July 31, 2019

How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

If you are going to start or have already made a four-legged friend, then you should definitely think about creating a cozy corner for your pet. The dog needs its own place where it will sleep and which it can take as its refuge. A kennel should be functional, comfortable for living and, if possible, beautiful. Find out which dog house options are the most successful, study the drawings and photos of the finished houses, select the appropriate materials, and feel free to start home improvement.

Types of dog kennels

The design of the dog house can be very diverse. It all depends on where the pet lives. So, the kennel for a yard dog must be durable and resistant to weather conditions. A house for pet dogs is designed not only to serve as a refuge, but also to fit into the overall interior.

How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Street kennel

Outdoor booth for yard or cottage

A kennel for a dog living on the street must combine these qualities:

  • strength, because she will have to serve in the open air for more than one year;
  • Impermeability and impermeability to protect the four-legged friend from piercing wind and rain in bad weather;
  • heat-insulating properties – a warm dog box is simply necessary if the animal spends all year round on the street;
  • size matching – the pet should be comfortable in the inner space.

Particular attention is paid to the warming of the dog house. Polystyrene foam, polystyrene foam, mineral wool, plain cardboard are used as thermal insulation. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that most dogs are not averse to trying the tooth walls of their homes. The insulation layer is insulated with boarding, OSB or plywood. Properly warmed walls have the following structure:

  1. The first layer is the outer skin resistant to weathering.
  2. The second layer – the heater laid by a dense layer without gaps and cracks. Polyfoam and expanded polystyrene are laid directly on the casing, under the mineral wool is laid paroizoliruyuschy material (izolon, izospan, plastic wrap).
  3. The third layer is the inner lining of plywood, wood. The material must be environmentally friendly and breathable.
How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Kennel layout

The most common and simple dog house is a wooden house with a single or double gable roof. In order to finally decide what the building will be, it is useful to study the photo of the finished dog booths on the backyard.

Rules for the location of the kennel on the street:

  1. The house is set in the shade of trees or buildings. In a fully open sunny place, the pet has nowhere to hide from the heat.
  2. If the dog is a guard, then the kennel is positioned in such a way that an overview of the yard is opened from it.
  3. Canine dwelling should not be warmed up during heavy rain. It is unacceptable that water flowed from the roofs of the remaining buildings, drain pipes.
How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

The house must be put in the shade

Home booth as a personal space dog

A dog house at home in the room rather plays a decorative role and serves as a resting place. It is advisable for large breed animals to equip flat stove benches, as a full house with a roof will take a very large space.

For small decorative dogs weighing up to 15–20 kg, cute indoor booths are often made of foam rubber, cardboard, or thin plywood. A removable mattress is placed inside the kennel, which is easy to pull out and wash as needed. A dog box in an apartment is usually sheathed with upholstery or decorative fabric combined with the interior.

Place a pet have in a secluded corner, away from the drafts. You should not put a house on the aisle, because it is inconvenient for both the household and the dog itself. It is best to equip a home kennel somewhere in the room, away from the hustle and bustle, but the kitchen or corridor is clearly not the best place.

Sometimes the owners equip the dog house on the balcony. This design is justified in the warm season, the pet can stay for a long time in the fresh air. Practically the same requirements apply to it as to a street building, that is, it must be durable, waterproof and windproof.

In winter, the balcony kennel is usually not used. The exceptions are warmed loggias, where a kennel can stand both in winter and in summer.

How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Original room house

Dog house designs

Large selection of options allows you to choose the design of the kennel, depending on the specific situation.

Doghouse with a double slope roof

The traditional gable roof is perhaps the most common option found everywhere. The walls are made of wood, brick, frame. Roof is covered from wooden boards, slate. In cold regions, the construction must be supplemented with an attic floor of boards or plywood to minimize heat loss.

It is convenient to equip a small storage room under the gable roof, which will serve as a place for storing ammunition, toys, and training equipment. One of the ramps attached to the door hinges, so that it can be raised if necessary. The angle of the gable roof can vary from 5 to 60 degrees, but the roof looks most beautiful with an angle of about 40 degrees between the slopes.

How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Gable roof

Shed roof

The shed roof has almost the same properties as a gable roof, and making it a little easier. The material used is the same as in the first version – tightly knit wooden shields, sheets of slate. It is worth avoiding roofing sheets made of profiled sheet or metal tiles, because the iron heats up in the summer and does not keep heat in the winter.

The slope of a sloping kennel should be directed in the direction opposite to the entrance, so that the water during the rain does not flow directly into the room. The angle of inclination make at least 5-10 degrees. The wooden roof is additionally protected by roofing felt, slate, thick plastic wrap.

