July 15, 2019

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands Device Home In The Yard And In The Apartment

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands Device Home In The Yard And In The Apartment

Conceiving the construction of a dog house with your own hands, drawing up drawings and calculating dimensions, we must immediately take into account that this is her house for years, which means that he must comply with all the characteristics of the tenant, be comfortable and attractive for him. The best option for a dog house is a portable one. Over time, the place occupied by the four-legged guard may be needed for construction, planting a tree or breaking a flower bed – then you can simply move the house to another place without causing anxiety in the animal and not creating construction problems for the owner.

Selection of the best place

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands Device Home In The Yard And In The Apartment

The location of the booth for our younger friends is an important point.

The choice of location must meet several criteria:

  • The structure should be on a small elevation relative to the surrounding space, then the pet will never be in a puddle or sleep on a damp floor. This condition is very important to prevent water and snow from entering the dog house.
  • If possible, install a kennel should be near the buildings, fences – this will protect the animal from drafts, which are more damaging to dogs than severe frosts.
  • Ideal place for the booth – in the shade of a tree, but only partial – the sun is also very important for the health of the dog.
  • Hard, natural coverage around the booth is a necessary and important condition not only for the animal, but also for the convenience of the owner’s approach to it. Asphalt and concrete are not the best coatings, over time, because of them, a dog may develop paw diseases.
  • The excessively close proximity of the house to the path with the constant movement of people unnerves the animal, causing its causeless anxiety. The owners themselves, too, will not give pleasure endless dog barking.
  • Canine instinct provides for the protection of the territory, and always see everything and hear without getting out of the booth, – a condition for its design and choice of location. The possibility of a good overview of the protected area is an important condition for animal calmness and reliability of protection.

Why can not keep a dog in the barn

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands Device Home In The Yard And In The Apartment

A shed is not a place for a dog

Often, having household buildings on the plot, the owner of the dog prefers not to build a separate house for her, but keeps in a barn.

It is strictly contraindicated:

  • the darkness of the barn keeps the dog constantly alert and very poorly tolerated by animals
  • constant reaction to sounds made by insects or rodents causes irritation, nervousness, anxiety in animals
  • the heat given off by the dog’s body will completely warm the small building, but not the barn
  • from the barn it is impossible to observe what is happening outside, this results in depression of the dog, lethargy, heart disease
  • barn lighting with electricity does not replace daylight, bad for eyesight
  • absolutely unacceptable dogs together with farm animals and poultry

The size of the animal – the initial data for the construction of the kennel

You should not arbitrarily choose the size of the building for the dog, guided by considerations of material savings or the use of finished structures. The main criterion for the device booth – the size of the animal, which is to live in it sometimes a lifetime.

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands Device Home In The Yard And In The Apartment

The average size of the booth for different dogs

The height of the dog at the withers with the addition of 20 cm – turns out the height of the booth. The animal enters the house for rest or hiding from the weather and usually does not stand in it, but turns to face the exit and conveniently keeps within, inspecting the protected area through the manhole. Based on this behavior, the sufficient size of the booth in length will be the distance from the tip of the dog’s tail to the claws of the extended paws with the addition of 15 cm.

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If the animal wants to lie across, then the size should be the same, that is, the optimal shape of the base of the building is a square. There is no need to add dimensions, with a margin or “for growth” – with winter cold the dog heats its house with its heat, and an increase in the volume of the room means a greater need for heat.

The size of the entrance or manhole is determined by:

  • dog chest width 10 cm = manhole width
  • height at withers 12 cm = manhole height
  • the shape of the hole can be rectangular or oval, round

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Sizes of booths for large dogs

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands Device Home In The Yard And In The Apartment

Large breed dogs

If a fast-growing puppy is acquired, and I would like to build a booth now, then it is necessary to be guided by the standards of the breeds and their maximum sizes.

