How to make a dozer blade on a single axle tractor

Features of making a mouldboard for a power tiller with your own hands step by step

The blade can be made in different ways from different materials. Let’s look at 2 of the most popular:

Dimensional drawings

  • Mouldboard
  • Left blade
  • Middle knife
  • Bolt
  • Washer 16.65Г.019 GOST 6402-70
  • Nut M16-6H.5.019 (S24) GOST 15523-70
  • Bolt
  • Knife right
  • Washer 20.65Г.019 GOST 6402-70
  • Nut M20-6H.8.019 (S30) GOST 15523-70

Barrel moldboard

Let’s go over step by step how to make a shovel for a single axle tractor using a metal barrel:

  • Take an old 200l barrel and cut the lid and bottom with an angle grinder.
  • Mark up the barrel so that there are 3 equal sectors of 120 gr. After that cut it with an angle grinder.
  • Connect the two segments with an overlap of 3 cm using a welding machine. Next you need to strengthen the construction. To do this, cut the rest of the drum into strips with an angle grinder. Attach one strip on each side of the shovel, and distribute the rest evenly along the whole length of the tool. You can also use a profile pipe.
  • To protect the working surface of the blade in its lower part there should be a blade. This will require a metal strip of length equal to the grip of the shovel, 100 mm wide and 5 mm thick. Using an electric drill make holes with a diameter of 5-6 mm at intervals of 100-120 mm in the knife for the rubber band installation.
  • Install the rubber strip on the knife. The width of the protruding part is better to do 3 to 10 cm. The strap must be removable, so you can use the blade for work with loose materials.
  • Then we make the attachment of the shovel to the power tiller. Make a U-shaped piece from sheet iron (you can take a suitable channel).
  • Make a few holes in the resulting U-shaped piece to set the desired angle of rotation of the shovel. Also make holes for fastening the square metal profile.
  • Weld that piece in the center of the working canvas.
  • Now you need to make an adapter. Take another piece of square tube and make an L-shaped piece from it. The short side of this adapter is attached to the U-shaped piece, and the other end of the pipe is bolted to the frame of the power tiller.
  • To adjust the height of the blade, weld two eyelets to the lower profile (which is connected to the swivel sector) and a metal plate to the upper profile (which is fixed to the bracket of the power tiller). Make a hole in the plate for the bolt. Take a piece of pipe, and drill a hole. One end of this pipe will be connected to the bottom pipe with a bolted connection, and on the other end weld a bolt or threaded rod. Put a bolt through the hole in the metal plate and make a handle.
  • Shovel on a singleaxle tractor for snow removal with their own hands is ready.
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It should be taken into account that the thickness of the barrel walls is small. Such a moldboard is better to use for cleaning recently fallen snow, which has not yet had time to caked and not covered with an ice crust.

Use a blade from a gas can

Using a cylinder, the snow blower motor cultivator is made in the same way as from a barrel with a few differences. Order of assemblage:

  • Release excess pressure from the tank.
  • Cut off covers from the ends of the cylinder so that the width of the resulting pipe is 1 m.
  • Cut this pipe lengthwise into two equal parts.
  • With the help of welding fasten the 2 parts so that the height of the blade is about 700 mm.
  • Make a hitch.

Since the walls of the cylinder are strong enough (thick), their additional strengthening is not required. With such a blade a singleaxle tractor can work with rammed snow, level the surface, move sand and gravel without fear of damaging the working surface of the shovel.

How to make a mouldboard for a power tiller

Dacha owners and private homeowners are well aware of the harsh winter: when you have to intensively engage in cleaning large amounts of snow. To cope with the elements, you often have to take a shovel and manually rake mountains of snow. But today for this purpose you can use available technical means, which are more effective, and also do not require significant physical effort.

An excellent way to clear snow is to use a power tiller with a snow blade. It is interesting that it is not necessary to buy the mouldboard itself, you can make it with your own hands. The photo shows a characteristic sample, which can be applied to power tillers of different manufacturers: Neva, Kaskad, Salyut and Ugra.

Design features

First of all, let’s define the construction. The motorized shovel blade is a curved working surface that consists of the following elements:

  • rigid frame;
  • stiffeners;
  • 2 mm thick curved steel plate.;
  • heel (2 pcs.);
  • blades (metal and rubber).

A metal blade is used in excavation work when you need to level the ground and t. д. When sweeping areas from snow, debris, etc. д. rubber blade is used (gentle), which will protect both the nozzle itself from damage when it comes into contact with hard surfaces, and the sidewalk (tile, asphalt, concrete).

make, blade, single, axle, tractor

Standard shovel has a width of 100 cm. and 40 cm high.

There are two types of engine blades, which have some visual differences in their design:

How To Make Tractor Front Blade Complete Video 2021

Shovel blade for power tiller is designed only for cleaning territories from debris, snow, used for leveling crushed stone, soil and sand. Bucket at both ends is closed by welded plates, so in addition to the already described actions, it can also be used for loading of the very sand, earth, snow, debris, etc. д.