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How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Single pitch roof

Dog apartment with a vestibule

Two-room dog box is a very comfortable accommodation option. Thanks to the vestibule, the four-legged watchman can sit under the roof during bad weather, and sleep and rest in the second closed room. Such a kennel is much warmer than a one-room one, because the vestibule prevents the wind from blowing into the sleeping compartment. In the northern regions with cold long winters, a two-room warmed kennel is the best solution for street animal care.

The frame of the booth is installed in such a way that the roof over the closed compartment can be lifted to change the litter, as well as periodic disinfection. Laz in the second compartment is placed at an angle to the entrance to create an additional obstacle to the wind.

How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

The project of the booth with a platform for a large dog

House with a canopy

The booth with a veranda is not as comfortable as a two-room one. Such a shelter well protects a four-legged pet from the rain, but not from the wind, therefore, if possible, it is installed in the wind-proof part of the yard.

The roof and the bottom of the dog box with a terrace make protruding from the side of the manhole. The size of the porch depends on the breed, it is designed so that the dog can freely fit there lying down. As a rule, the veranda is half or slightly less than the total area of ​​the structure.

If you approach the case with fantasy, a dog booth with a porch can turn into a real fairy-tale teremok and become an ornament of the site. It looks very nice building with painted or decorated with carved porch.

How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

House with a porch

Comfortable dwelling with door

As a rule, the door for the doghouse is a regular curtain. It is made to the size of the manhole with a small overlap. Fasten the curtain, pressing it to the upper edge of the manhole with a thin wooden plank and screwing it with screws. The most suitable materials for curtains are:

However, such an improvised door to a dog booth is not always a good defense. Young playful animals often simply tearing the curtain to shreds. In this case, you will have to think about how to build a more solid defense.

It should be noted that capital doors for the booth are justified only in areas with harsh climate. In regions with mild winters, it is sufficient to simply install the kennel in a place protected from the wind.

A wooden door for a dog house may also be needed if the four-footed guard responds too violently to the guests. If it is planned to close the aggressive animal from time to time, then the door is hung on strong hinges, and also a bolt or locking hook is attached to it.

How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

This doghouse with a door looks like a hobbit house

Designer two-story booth

Two-story dog ​​booths are rather an unusual decoration of the yard than a necessity for an animal. On the first floor, as a rule, there is a sleeping room, and on the second floor there is an open plank bed. Both tiers are connected to each other using a ladder.

However, a two-tier dog booth can be of any configuration. If you make a sleeping compartment on the second floor, then on the first floor you will get a comfortable closed terrace. If you have two dogs, a booth on 2 floors with two bedrooms will save space and materials for construction.

How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Two-storey house

Double booth for comfort

The booth for two dogs provides for two isolated sleeping compartments that are under the same roof. Dog houses for two often do one-story, with manholes, located next to each other.

The double dog shed is an oblong construction with separate entrances. The internal space is divided by a solid wooden partition. It is possible to attach a common terrace or a vestibule to such a kennel. In general, the device booth for two is the same as for one dog.

Before building a doghouse with a partition, it is necessary to draw a design diagram taking into account the size of animals. Usually make a double doghouse with the same compartments in size. If the dimensions of four-legged pets are very different, you can make sleeping places of different sizes.

How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Double doghouse

How to calculate the size of the booth

The first thing to think about when designing a kennel is its size. It directly depends on the size of the dog. In too small a room, the pet will be crowded and hot, and in an overly spacious room it will be cold in winter. If the dog is still a puppy, the house is constructed for growth, taking into account the size of an adult animal.

For optimal selection of the size, several measurements are taken from the animal:

  • the distance from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail – this will be the depth of the kennel;
  • height at withers – add 5 cm to the resulting figure, this is the optimum height of the room. Laz make a height of 5 cm less, the dog must freely go into it, slightly bowing his head;
  • front chest width – adding 5 cm to this value, get the width of the manhole.
How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

How to take measurements to determine the size of the kennel

In regions with severe winters, it is recommended to strictly adhere to the optimal size. The interior space is designed so that the dog can freely enter and lie down, curled up or bending his paws. In the southern areas of the house can be made more spacious.

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Features of calculations for large breed dogs

Booths for dogs of large breeds, such as Moscow Watchdog, Alabai, St. Bernard, Labrador, German Shepherd Dog, Irish Wolfhound are impressive in size. In order for the structure to serve for more than one year, it is initially made with a margin of safety.

