How to make a hex pipe for a power tiller

Creating an Adapter

For ease of use of all mechanisms, which will be described later, it is recommended to create an adapter first. The attachment itself is just an extra pair of wheels with a seat, it makes it possible to operate the machine from a sitting position. This is very useful when carrying out prolonged work, such as mowing grass or cultivating the ground.

Beforehand you need to prepare a drawing of the motor-block frame, and it does not take much time to make it. If any parts are missing, they can also be made by yourself.

To prevent unnecessary movement it is necessary to buy or make unblocks for the cinder block.

The frame of the power tiller is made elementary, after making a drawing you need using a welder to weld the hexagonal tubes to each other to form the base for the frame. You don’t need to be a skilled craftsman to perform this operation.

After that, the seat is installed on the frame that has been made. If you want, you can also cover the frame with iron sheeting to make it aesthetic. The brackets are welded at the bottom, in which the wheel axle is fixed.

To connect the body to the motor use a swivel node. You can buy it in a store or make it yourself from round metal pipes. In some cases, you may need an axle extension, for example, to increase the distance between a pair of drive wheels.

You can use a belt or chain to transfer the rotation (if you want to make the rear wheels drive).

Air filter protection for the power tiller is also important, so if you plan to use the motor for mobility, it would be a good solution to periodically clean it or additionally protect it in order to prolong the life of the mechanism.

How to make an adapter for the motor-block Neva with your own hands

To make a quality, reliable and durable adapter for the motor-block “Neva” with your own hands is not too difficult. To make such a device yourself will need to prepare the correct drawings, as well as familiarize yourself with the features that the factory units have.

Assembly of the trailer for the motor-block Neva on their own hands

A special self-made adapter can make a small tractor out of a Neva power tiller and most automate the housekeeping.

  • the frame made of metal;
  • cross bar;
  • hitch;
  • axle, wheels and wheel stands;
  • struts;
  • control assemblies;
  • bogie;
  • comfortable seat.

Any steel pipe of up to 2 meters in length must be used for the normal trailer frame. On one end, a hitch is welded to it. This is the node by which the entire structure is attached to the towbar of the power tiller. On the other side, a cross bar is welded, the size of which should be chosen based on the width of the wheelbase of the equipment. Next, struts and wheel stands are attached to the boom, which are necessary to ensure frame rigidity and shock absorption when moving around the vegetable garden. The wheels should be removed from a car trailer or a garden cart.

Usually, the adapter and attachments of a power tiller are connected by a single hitch. All functional units are controlled by a special lever with several knees. When they are switched, it is possible to regulate the change of position of the attached implements. And you can also use an extra lever to adjust the applied force. Finally, a metal base needs to be attached to the crossbar on which the driver’s seat will rest.

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Long drawbar adapter requires the most powerful single-axle tractor. Engine power will also affect the size of the wheels and the size of the tube from which the carrier frame will be assembled in the future.

How to make a hex pipe for a power tiller

The construction expert

Work at the site


Hexagonal pipe for the power tiller with your own hands is easy to install. Besides this, this mounting element can be used for a multitude of useful attachments and supplements to any machine. Hexagonal tube is more useful for creation of reliable joints without using welding and torque or force transmission in some mechanics.

How to use a hexagonal tubeA lot of farmers, after they have bought a non-motorized machine, know that when using this mechanism in various spheres of activity they will have to additionally spend money for the purchase of special accessories, such as: frame; adapter; rotors; attachments for various kinds of work;

All of this can be purchased at the expense, but many farmers create similar devices independently. This method saves money and can make the design more reliable and with undivided additional functionality.The most popular solution for using the motor-driver is to create a tricycle “creeps” with a seat on which you can move and carry luggage in a small additional body.

Such accessory is called an adapter, it can be purchased in the store or made by yourself. For the other variant it is necessary to buy some details in order to create a skeleton of the future use of the tool. How to build a self-made adapter, will be described further.Besides, this unit is universal mechanism, which can be used to create almost any device to help in the business. Active rotors to the power tiller with your own hands can also be created without any particular difficulties, and the area of their use is large.

After manufacturing of such elements it’s possible to create most of the mechanisms for collection, land picking and other agricultural activities. Examples of these mechanisms are snow blower, cultivator, road clearing device and many others. The engine meter will not interfere with the immediate control of the device working life.

Creation of adaptorFor the convenience of using all the mechanics, which will be described later, it is recommended to create the adaptor first. The attachment is just an additional pair of wheels with a seat, which makes it possible to operate the machine from a sitting position. This is very useful when performing time-consuming work such as mowing grass or cultivating the ground.The frame for the power tiller must be made beforehand and it does not take long to prepare the frame. If some of the parts are missing, you can also create them yourself.To prevent cranking you will need to buy or build an unlocking device for the power tiller.

To build an adapter you need: welding machine, metal pipes and sheets, seat.

Work the frame for the motor unit is elementary, b billetshilenya seat for welding machine for dopomomotirovannya hexagonal tubes one to one, to create a basis for the frame. You do not need to be a master craftsman to add Комментарии и мнения владельцев.After that the seats are assembled on the frame. If you want, you can add a sheet of zaliz metal to enhance the aesthetic look of the frame. From below, weld the brackets, in which the whole wheel is fastened.