Dividing the breed into two groups, large and large, we can recommend the following maximum sizes of booths and manholes of them:

  • Caucasian Shepherd, St. Bernard, English Mastiff, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Bullmastiff – large dogs. The largest size of the booth for them: 210 x 140 x 90 cm, 75 x 40 manhole
  • Big dogs: Alabai, Akita Inu, Bobtail, Mountain Dog, Leonberger, Moscow Watchdog, Newfoundland, Labrador, Kurzhaar, Giant Schnauzer, German and Bulgarian Shepherd Dog, Samoyed, Husky, Russian Terrier, Corso Dog, Darthaar. Maximum sizes for this group: 180x130x90, 60×40 hole

Materials for construction

The owner, having decided on the place of construction and type of construction, first calculates the need for materials. It happens and vice versa – there are unused building materials on the farm, which are suitable for use in a dog shelter device.

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands Device Home In The Yard And In The Apartment

Modern architecture dog house

But first you need to figure out which materials may be suitable, and which are undesirable and contraindicated.

  • Any plastic that smells when heated to the sun can cause allergic reactions in animals and rejection of their home. The same can be said about varnishes and paints: the decorativeness of a dog’s home is good for the owner, but not necessary and even harmful to the dog.
  • The booth, sheathed with metal without a warming layer does not warm up in winter and too hot in summer. It is possible only to manufacture a strong welded metal frame in a dwelling for large and strong dogs, but the strength of a properly constructed wooden structure is quite enough.
  • Asbestos cement sheets (flat and wavy slate) are harmful to human health, and therefore not suitable for dogs
  • Insulators in the form of various kinds of compressed wat or based on foamed polystyrene and polyurethane are not needed for two reasons: dogs can easily tolerate considerable cold and can easily do without insulation in the kennel design; all odors cause a decrease in smell and allergies in dogs
  • It is not necessary to replace the wood on panels of chipboard furniture boards. They will quickly swell due to dampness and lose strength.

Warm booth

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands Device Home In The Yard And In The Apartment

It is not recommended to install additional devices for heating the booth.

The device of the heated floor or the installation of a heating radiator in a kennel is not only unnecessary, but also harmful for the yard guard. The dog perfectly tolerates a minus winter temperature, warming itself on its own in a dry, safely sheltered from drafts kennel.

If the house of the animal is heated, but the caretaker will constantly jump out of it, an abrupt change in temperature will adversely affect the growth of the undercoat, can lead to hair loss, untimely shedding, and colds. For the same reason, it is harmful and it is not necessary to transfer the dog to the house in the winter even for a short time.

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Wooden construction: the best material and simplicity of construction

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands Device Home In The Yard And In The Apartment

Ageless Classic – Wooden Booth

In the arrangement of the dwelling for the faithful friend, insulators and special bedding can be used, curtains over the entrance from snow and rain, canopies to create shade, and loungers for rest not far from the house.

The simplest solution and step by step recommendations

A novice home master must first visualize the structure that he wants to create. Excessive fantasy for a novice builder usually ends when he begins to draw up a drawing, drawing or sketch.

The product, especially if it is the first, should be planned simple, clear in execution, simple rectangular shape, with a central entrance, single-leaning. First you need to understand that the shape of the booth – the usual closed box with a lid.

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands Device Home In The Yard And In The Apartment

Drawing dog booths with dimensions

First the floor is made

  • This is a shield with internal dimensions of the length and width of the booth, but with the addition of 12 cm to the length and width. On a flat table fit four beams in the form of a frame. You can connect them to each other on metal corners.
  • On the one hand, waterproofing is attached to the frame – roofing felt, roofing sheet, glassine. There are a dozen two brand names, but you can choose the cheapest option. You can use a stapler for mounting, you can nail thin slats so that the roofing felt does not sag.
  • Immediately after filing the insulation, two or three beams are nailed along or across the frame. It is better to paint or cover them with bitumen mastic – they will stand on the ground, and the coating will save them from rapid decay.
  • The frame turns over, inside it is laid insulation. You can cover the insulation, if it is glass wool or other dusty material, with any insulating film. Further, a continuous plank floor is made of a grooved board with a thickness of 30-40 mm.

The next step will be the manufacture of side shields.

