How to make a mini tractor from Tiller Neva

Preparatory stage

Let’s consider how the rework of the tiller will look like on the example of the “Neva” MB-23S. Our choice is explained by the fact that this model is equipped with a 9-horsepower, four-stroke SUBARU diesel engine. Thanks to such a powerful power plant, self-made structures will have the necessary effort to work with attachments. So, for the work you will need the following materials:

  • Tiller Neva himself. This is the basis of the entire future design.
  • Additional pair of wheels complete with axle. The choice of wheels must be approached with all responsibility. Too small a radius can cause the machine to tip over, and too large a radius will adversely affect handling. The recommended radius should be between 14-18 inches. Wheels from an old car “Volga” are ideal.
  • Wheel and steering column bearings.
  • Metal for making the frame. You can use a channel, pipe or angle.
  • Fasteners. Bolts, nuts and washers.
  • Consumable items. This includes drills, angle grinder discs and electrodes.
  • Lubricant. To lubricate the mini-tractor, you can use grease or lithol.

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From the tools it is worth preparing:

  • Welding machine.
  • Angle Grinder
  • Drill
  • Set of wrenches.

Where to begin?

A homemade mini-tractor begins with the fact that drawings are prepared and kinematic diagrams are drawn. Drawings are needed in order to better represent the future structure and determine the required material.

The diagrams are drawn in order to calculate the load on the frame and the pulling force required to carry out agricultural work. For example, the frame can be all-metal or fractured. The first option provides the structure with reliability, and the second provides maneuverability.

The location of the engine also plays a role. The best option when the power unit is located behind the driver’s seat. This will give the vehicle’s drive wheels more reliable traction, and the driver will add weight to the front driven axle. Thus, the homemade mini-tractor will not tip over backwards when performing arable work on hard soil.

How to convert a Tiller Neva into a mini-tractor

A mini-tractor from Tiller Neva is the best option for those who know how to value their work. Neva is a multifunctional tiller designed for processing small fields and summer cottages. This technique has only one, but a very significant drawback: you need to walk behind the unit yourself and apply certain efforts, especially when carrying out arable work.

Considering that mostly people of retirement age work in the dacha plots, it is very difficult to use the tiller for them. Therefore, the best solution would be to improve the device, turning it into a mini-tractor. You can do it yourself. To do this, you will need diagrams and drawings of the future car, materials, tools and a little skill.

Design features

If you assemble a mini-tractor using the Neva Tiller, you can significantly increase labor productivity on your personal plot. The advantages of a mini-tractor are the installation of a second wheel axle and a driver’s seat. Agree that sitting in a comfortable chair and turning the steering wheel is much more comfortable than walking all day, grabbing the tiller’s handles.

There are two ways to make a homemade mini-tractor: buy a ready-made adapter or improve the tiller with your own hands. In the first case, no effort at all will be required from you, except for financial investments.

The Tiller Adapter is a trailed trolley equipped with a driver’s seat, which is attached to the main unit with a rigid hitch.

If necessary, semi-trailers and attachments are purchased for the adapter, with which the mini-tractor will work. The disadvantages of this design include the complete lack of comfort for the operator.

If you assemble the structure with your own hands, you can get a mini-tractor, which, in terms of its performance and appearance, will practically not be inferior to the factory models. In addition, the owners of the future mini-tractor will be able to equip the equipment to their liking and in accordance with individual requests.

Mini tractor assembly

The alteration of the tiller begins with the manufacture of the frame. The supporting structure is made of prepared metal, which must be cut into pieces of the required length. This can be done using an angle grinder. You can fasten the elements together with bolts or electric welding.

At this stage, you should consider and install the attachments for working with attachments. If the frame is planned to be made in a turning point, the half-frames should be connected to each other by hinges. In this case, the steering column should be located directly at the fracture site.

After assembling the frame, you can proceed to the chassis. If the engine is located in the front, then the track width will be determined by the base wheels of the tiller.