Approximate dimensions of the doghouse for alabay:

  • the height of the house is 90 cm;
  • berth depth – 130 cm;
  • kennel width – 100 cm;
  • manhole dimensions – 60 to 40 cm.
How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Drawing kennels for large breeds

A booth for a Caucasian cannot be less than the indicated sizes, because the dogs of this breed are one of the largest. For the German Shepherd or Labrador make the room a few smaller sizes.

Sizes for medium breed dogs

The medium breeds include rottweiler, boxer, shar pei, as well as most hunting dogs such as huskies, hounds, and cops.

Approximate dimensions of the doghouse for breeds of medium size:

  • height – 80 cm;
  • berth depth – 110 cm;
  • kennel width – 75 cm;
  • dimensions of the manhole – 50 by 35 cm.
How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

House for breeds of medium size

Such a booth is perfect for husky or any other hunting dog. If the room is intended for a short-haired dog, for example, a boxer or a Shar-Pei, it is necessary to warm it well.

For dogs of small breed

For the smallest dogs, as a rule, build small indoor booths. Small breeds include dachshunds, Yorkshire terriers, pugs, dwarf poodles, Chinese crested dogs, Pekingese dogs.

The size of the booth for a small dog:

  • berth depth – 70 cm;
  • width – 55 cm;
  • booth height – 60 cm;
  • dimensions of the manhole – 40 to 30 cm.
How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Miniature kennel

When constructing a house, be sure to consider the individual characteristics of the breed. For example, it is obvious that the dachshund booth and the Chinese crested dog booth will differ, although both breeds are small.

Decorative short-haired doggies such as toy terriers, chihuahuas often freeze even in an apartment, so they must make the house warmed or put a thick mattress inside.

We make a booth with our own hands from scrap materials

A beautiful and functional dog house can be made by hand from any available materials. Wooden bars and boards, plywood, slate, brick will be used. There are craftsmen who adapt even old car tires, refrigerators and washing machines to their kennels.

Which doghouse to build from wood

The classic version is a wooden dog house. The tree is well protected from heat and cold, it breathes and does not emit harmful substances, contributing to a favorable microclimate inside. The service life of the dog booth from the boards is about 6-7 years, after which the material begins to crack and requires replacement.

It is very easy to build a kennel out of pallets or pallets. They are used as a finished frame, which is sheathed with plywood. The kennel can be chipped from ordinary pine planks with a thickness of at least 2 cm, as well as from pieces of thick plywood or OSB. The wooden structure should not be treated with any antiseptics and impregnations from bark beetles, because the dogs have a very developed sense of smell and the animal will be uncomfortable in a strongly smelling room.

If your house is built of wood, then it is logical to make a dog house from the same log or timber. Chopped kennel in this case will fit into the overall style of the site as well as possible.

To save costly construction material, you can build a dog booth from simple boards, and then finish the building from a blockhouse or slab, imitating a solid timber. The blockhouse is a finishing material made of natural wood that imitates solid wood. Croaker – convex remains of logs after cutting into boards.

How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Wooden doghouse

Wooden box with his own hands

Stages of building a doghouse of a plywood with a lean-to roof:

  1. From bars 100×100 mm they knock together the foundation of the floor. Lay the frame on a flat surface and stuffed on one side a sheet of plywood in size. Turn the design, in the space between the bars tightly laid foam, polystyrene foam or mineral wool. Plywood is stuffed from this side too. Paul is ready.
  2. Two vertical bars of the facade height are installed on the base and two bars on the opposite side are slightly shorter to ensure the slope of the future roof. During operation, check the vertical racks using the construction level. Bars fasten with screws on a tree and metal corners.
  3. Separately connect the three bars in a U-shaped design to the size of the manhole with screws and metal corners. Screwed to the base in the desired location.
  4. Sheathe structure outside plywood or OSB. Inside, a layer of insulation is laid, just like on the floor, after which the inner lining is made.
  5. The roof is made in the same way as the floor, but slightly larger in size so that it slightly protrudes beyond the construction. The finished roof is mounted on a kennel and upholstered with roofing felt or covered with slate.
  6. Install a kennel on thick bars or bricks.
How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

The process of building a house

How to build a kennel brick

Capital brick doghouse suitable for dogs of large sizes. Such a building is very durable and will last more than a dozen years. The construction of a brick dog house with their own hands is not much different from the construction of other capital buildings. The material for the booth is not only brick, it can be built, for example, from foam blocks or cinder block.

