July 4, 2019

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

Dogs remain favorite and common pets. Despite the many advantages that dogs can boast of, care and animals takes time and effort. First of all, what has been said refers to the place of rest, to the booth. Asking how to make a dog house with their own hands, people look to the world wide web. The Internet will be able to find a lot of drawings and plans for the construction of unusual and stylish booths.

Denote the main points before building a small dog teremka.

  • Dog breeds are divided into small, medium and large. Specify the group of belonging of the pet, in order not to be mistaken with the size of the mini-structure.
  • The booth is a place where the dog is able to stand up, turn around and lie down. The moment is required for making calculations.
  • Materials for the booth are provided environmentally friendly, so as not to harm the pet’s health.
  • The box is a protection from snow, wind and rain, the design is built reliable, strong and resistant.
  • An open-air cage is required to locate correctly in the yard. If the dog is a guard, it is necessary to put a house near the gate, so that “the border is on the lock”.

Important points take into account before the start of construction. A careful calculation of the size of the booth, manhole and interior decoration is carried out, let us dwell on the details in more detail.

Sizing and creating a sketch

The size of the booth is calculated based on the size of the dog. Certain rules are stipulated when making payments:

  1. The width of the manhole is so – the volume of the breast 8cm.
  2. Manhole height – height at withers – 4 cm.
  3. The height of the booth – height at withers 5 cm.
  4. The depth of the booth is equal to the height. The exceptions will be favorites, especially large breeds of dogs. For example, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog requires more depth than the height at the withers.
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Simple rules allow you to make the correct calculation and build a suitable teremok for a pet. It is worth saying that it is impossible to reduce the calculations presented above. It is permissible only to increase.

Sometimes the owners build "for growth". It is necessary to rely on the characteristics of the breed, the standards indicate the average indicators of an adult representative of the breed. The puppy has the right not to show due interest to the building, do not rush to get upset. Being small, the puppy will get used to the new dwelling. It is recommended to carry the baby into the booth by self-deprecation, thereby indicating the place intended for the dog. Growing up, the animal will independently begin to go there.

Make a dog booth – a difficult and time-consuming task. After the calculations, you will need to create a drawing (sketch), or borrow a ready-made book from the Internet. Drawing – the basis of construction.

Drawing booth does not require special skills and abilities. It will be necessary to determine the wall in which the hole is located. It is better to choose the longest wall, it will add convenience for the pet.

An important point is the roof. More often the surface is made of a double slope, it looks nice and adds a small attic. In the attic it is possible to fold the bowls and toys of the dog, which, if necessary, the pet will be able to get it.

How To Make A Dog House With Your Own Hands

Everything needed

The construction of the booth requires tools and building materials. It is advisable to use only environmentally friendly raw materials, other material can cause allergies in the animal, irritation or illness.

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The structure does not take much time and effort. The owners recommend attributing a mini-building to family entertainment, and family members, young and old, can take part in the process.

  • Lining, 12.5mm thick. Required for exterior plating.
  • Batten.
  • Fiberboard or plywood.
  • The beam is 100 by 100.
  • Galvanized nails, screws, varnish, paint, impregnation for wood against mold and other damaging effects.

Every modern man at home or in the garage there is a saw, screwdriver, shovel and hammer. Measurement will require a tape measure and a pencil. We will focus on warming; in the conditions of the Russian winter, the moment cannot be overlooked.

Insulation booth

A warm dog booth is a joy for the owner and family. Heat in a dog house is possible only with proper insulation. It is recommended to use mineral wool. It is inexpensive but acceptable and effective. It is acceptable to use foam, but the material is less effective.

Warming the booth is necessary, in the frosty winter nights the dog will find it unbearable to lie in a kennel. A loving owner will think about the proper insulation of the booth. Selected owners use modern heaters in the form of rolls for these purposes, such items are expensive.

A dog box made of wood is a good solution, the tree is not capable of causing negative effects on the pet’s organism. It is desirable to use boards from coniferous breeds, they are considered the most wear-resistant and durable.

The size of the dog plays a leading role in the construction of the home. Without the correct calculations there is a big risk to build a too small booth inconvenient for a pet. Small dogs are often skeptical about kennels. This is due to the desire to always be close to the owners, near the feet. Small dogs are extremely difficult to tolerate loneliness, being in a distant, albeit comfortable booth, can only bring suffering and discomfort to dogs. Owners of small dog breeds need to think about everything before building. It’s not a fact that Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua or any other little dog wants to spend the night in a remote house.

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Roof booth

The roof requires insulation. It is permissible to use expanded clay or foam plastic, the options are inexpensive. Roofing is important. Choose slate or galvanized profiled sheet. In the second case, the galvanization will save from rust and destruction. Professional galvanized sheets are not cheap, but this roof looks to be envy.

It is not recommended to use roofing material or tile, dogs love to gnaw. The appearance of the new house will be spoiled in the first days.

The booth for a small dog, although it will require fewer building materials, is more complicated. This is due to small details, inconvenient to work.

The booth for a big dog will require tangible financial investments. At the same time, the construction time will bring a lot of pleasure to family members. With the right approach, the procedure will take no more than 4 hours. But you should take into account the points listed above, otherwise there is a risk of creating a short-lived or uncomfortable shelter for the dog.

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