The rear wheels will be attached to the frame using an additional axle, which can be made from a piece of pipe of a suitable width. Bushings with bearings are pressed at the ends of the pipe, on which the wheels will be installed.

With the rear engine, the track width must be widened, otherwise the mini-tractor will not receive the balancing necessary for operation. In this case, the base wheels are removed from the tiller and installed on a wider axle.

The assembly principle is the same as in the previous version. Tires for a homemade mini-tractor should be equipped with lugs, this will improve the grip of the equipment with the soil.

Tiller sticks can be used for steering. This version of a do-it-yourself mini-tractor will resemble a motorcycle. When reversing, such a control scheme will cause a lot of inconvenience. It is better to install an ordinary steering column on the tractor.

If an all-metal frame is used, the tie rods must be integrated into the front axle. If it is decided to make a homemade mini-tractor on an articulated frame, then the steering column will turn the entire front half-frame. For this, two toothed gears are used. One of them is rigidly welded to the front frame, the other is mounted on the steering column.

The driver’s seat is installed on a sled welded to the frame. The seat itself can be removed from any car, as long as it is adjustable and comfortable.

To work with semi-trailers, a hitch from a car can be welded to the rear of the frame. The semi-trailer itself can also be made by hand. To do this, you will need several sheets of light metal and metal corners.

For work with plows and cultivators, an additional bracket is welded. To work with attachments, you can install an additional hydraulic system. The pump and hydraulic valve can be removed from any agricultural equipment.

It is worth noting that if you plan to use a mini-tractor at night or move along federal highways and city streets, headlights and parking lights must be installed.

On the “Neva” MB-23S tiller, there are headlights, but this is an element of decor. The motor does not have a 12 volt output. Therefore, to operate the lighting fixtures, you will need to install an additional battery.

After assembly, a homemade mini-tractor needs to be lubricated and tested. After running-in, the alteration of the tiller is considered complete and the equipment is ready for operation. If desired, you can install additional trim elements on the mini-tractor.

How to make a mini tractor from a tiller with your own hands

Every farmer knows that it is easier and more convenient to cultivate summer cottages and household plots with the help of a small tractor. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough funds to buy a factory “iron horse”. you can make it yourself from an inexpensive tiller. over, when there is an interest in technology, engineering skills, the necessary equipment and tools, it will not be difficult at all to do this. The main thing is to understand the technical aspects, prepare for the transformation and choose the right tiller itself. Then the refurbishment can begin. By the way, the tiller’s instructions may contain a drawing that will help you understand how best to make a homemade product.

Installing the undercarriage

At the end of the installation, the hitching devices are installed on both axles (front, rear), and already on them. the wheels. The rear axle is usually fitted with those that came with a tiller (Scout, Bison, Neva), and wheels from a passenger car or some kind of agricultural machinery are fitted on the front axle. It is important that they have a deep tread. this will make a homemade mini tractor a technique of high cross-country ability and with improved traction of the wheels with the ground. Then the management will be much easier.

To equip a home-made tractor with a full-fledged front running gear, they buy hubs assembled with a brake system and, preferably, complete with steering rods, a steering wheel, a gearbox and a steering column. They can also be altered by removing them from used cars.

Fastening the front wheels to the minitractor is carried out in this way:

  • A metal profile pipe is selected that corresponds to the thickness of the front axle of a homemade tractor;
  • Wheel hubs are attached to the ends of the profile;
  • The hub structure is fixed to the front frame directly in the center;
  • The steering rods are mounted, after which they are aligned with the steering gear;
  • The gearbox is fixed to the frame;
  • Put the steering rod, steering wheel;
  • Adjust the steering column, steering wheel.

How to make RC mini tractor with wood ice cream.

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Sometimes the front suspension of the tractor is supplemented with spring shock absorbers to provide more comfortable working conditions. After the steering column is assembled according to the drawing, you need to install the rear wheels.

