July 30, 2019

How To Make A Dog House Yourself

The presence of a dog in the dacha is desirable, but in a private house, where the owners live permanently, and also some kind of household, a four-legged watchman is simply necessary. So, the owner will have to take care of a separate and comfortable shelter for the dog – a booth. How to make a dog house yourself with your own hands – that is the question. It seems simple, but when you think it over, you realize that for your faithful four-way friend you need to try so that it is warm in the cold, spacious, it does not rain, it does not blow drafts, etc.

How To Make A Dog House Yourself

First of all, for the booth you need to choose the right place. Many people do not give this special attention, having a dog’s housing where necessary. This approach is not true at the root. Where is the best place to put a kennel?

Firstly, it should be a dry area so that in the fall or spring it does not accumulate water. This is only possible on high ground. You should not try to solve this problem at the expense of the device around the kennel of a small area paved with boards or something else. Yes, in this case, the animal will not have to walk directly on the water, but it will not save from dampness.

Secondly, you need to put a dog house in a place where you will get the most complete overview of the entire farmstead. To understand the importance of this criterion, remember how dogs living in city apartments choose their place in the room where the owners are at the moment. It seems to man that the dog is always at the most inappropriate point – on the threshold, against the far wall, etc.

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In fact, dogs always appear exactly where the whole room and the people gathered in it are best seen from. And, they do it without thinking, submitting to centuries-old instincts. Therefore, choosing a place under the doghouse, the owner should try to make the animal feel not only comfortable, but also calm. The best place is the area opposite the gate or the main entrance.

Here, of course, you need to focus on the dimensions of the animal. It should be able to stretch to its full length, so the depth of the kennel must be made 10 cm more than the length of the dog’s body, width 10 cm more than the height of the animal at the withers, and the distance from the floor to the lowest point of the ceiling should correspond to the size of the dog to the tips ears. It is very important to take into account that in this case we are talking about the internal dimensions of the kennel, because, due to the thickness of the walls, about 5-6 cm are “eaten”.

The material capabilities of each person are different. Therefore, sometimes there are owners of such dogs who, out of a great love for a shaggy friend, build him stone palaces. Sometimes even finishing materials such as vinyl siding are used. To the dog, all this is not only unnecessary, but on the contrary, it creates a certain discomfort. The animal feels much better in a kennel made of ordinary wood. In addition, this traditional material helps to maintain the necessary microclimate inside the booth.

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The simpler the design, the better. The simplest option is a frame of small cross-section bars with horizontal strapping, which is sheathed with a cut board. To prevent the dog from getting hurt, they need to be carefully cleaned. Of course, you shouldn’t grind them, but you should definitely get rid of sharp splits, protruding knots and other dangerous fragments. But what should not be done while preparing the wood for construction is to treat it with antiseptics or other protective substances. because all this chemistry, from which spreads an unpleasant smell. A man, after a while, stops catching him, but dogs have a much more subtle sense of smell.

The floor is the most important component of the booth. You need to knock it down carefully, using only well-dried boards. Otherwise, over time, gaps form in the floor, due to which drafts will reign inside. Dogs are not particularly afraid of the cold, but drafts are difficult to endure. In addition, the claws of an animal can get stuck in the crevices, which sometimes causes serious injuries.

The roof structure can be any, it does not matter much. The choice of roofing material is also arbitrary, it can be slate, iron or something else. The main thing is not to nail it to the booth tightly. After all, from time to time it is necessary to do the cleaning inside, and it is possible to get there only through the roof. Therefore, it should be easily removed.

Under our weather conditions, before the onset of the earth, the dog’s housing must be warmed. To do this, you can use any heat insulator. It is enough just to impose a kennel on the outside and securely fasten it so that it is not blown away by the wind.

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The problem area is the entrance. Unfortunately, dogs do not know how to close the door behind them, so the passage must always be open and much of the heat will erode through it. To solve this problem of insulation of the booth in such conditions, you can hang light silicone curtains at the entrance, which will prevent the penetration of cold inside, while not interfering with the animal. It is true that sometimes you have to spend some time and effort to get the dog to pass through such a curtain, because at first it will be unusual for her.

In the spring, winter warming must be removed, otherwise the dog will feel uncomfortable.
Here is a drawing of an approximate simple booth.

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