Swivel head for attaching body to the engine. It can be purchased in the store or made by yourself with round metal pipes. In some cases it may be necessary to use axle clamp, for example to increase distance between two driving wheels.You can use a belt or a lance for the winding transmission (if you want to make the rear wheels driven too).Cleanliness of the air filter is also essential for the power tiller, therefore if you plan to use the motor for shifting, it would be a good solution to clean it periodically or additionally protect it to prolong the service life of the machine.

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As previously stated, the active rotors to the walking motor with their own hands are not smoothly made, the essence of simply two metal rods connected by twisted sharpened metal wedges (knives).In the middle of the given device is a bushing, it can be absolutely any-form: square, round, hexagonal, etc. П. Rotors are used for ground cultivation or for snow removal.If the plan is to build a snowball head on the engine, the rotor is covered with cranks and equipped with a pipe for snow throwing to the side.

For the creation of the rotor required: hexagonal tube for the bushing, sheet metal, welding machine.

make, pipe, power, tiller

Kirlosker KOEL mega T 15 power tiller | Field work | Full specification

First, you need to make a base. For this purpose 2 figures with 4 or 6 bends or stake are made out of metal sheet.In the next step, the lezzes are cut, and they are shaped like a typical straightened rectangle. The number of pieces can become as many as 4 or more according to the number of pieces on the previously formed pieces.After obtaining the workpieces you can put them together. For this purpose, in the middle of two figures (in their center) weld a bushing, and then the left from the sides. When joining, you must keep the hub and sides perpendicular.

After the first step will be completed, you can proceed to privatize the blade. They are to be placed in a cushion to the ground. To do this you must connect them crosswise i.e. with a gap in one piece on the right side. The grooves between the eyes must be identical.After assimilating these elements they are sharpened, so that the cultivation of the land was more effective.

If the machine is to be used for street cleaning, a brush is installed on each arm of the rotor. This way you will be able to clean quickly a large area from the accumulated brook. But the sludge can clog and destroy the filter.An air filter for a single axle tractor can be purchased without any problems, but if you protect it from the power saw and spraying equipment you can save your money.As a complement for the rotor-plough the protective crickets are used to prevent the earth, dirt or snow from drifting back. As such protection can be used old arch-shaped corton or t П. Virib.Podibnye nozzles can be installed as a few individual attachments. To do this will be necessary to the hub to bore a little bit of speck, to induce them to wrap from the energy of the engine.For some purposes, such as vaporization of boiling water, you can construct a nozzle using SSS, but such actions are better to trust a professional. This is actually a low-power short-range fire extinguisher. In principle, you can also drive on gas, but it is not worth it.

make, pipe, power, tiller

Except for the use of the hexagonal accessory pipe, it is also perfectly suited for the creation of auxiliary accessories (motor cultivator, variator, air filter for the tiller, etc.).).For the first use, the six-cutting basis can be used without using any additional means of fastening.After all, openings, for example, in the bodies of wheels and other elements can be made six-knot.

make, pipe, power, tiller

If you plan to use rotary engines as a separate nozzle, the engine mounts the adapter in the place of the variator, and from it lead a lanceug or belt to the required wrapping element.Jack for your power tiller with your own hands made from ordinary or hexagonal pipes of different sizes, so one could enter into the other. Connection between them, as well as lifting of loads is carried out with the help of rack mechanism. racks with cogs.You can also use the unblocker for the power tiller as a supplement. Suitable for protection against accidental movement of the machine. This device can be made by yourself, but besides this, the unblocker for power tiller can be bought in the store. Implementation of this method of setting the motor unit is much easier than the differential gear variant.

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conclusionAfter reading this material the beginner farmer should be more understandable that all additional elements of the universal mechanics can be made independently from hexahedral or other pipes and due to this save a certain sum of money.

At the moment, there are several varieties of the adapter, as a rule, their designs are similar and represent a device fixed to the back of the power tiller with a comfortable seat.

Adapter is made from a square metal profile, length from 160 to 180 cm. Across this profile, another one is welded, measuring 50-60 cm, depending on what track you need (the posts for the wheels are attached to it). The height of the stands to the wheel axis from the top to the wheel axis of the adapter can be from 25 to 40 cm, depending on the design.

Then struts are welded to the main metal profile and the wheel bushings, which also serve as reinforcing ribs. Their length depends on the angle of the entire structure and other parameters. Then, the frame structure to which the attachments will be attached is calculated and welded in the same way. The lateral guides of this construction, are bolted to the wheel posts.

After that, a control arm is welded to the main frame, which has three bends, measuring 35, 55, 20 cm. To increase the applied force, one more arm is attached to the lever, but already measuring 80 cm.

Seat adapter, fixed on the support welded to the central metal profile. As you can see, it is not so difficult to make an adapter to the tiller with your own hands.

Purpose of the adapter

Here, I think everything is clear, there is a rather big quantity of works on the ground, which is easier, faster and more convenient to do with an adapter. And it is safer to work with such an add-on, as a tiller, in general.

Construction diagram of an adapter to a power tiller

An adapter for a power tiller is a kind of trailer device that is made on the frame and has two wheels. Structurally, adapters are of several kinds, they can be simple or more complicated. The main types are universal ones, those that can carry loads and perform tillage, and simple ones that can only perform tillage.

For power tillers of different power, different adapters are used; the adapter with a short drawbar is used for a low-power tiller, the adapter with a long one for a powerful one. Also, universal adapters are equipped with additional functions, increasing the track, lifting attachments, etc.д.