The rear axle of the cultivator is mounted on bearings tightly pressed into spherical bushings. A pulley is mounted on it, which will transmit torque from the engine to the rotating nodes. You can leave the rear wheels of the fractures without a differential. this will simplify the design and minimize the slipping of the future mini tractor when operating on loose soils.

The optimal diameter of the tractor wheels is 30-36 cm (like the Scout T-15 model). If you put a homemade diesel unit on smaller wheels, it will simply roll forward. Fitting large wheels will make the machine unmanageable and impair its maneuverability, especially when working with a trailer. At the end of the installation of the wheels and the steering column, the layout of the main unit of agricultural machinery. the engine.

How to make a frame

After preparing the tools and accessories necessary to create a mini tractor, the tiller’s frame is “re-cut” in order to adapt it to an additional pair of wheels, in accordance with the drawing. The platform of the future home-made machine can be made all-metal or break-through using channels or shaped metal pipes. Longitudinal and transverse spars are easy to make. they are cut by an angle grinder and connected by electric welding or fasteners. For greater reliability, bolted connections are combined with additional welding of seams.

When transforming a cultivator into a mini-tractor, it is often a fracture that is used, consisting of two independent half-frames, connected to each other by means of hinges. Thanks to this design, all four wheels of the tractor are almost always in contact with the ground, and they practically do not hang out when using homemade products on an uneven surface or slippery road. This allows you to increase the stability of the mini tractor from the tiller, improve its maneuverability and cross-country ability when carrying out arable and transport operations.

A hinged device is mounted to the front or rear section of the prepared frame according to the scheme, which will allow the tractor to make it possible to work with auxiliary devices. You can immediately weld on the rear hitch for towing a trailer. this will further expand the functionality of a homemade motorcycle tractor obtained from a tiller.

Installation of the brake system and electrical equipment

To begin with, determine the place (using the layout diagram) where the brake pedal will be located in the alteration. On the designated plot, mount the pedal mount and the main brake cylinder. Then the cylinder is connected with hoses to the brake drums located on the front wheels of the converted tractor.

Immediately after that, the brake system is checked for leaks, and if it is broken, everything will have to be redone. To avoid ridiculous mistakes, it is better to use a visual drawing, which shows all the main components of the tractor. For control, the system must be pumped over and the remaining air is removed. This will make it workable and provide proper functionality. The system can also be supplemented with a parking brake.

how to assemble the rotary tiller for mini tractor and walking tractor

The next stage of self-alteration of the tiller into a full-fledged mini-tractor is the connection of electrical equipment and the output of sensors to the dashboard. It is recommended to do this for the convenience and safety of vehicle operation. A temperature meter, a liquid cooling indicator, an ignition key, an oil pressure sensor and a fuel level in the gas tank are displayed on the panel. Optionally, a homemade tractor is supplied with a sound signal, stop lamps and direction indicators.

Additionally, agricultural machinery can be equipped with cladding elements and a canopy. This will give the mini tractor an attractive look and make the operator’s work more comfortable. After the completion of the modernization process of the tiller, the home-made mini tractor should be run-in so that the parts are “tucked in” and the lubricity of the mating surfaces improves.

Preparing to create a homemade mini tractor

The process of creating a homemade mini-tractor begins with drawing up a drawing, a kinematic diagram of the future “plowman” and preparing the necessary materials, tools, equipment. If you have the skills, you can develop a scheme for demonstrating the mechanisms and components of the tractor yourself, if not, find a suitable option on the Internet or use the example presented here.

So, to create a homemade tractor you will need:

  • Set of tools;
  • Welding equipment;
  • Drill with a set of drills;
  • Metal pipes, channels;
  • Fasteners, hardware (bolts, nuts);
  • angle grinder, discs for working with metal.

