washed, easily pulling to the surface. They are installed directly in the living room. It is not desirable to have them on the aisle, where drafts walk. The best place for them is the balcony. The dog is always on the air. However, in winter, only a warmed loggia can be used;
  2. gable roofs;
  3. single-pitch;
  4. a room with a vestibule is a very peculiar design for four-legged animals. During the day, they rest in a cool room, and at night go into a warm compartment. The upper frame is made with a lift. It is convenient for cleaning the room;
  5. house with built-in canopy. The disadvantage is high air flow. Therefore, you need to put it in a quiet place. On the side of the manhole, in the house, they make an extension of the roof and floor, forming a veranda, which occupies half of the entire territory of the house. The dog can fit there freely. When working fantasy, such a house can decorate any territory in the form of a kind of a house;
  6. two-storyed booth. You can make it only with your own hands, because such design designs are not sold. As a rule, the first floor serves as a bedroom, and the second is used by the dog as a bed. Connect, among themselves, floors, stairs.
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Thus, by applying a little work and fantasy, you can build a very interesting and useful booth for a dog with your own hands. Without a doubt, the favorites of the owners will be delighted with their new housing.

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