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We suggest to see the photo, where you can see how the shovel differs from the bucket:

Type of mounting relative to your power tiller

Thanks to the relative simplicity of its design, its relatively low weight (up to 16 kg.) and the great functionality of the work performed, the blades can be attached to both medium and heavy power tillers.

Depending on the design of a power tiller, a canopy can be attached:

  • to the front;
  • at the rear of the motorized unit, taking into account that the steering column of the latter rotates 180 degrees around its axis.

Location of implement

Pivoting mouldboards are universal, as they allow you to set the desired angle of attack:

Non-adjustable power tillers are rigidly mounted in the position required by the operator (straight, right, left) and cannot be adjusted.

We suggest to see a video of the operation of a power tiller using a straight and swivel blade:

Varieties of couplings to motor-blade shovels of famous brands

A hitch is an indispensable device that comes with a walking tractor that makes it possible to hitch up various attachments. Depending on the brand of power tiller, its design, and the configuration of the coupling itself changes. In addition, couplers also come in adjustable (angle of attack, horizontal) and non-adjustable.

There are several types of mounts:

Linkage for KIT-set equipped with front lifting mechanism

Types of lifting mechanism

Elevators allow you to raise and lower the implement (mouldboard for a power tiller), perform loading and cleaning operations. There are several varieties of elevators:


The blade-shovel for a motor-block is an attachment equipment, which is widely used at any time of the year by owners of homestead plots. Overview, application, use. about all this we will tell in this article.

The shovel can be used to do the following jobs:

  • To clear snow notes along roads, sidewalks, in the yard and adjacent areas;
  • level the ground, sift, sand;
  • rake and shovel garbage;
  • if the blade is made in the form of a bucket. to do loading work.
make, blade, single, axle, tractor

Tools and materials

To independently create a snowplow blade will need:

  • steel sheet 850x700x3 mm;
  • 4 steel plates 450h230h3-4 mm;
  • 850x100x3 mm strip of iron;
  • Two eyelets for fixing the rods;
  • 1 m square pipe with a cross section of 40×40 mm;
  • M10,M12 and M8 bolts as well as washers and nuts;
  • Two rods 520 mm long;
  • a set of metal drills;
  • pliers;
  • a set of wrenches;
  • a sheet of thick durable rubber;
  • a small but thick steel plate;
  • angle grinder with metal disks;
  • apparatus for electric welding;
  • hand-held electric drill.

Scheme of making a shovel blade for a power tiller

Varieties of equipment

There are several varieties of such equipment, allowing each consumer to choose the right option for themselves. The models are divided into homemade and purchased. The first are much cheaper, suitable for all power tillers, but considerably inferior to their counterparts in terms of service life.

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The blade for such machinery can be made of various elements, among which it is advisable to mention:

It should be noted that this device is considered multifunctional, because it can be used to level and cut a small amount of soil.

The blade is an attachment in the form of a shovel or bucket, installed on a singleaxle tractor for the purpose of clearing the yard from snow masses and debris, as well as leveling the soil. Snowplow for power tiller greatly simplifies the cleaning, and can be used as a household plot, and in the public domain.

Structurally the blade on a single axle tractor consists of three main elements. shovel, fixing unit and a mechanism for adjusting the angle of rotation of the shovel. Shovels, presented today in agricultural equipment stores, are equipped with shovels with different modifications among themselves. The difference between them is mainly in the device and the principle of their functioning. As a rule, a snow thrower for a power tiller works in several positions:

Before proceeding directly to the manufacture of the snow blade, it is necessary to select the optimal angle of the shovel, and fix it on the power tiller, using the L-shaped attachment.

Classification of shovels for your power tiller

As simple as this attachment may seem at first glance, but there is also a variety of.

  • By shape (design);
  • The method of attachment to the power tiller;
  • By the location of the working body relative to the power tiller;
  • by the form of coupling;
  • by type of elevator.

The design of the snow shovel

Important! All shovels for power tillers have a similar device, so you can make them according to a common algorithm.

make, blade, single, axle, tractor

Turn and lock the structure should be in three positions:

The shovel can be cut out of an old tin barrel or an empty propane tank. Metal cotter pins are used to secure it to the chassis. The grip of the working surface of the knife should be about a meter, and the thickness of metal. about 3 millimeters.

In order to make a blade on a single axle tractor, you need to prepare:

  • Barrel with a standard volume (200 liters);
  • steel plate with dimensions of 85x10x0.3 centimeters;
  • section of pipe with a square section of 4×4 cm, a length of 1 meter;
  • bolts of sizes M12, 10 and 8, as well as the appropriate nuts;
  • a solid rubber plate;
  • steel plate.

In addition, prepare the tools: drills for metal, welder and electrodes, an electric drill, a set of socket wrenches, angle grinder and discs for metal cutting.

Important! Before you make a mouldboard, make sure the tool is in good working order and that you are able to cope with its use. Observe safety precautions, wear a welding mask, and use special glasses when drilling.