Also, in order to make a tractor with your own hands, you will need two suitable wheels, a hitch, a driver’s seat, a steering mechanism, pedals and, of course, a tiller with sufficient weight and power. It is better to opt for a heavy-duty unit with a diesel engine (the Zubr, Neva, Agro, Scout models are well suited). This will make it possible to obtain, as a result of the alteration, a self-made, but productive mini-tractor capable of effectively performing various agrotechnical operations. Surely you want him to carry out not only agricultural functions, but also to be able to pull a trailer.

The weight of the unit to be selected must correspond to the state of the soil on which it is planned to use the homemade product. If it is compacted, dry, then the future mini-tractor is unlikely to cope with the tasks assigned to it. Therefore, the harder the soil, the harder the cultivator will be needed. And the power of its engine should be correlated with the area of ​​the land plot on which agricultural work will be carried out using a motor-tractor. So, the larger the plot, the higher this parameter should be.

Mounting the engine and hydraulics

The most profitable option for converting a tiller into a homemade four-wheeled tractor is a single-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine. this is usually installed on Chinese motor-cultivators of the Scout, Bison and Russian Neva brands. A single-cylinder diesel engine is economical, therefore, the operation of a mini-tractor produced on its basis will not be invoiced. It is typically placed on the front of the frame, allowing the small tractor to maintain optimal balance when operating with additional tools. At the location of the motor, a mounting system is installed, which is better to make “floating” (sliding) in order to simplify the adjustment and tension of the belts.

The transfer of power from the motor to the rear wheels of a homemade tractor is organized using a belt drive. The PTO transfer case, like the gearbox, can be used from a decommissioned GAZ-53 vehicle. The homemade power unit is mounted in such a way that the PTO pulley is located in the same plane with the pulley located on the rear axle of the minitractor. At the same time, they outline the location for the clutch pedal. The belt drive is covered with a protective cover to avoid slipping during operation and to make its service life longer.

After completing the main work, a hydraulic lift is installed on a homemade mini-tractor with an engine from a tiller. The rework hydraulics kit should include an oil pump, oil reservoir, hydraulic cylinder and distributor. All components of the system are connected by flexible oil-resistant hoses. It is advisable to make the hydraulics with a floating mode. this will ensure the full operation of the tractor hitch. Then the tiller will work as it should.

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A large selection of attachments, which are also suitable for homemade tractors, see the link.

The entire range of heavy tillers (Scout.Ugra, Neva, etc.).

Then, the driver’s seat is installed, as well as headlights and dimensions, if it is planned to move the mini tractor along the roads. They will ensure safety when operating vehicles at night and will avoid problems with demanding road patrol officers.

Advantages of homemade tractors from tillers

The advantages of owning such a unit are obvious. Unlike a tiller, it will allow:

  • Expand functionality;
  • Facilitate the operator’s work;
  • Realize traction potential.

Using skills, you can make a multifunctional and efficient mini tractor from a conventional motorized cultivator with limited capabilities. Maneuverable, compact. it is able to work even in densely planted areas, between bushes and trees, as well as in a limited local area, without spoiling the paving slabs and asphalt pavement. Look at the form where there is a video about the work of homemade equipment.

To make a mini-tractor from a tiller means to acquire agricultural machinery with the broadest functionality. Together with it, you can use a variety of attachments: cultivator, potato planter, cutter, harrow, rotary mower, plow, hillers, etc. And if you equip a stacker with a hydraulic drive, then you can operate a homemade tractor as a stacker or a crane. Thanks to its practical design, working on such a homemade product is simple, comfortable and safe. And the remaining motoblock parts can be used to create other homemade products. A homemade mini tractor is better than the most expensive heavy motor cultivator and cheaper than a heavy tractor.

Required materials and tools

To assemble a mini tractor from a tiller with your own hands, you will need:

  • rolled metal to make a welded frame (square, channel, corner, and so on);
  • wheelset (with one-piece axle or 2 semi-axles);
  • wheel bearings;
  • seat of suitable dimensions;
  • hardware for assembly (nuts, studs, bolts);
  • consumables for welding operations. gas, oxygen, wire, electrodes;
  • lubricants;
  • primer, paint for painting the assembled product.