How to build a dog house:

  1. The building plot is cleared and leveled. They mark the contours, and then dig a trench about 25×25 cm around the perimeter for the foundation. Pour it with concrete and leave to harden for several days.
  2. Start laying out the walls. In the process, be sure to check the vertical structure, as well as respect for the angles of 90 degrees. At the site of the manhole, they pass the required number of bricks along its width. When the masonry reaches the height of the manhole, a wooden bar is laid across it and the masoning is continued.
  3. The finished brick booth must be warmed from the inside with wooden paneling, and the wooden floor will also be laid.
  4. On the roof, make an overlap of boards or plywood, and then install the roof itself, for example, from slate.
How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Real brick house

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Quick solution made of cardboard

If before the owners the question arose: how to quickly make a booth for a small dog living in an apartment, then one of the possible options is a cardboard house. Probably everyone will find unnecessary boxes from home appliances and appliances. It is from such a thick cardboard get a good booth in a hurry.

Materials and tools that will be needed in the work:

  • thick cardboard, the denser the better;
  • tape measure, scissors, pencil;
  • wide scotch or large stapler;
  • remnants of wallpaper or pieces of cloth to decorate the house outside.

How to make a dog box from a cardboard box:

  1. First you need to draw a pattern. First draw a small copy with the exact indication of the actual size. After that, the pattern is transferred to the cardboard already in full size. For convenience, you can cut the pattern out of paper, and then draw out cardboard blanks on it.
  2. Cut out parts with strong scissors or a construction knife. The bottom and the walls are better to make one-piece with folds – so the house will acquire additional strength.
  3. The next step is to build the booth. Cut out the details combined in a single design with a wide construction tape. First, fix the corners in several places with pieces of scotch to prevent the house from falling apart. After that, glue the tape on all the seams in several layers. Make out an adhesive tape and the edges of the manhole.
  4. The finished house has a rather unsightly look. For beauty, its outer surface is covered with wallpaper or covered with upholstery fabric. Inside the mattress is laid with a removable cover.
How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Cardboard kennel

A handmade cardboard box for a domestic dog is unlikely to last a long time. But it is easy to make it literally in an hour. Instead of adhesive tape, you can fasten parts with thin wire or even a simple stapler.

Tire bed

It is easy to make a dog bed for a medium-sized dog out of a car tire. To do this, the tires carefully and smoothly cut off the inner edges, then paint in the color you like. At the bottom of the stack round mattress. The resulting couch is quite capable of replacing a full-fledged kennel to a pet.

From the old wheel, you can make a booth for a yard dog. Several tires are stacked on each other and connected to each other with strong wire. The resulting structure is laid on its side. On the one hand, the hole is closed with a piece of plywood, and the opposite is left as a manhole. Inside such an improvised booth they put a shield out of the boards so that the dog is comfortable to lie down.

How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Tire bed

Foam Kennel

For a small lapdog it is best to sew a soft foam booth. For animals weighing more than 20 kg it is advisable to equip a flat bed without a roof.

Before you sew a dog box, you need to decide on the material. Sheet foam rubber with a thickness of 2-3 cm is suitable as a base. The exterior upholstery is chosen according to your taste so that you get a beautiful and original dog shed that fits into the interior of the house.

In order to make a decorative doghouse for a room dog, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • the pattern of the doghouse, drawn on sheets of paper in full size;
  • a sheet of foam rubber 2 cm thick, the size of the sheet depends on the size of the animal, for example, a piece of 2×1 meter is enough for a dachshund or Jack Russell terrier;
  • a piece of upholstery fabric slightly larger than a foam sheet;
  • natural fabric for the interior of the house;
  • thick thread, needle, scissors, construction knife;
  • sewing machine.
How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Pattern soft kennels

  1. Transfer the pattern to foam rubber. Marking done without seam allowance. Cut out all the details with a construction knife, as the scissors quickly become dull from such work.
  2. Mark the same pattern, first on the upholstery, and then on the lining fabric, but already with seams allowances of at least 3 cm. Cut out all the details.
  3. Separate fabric covers for each foam rubber part. To this end, blanks of two types of fabric are folded in the inside and stitched sides from three sides. Note that the cover does not need to be turned out, the seams should remain outside.
  4. An appropriate foam rubber blank is inserted inside each case, and then the last edge is instilled. They try to make the upholstery fit tightly with pieces of foam rubber, otherwise the finished house will turn ugly.
  5. The finished parts are sewn together from the inside, forming a house. In this case, all protruding seam allowances are wrapped inward and stitched.
  6. To make a soft kennel more decorative, a thick cord is laid along all the seams and carefully sewn by hand.
How To Make A Doghouse Do It Yourself

Ready house from foam rubber

A caring owner will always find a way to make a booth for his beloved dog himself. Among the mass of options, there will definitely be one that is right for your pet.

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