  • They are made in the same way as the floor panel, but boards with a thickness of 20 mm are nailed to the frame, while the insulation and insulation are not yet inserted.
  • The length of both side shields is equal to the length of the floor, and the width is the internal height of the kennel.
  • Sidewalls are installed on the floor flush with its edges and fastened together with screws or corners.
  • To perform bonding it is better to lay the structure on its side.
  • Side walls are installed strictly vertically on the level and are temporarily fixed on top with slats or boards between themselves.

Next, the back wall is made.

  • The manufacturing procedure is the same as the side, and the dimensions should be removed from the already prepared place under the face shield.
  • The assembled end wall is inserted into the overall product and is attached with the side.

Front part

  • The front face has only one additional difficulty: the manhole device. The frame of the manhole is made separately taking into account the possibility of its insertion into the front wall and fastenings with it.
  • Later, in front of the booth, it is sheathed with boards, taking into account the manhole, and is installed between the side shields and the part sheathed with boards inwards, like the previous parts.


  • The last cover is made – the exact analogue of the floor without insulation.
  • It is installed downhill and fastened to the side and end walls with self-tapping screws and flat furniture corners.
  • On such a structure, the slope of the roof is arranged from the used roofing materials. Allowed without any bias.

Side walls

  • They can be insulated according to the principle of roof and ceiling, and then sheathed with plywood or other materials.
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Capital building of stone, brick, building blocks

If the booth is built in one place forever, and this often happens in a small courtyard, then the capital structure is most appropriate. The main advantage of such structures is not in strength and strength. Stone, including artificial in the form of solid concrete, is a natural material.

A refuge or shelter made of stone similar to a hole or cave in natural conditions.. If such an artificial burrow is kept dry and clean, then the best house for a yard guard is not needed. Below is a photo of the principle of the device of the booth-hole: such variants are easier to be executed in stone or solid concrete.

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands Device Home In The Yard And In The Apartment

Monumental stone box

Recommendations for sanitation dog kennels in principle are correct and justified, but very rarely are the owners, conducting a general cleaning and disinfection in a dog house once a week, as recommended by sanitary rules. In fact, these requirements and recommendations are written for keeping animals in a kennel or for a dog breeding business. Two or three times a year to carry out preventive sanitary treatment of the booth is quite realistic and sufficient.

But the conversation is about the construction of the booth: whether it is necessary to provide for a flip cover or collapsible walls for cleaning and restoring order inside. Serious practical dog breeders of large household breeds arrange capital structures without additional conditions: it is quite accessible to disinfect several times a year through a manhole.

An all-stone or concrete structure in the form of a cozy hole is much more comfortable for the home watchman,  the perception of one’s own home as a fortress is also accessible to dogs.

How to build a stone booth

The construction of such a structure does not require high professionalism and great construction skills, and the savings are significant.

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands Device Home In The Yard And In The Apartment

Stone Pug Box

Markup, preparation, zero cycle

Stages of construction based on the size of booths for large breed dogs:

A bar of 50 x 50 mm is laid along the walls along the length, then at a distance of 45 cm from them two more bars parallel to each other are logs under the floors.

Before further erection of walls, it is desirable to lay the floors. They can be made in two layers: two perpendicularly layered layers of the board with a thickness of 25 mm. The single-layer coating is made of 40 mm grooved boards.

Then the laying of the walls to the mark of 90 cm from the level of the wooden floor continues. All internal seams of masonry should be thoroughly rubbed and smoothed.

The wooden lintel is durable enough, then it will be possible to simply and securely attach the curtain to protect it from the cold.

The outer perimeter of the wall is measured, the frame is made by its size. After a reliable fastening with the corners outside, it should be tried on – as if to put it on a brick frame. She should dress freely on the wall with the tolerance of possible wood swelling.

The frame on the ground is sheathed in two perpendicularly laid layers of 25 mm planks with laying of a layer of roofing material on the bitumen between them. Then the finished roof is put on a frame of brick walls.

You can fasten the roof and walls with knitting wire, pre-running in the masonry. If you open the booth on top, it’s still planned, then you don’t need to fasten it: the roof construction is rather heavy and will not be blown away by the wind. Door frame in the hole is not needed, and the threshold at the entrance can be useful.

Consumption of materials for the building:

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