Required parts for making a mini-tractor

To carry out the work, you will also need a certain tool:

  • locksmith. hammer, chisel, keys;
  • welding machine for work on the assembly of the frame;
  • gas cutting kit, if necessary;
  • angle grinder for cutting, grinding metal elements;
  • electric drill with a set of drills;
  • taps and dies;
  • devices for carrying out painting and anti-corrosion protection.

Turning equipment may also be required. for working with a wheelset.

Mini tractor based on Tiller Neva

Working on a personal plot is, first of all, hard work, and then also the pleasure of the result. Many people strive to mechanize heavy operations, for which they purchase tillers, mini tractors, cultivators. Tiller is considered the most popular technique due to its low cost.

Tiller “Neva” can be easily converted into a mini-tractor with your own hands. so that the assembly of the new device is easy, a special adapter equipped with a seat is purchased. Such a device will allow you to quickly change your tiller. It is needed for the simple reason that the Neva is a structure designed for field work on foot, but a mini tractor based on a tiller is much more comfortable, since the driver is seated.

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A homemade mini-tractor from a tiller is a great device for work.

Features of the design of the minitractor

As already mentioned, you can purchase a ready-made module with wheels and a seat, or you can assemble all these elements yourself. In the latter case, a simple design is created without a drive for the 2nd wheel pair and without a full-fledged steering column. The additions in the form of an all-wheel drive and a steering column do not provide obvious advantages during operation, but they significantly complicate the assembly process.

The homemade mini tractor is controlled by turning the entire transmission-motor unit, for which a standard steering wheel is used. the tiller is complemented by a hinged module with a seat and a hitch for trailed devices (for earthwork). In order to implement this low-cost, simple option, a frame made of rolled metal with a wheelset is assembled. A seat and 2 trailing knots are mounted on it. for attaching to the tiller, for attaching transport or tillage accessories.

How to remake Tiller Neva

There is a standard step-by-step upgrade process:

How to make Mini Power Tiller Agricultural Tractor With pepsi can

    First of all, when answering the question of how to make a mini-tractor from a tiller, a kinematic diagram should be developed. In it, be sure to take into account the balance of the structure, otherwise future unbalanced loads can destroy the device. The scheme (and general design drawings) is developed independently, or you can use a typical kinematic image of a minitractor. It consists of an engine, front and rear axle, reverse gear, chain and cardan gear. The engine makes the front wheels spin. The torque is also transmitted through a chain, a reverse gear, a cardan transmission to the rear axle, as a result of which the rear wheels rotate (they are driving).

kinematic diagram

  • The frame is made from corners and pipes. Here it is important to correctly position the fork with the bushing to ensure the rotation of the trailer.
  • The body is made. as a rule, from steel sheet. The height of its sides should not exceed 30 cm.
  • The driver’s seat is mounted.
  • Attachments are installed.
  • The operability of the assembled unit is checked.
  • The finished product is painted.
  • Complete mini tractor design

    The resulting design allows high-quality mechanization of land work, while ensuring maximum comfort for the operator-driver.
    The video shows the process of making a mini-tractor and the final result:

    Do-it-yourself mini tractor from a tiller. manufacturing procedure

    Before you start making a mini tractor based on a tiller, you will need to prepare the materials necessary for work. The conversion kit includes:

    • welding machine;
    • screwdrivers and wrenches;
    • an electric drill and a set of various drills;
    • angle grinder and a set of discs for working with metal;
    • set of nuts and bolts.

    Suitable drawings will help to correctly assemble a tractor from a tiller. In them you will find information about the order in which to connect the parts and what method of fastening is suitable for their reliable installation. Converting a tiller into a mini tractor is performed in the following order:

    • A mini tractor based on a tiller must be equipped with a strong, reliable frame. It must withstand an additional pair of wheels, plus the load transported in the tractor will press on the supporting structure. For making a solid frame, pipes or metal corners are best. Be sure to keep in mind that the heavier the frame, the better the adhesion of the mini tractor to the road, and the better the plowing of the soil will be. The thickness of the frame walls is also not very important. the main thing is that they do not bend under the pressure of the transported cargo. You can cut the blanks for making the frame using an angle grinder. Then all the parts are connected to each other, first by means of bolts, after which they are finally welded to each other. To make the frame stronger and more reliable, equip it with a crossbeam;
    • Immediately after the frame has been manufactured, it can be equipped with a hitch, by means of which the small tractor will be equipped with additional accessories. The hitch can be installed both in the front and in the rear of the supporting structure. If in the future the minitractor being manufactured is planned to be used in tandem with a trailer, then a hitch should be welded to the rear of its frame;
    • At the next stage, the homemade product is equipped with front wheels. For this, the mini-tractor being manufactured is best equipped with two ready-made hubs with brakes provided on them. Next, you need to fix the wheels themselves. To do this, take a piece of steel pipe, the diameter of which fits the front axle. Next, attach the wheel hubs to the pipe. Drill a hole in the central part of the pipe, which is necessary for mounting the product to the front of the frame. Then install the tie rods and adjust them in relation to the frame by means of a worm gear. After installing the gearbox, install the steering column. The axle at the rear of the manufactured tractor is mounted through pressed-in bearing bushings. Wheels used should be no more than 15 inches in diameter. Smaller parts will lead to the “burying” of the unit with the front part, and larger wheels will significantly impair the maneuverability of the mini tractor;
    • The next step is to equip the minitractor with a tiller engine. It is best to mount the motor at the front of the machine, as this will improve the balance of the agricultural machine when operating with a loaded trailer. Establish a secure mounting system to mount the motor. When installing the motor, do not forget that the power take-off shaft must be secured coaxially with the pulley located on the rear axle of the mini-tractor. The force on the wheels must be carried out by means of a belt drive. details about converting a tiller into a mini tractor will be described in the video.

    A self-made tractor will remain equipped with a reliable braking system and a high-quality hydraulic valve, which is necessary for the proper operation of the unit with attachments.

    How to make a mini tractor from MTZ tiller?

    To remake Tillers of this brand, you should also take into account their design and capabilities. MTZ units have a sufficiently high power, which makes it possible to make a full-fledged tracked mini-tractor out of them. It will be distinguished by high cross-country ability and excellent grip, due to which the quality of plowing the soil of such a machine will be several times higher than that of wheeled mini-tractors.

    Before starting work, be sure to study the drawings, in which you will find all the information required for the alteration. The procedure for assembling a mini tractor is as follows:

    • First put the tiller in mower operation;
    • Then completely dismantle the front platform of the unit;
    • Install a caterpillar drive in the front of the mini-tractor being manufactured;
    • Install an adjusting rod in the niche for mounting the steering rod. This element will increase the rigidity of the entire structure;
    • Weld the driver’s seat to the top of the frame;
    • Next to the motor, arrange a platform for mounting the battery and hydraulic valve.

    Such a manufacturing method is suitable for converting MTZ 05, MTZ 09 and MTZ 12 tillers into small tractors. Each of them has a sufficient power reserve to work together with a trailer and attachments at the same time.

    Mini tractor from a tiller: 4 do-it-yourself manufacturing option

    Many tiller owners often think about upgrading their agricultural equipment. In fact, it will not be difficult to improve the available unit and make a full-fledged mini-tractor out of it. However, you will be required to study the recommendations and follow the procedure. this will give you the opportunity to get an effective homemade mini tractor that will be able to solve absolutely all the tasks assigned to it.

    Mini tractor from Tiller Bison

    Tillers of this brand have a reliable and powerful enough motor, the presence of which allows the unit to be converted into an all-wheel drive minitractor. Before starting work, be sure to study the detailed drawings, and also buy steel sheets, pipes and corners. The procedure for manufacturing a mini tractor is as follows:

    • When arranging the frame, you will need to expand the existing tiller frame. This is necessary in order to install additional wheels. Cut the corners and pipes into suitable pieces, then weld them to each other;
    • The front beam on the mini tractor is mounted by means of a ready-made hub equipped with brakes. Wheels in the front of the unit must correspond to the size of the rear wheels, or be slightly larger than the latter. this will prevent the mini-tractor from “burrowing” when driving over rough terrain;
    • Then install the tiller motor. It is best to mount it at the front to achieve the best balance of the overall structure;
    • Weld the towbar to the rear of the finished mini-tractor. it will be required for mounting the trailer.

    A home-made mini-tractor, made on the basis of the Zubr tiller, will be able to cope with a number of the most difficult economic tasks: plowing the soil, mowing grass, collecting and transporting crops.

    Mini tractor from Tiller Neva

    Converting a tiller into a small tractor may be slightly different. It all depends on the design features of the tiller and his abilities. Consider the principle of making a mini-tractor from Neva tillers.

    As in the first case, before making a minitractor, you need to study the diagrams. They detail the dimensions of the elements and the order of their installation during assembly. The procedure for rework will be as follows:

    • The frame is made in the same way as in the first case. To create it, use pipes of different sections. Fastening of the frame elements is carried out by means of bolts and welding;
    • Next, proceed to the manufacture and installation of the chassis. To mount the rear wheels, use an additional axle, which can be made from steel pipe. Press the bearings and bushings into both ends of the latter, which will be equipped with the rear wheels;
    • Next, a tractor from Tiller Neva must be equipped with a motor. over, the engine can be installed both in the front and in the rear of the frame. In the second case, the front and rear wheelbase of the minitractor will need to be expanded;
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    In the end, the self-made unit will remain equipped with a driver’s seat, lighting devices and side lights. Due to its small size, the finished tractor will have high maneuverability, which will allow it to be used effectively in hard-to-reach places.

    Mini tractor from Tiller Agro

    Before you start reworking the tillers of this brand, you should stock up on material and the necessary tools. To work you will need:

    • stainless steel sheets and profiles;
    • seat and steering wheel. can be removed from an old car;
    • a pair of wheels. their diameter should not exceed 15 ”;
    • a set of fasteners;
    • angle grinder and electric drill;
    • hammer and welding machine.

    After preparing everything you need, we advise you to study the diagrams that will tell you the correct procedure for installing the tractor elements. We also advise you to see photos that will certainly help you in the manufacture of an agricultural unit.
    Unlike the tillers of the manufacturers listed above, the Agro brand equipment has one significant drawback, which must be taken into account when converting a tiller into a mini tractor. It lies in the fact that the tiller axis has very weak fracture strength. This kind of fracture will certainly affect if you exceed the maximum permissible load on the mini-tractor frame. To avoid further malfunction, the mini tractor will need to be equipped with wheel gears.

    The procedure for assembling the unit is as follows:

    • The first step is to weld a sturdy tractor frame. To do this, use steel profiles and pipes. Be sure to keep in mind that the heavier the frame made, the better the adhesion of the minitractor to the ground will be. At the rear of the supporting structure, weld the tow hitch, which is required to hitch the trailer to the unit;
    • Then proceed to the manufacture and arrangement of the minitractor undercarriage. To do this, you can purchase a pair of ready-made front wheels, as well as hubs equipped with brakes. After purchasing the parts, attach the hubs to the steel pipe, and drill the holes in the front of the frame that will be required to mount the hubs to the mini tractor. Next, install the steering rods using a worm gear for this. After the rods, secure the steering column and rear axle. When installing the latter in the bushings used for mounting, press in the bearings. Install a pulley on the rear axle and secure the wheels securely;
    • Then mount the engine to the front of the frame. We advise you to do this by means of an additional frame placed on special shock absorbers. this will avoid strong vibrations at high loads on the motor;
    • Next, install the driver’s seat on the mini-tractor, connecting it to the frame through the springs. thanks to them, it will be much more convenient to work with the mini-tractor.

    If you wish, your hand-made compact tractor can be equipped with a canopy that protects you from rain and sun. To make it, 4 steel pipes must be welded to the frame next to the seat and steering column, to which a steel sheet must be fixed by spot welding. As a result, you will get a reliable unit for a summer residence, which will quickly cope with all the tasks assigned to it.

    Homemade mini tractors from Neva tilers

    Tiller Neva today is produced in different modifications, this specialized unit is already a useful device in itself that can mechanize any work on the site: weeding, loosening, milling the soil, cultivating the land, so this device is just ideal as an engine for the future mini- tractor.

    Mini tractor from Tiller Neva

    Any of the tillers can be modified independently by converting it into a mini tractor.

    Governing bodies

    The self-made clutch is transferred to the steering area, the entire system is set up so that it can be freely accessed from the driver’s seat.


    Tires with developed lugs are adapted to equip wheels and perfect grip with the ground, sometimes car tires or wheels from a motorcycle are selected correctly.


    The steering structure is mounted using an articulated frame. In such a design, not the wheels themselves will turn, but the hinge on which they are fixed. In our case, we mount the handles from the Neva tiller. It turns out a very convenient design: a homemade mini tractor with a breaking frame.

    Driver’s seat

    The choice of seat for our mini tractor is not great. You are picking up a seat from a light car or purchasing a plastic version.

    Tools and material selection

    Before you start creating the design of a mini-tractor, you will need to prepare some materials. You will need to stock up on the following tools: angle grinder, locksmith tool, drill.

    The engine for a mini-tractor is based on a tiller, which is equipped with a starting device and wheels of a motorized carriage. For the construction of a mini-tractor, you will need metal pipes of different sizes, from which the frame and various fasteners are mounted.

    The frame of a homemade minitractor is connected by welding from steel corners and a metal pipe. In order for our minitractor to turn, a bushing and fork design is required. Special “cheeks” are welded on the bearing unit housing.

    The output shaft is welded to the gusset sockets located at the bottom of the frame. The body is constructed from a sheet of steel. The seat is fastened at a distance of a meter from the front of the structure and work is underway to equip the mini-tractor with towing devices, which will serve to fix a different plan of towing devices.

    Lighting engineering

    Sometimes you have to do work in the dark, so you need to think about the lighting. Turn signals, headlights can be dismantled from a light car by twisting them onto our mini-tractor from the generator output.

    Step-by-step instruction

    Before we study in detail the diagrams and drawings of the Neva Tiller’s alterations with our own hands, let’s get acquainted with the device of a homemade mini-tractor. Its main elements include the following parts:

    • frame (it can be made from any metal roll material);
    • device for making turns (steering wheel);
    • brakes;
    • operator’s seat (seat);
    • metal sheets for cladding;
    • hitch for aggregation of additional equipment.

    It is not a problem to get all these parts. there are a lot of them in car dismantling points and in scrap metal storage yards. And this provides the opportunity to carefully approach the choice and select materials for the assembly of the device only after thorough examination and verification for the absence of defects and damage. It is important to consider that the structure must be strong, hardy and durable, therefore, assembly should be performed from good quality materials.

    Tractor from Tiller Neva

    Auto mechanic specializing in agricultural machinery

    The presence of a tiller on the farm greatly facilitates many works on the land, allowing them to be mechanized. The only drawback of the tiller can be considered the need for “pedestrian” control, which is quite difficult at full load. The plus is that the tiller is not so difficult to convert into a mini-tractor, which greatly facilitates the physical activity of its operator. In this article we will tell you how to make a mini-tractor from the Tiller Neva.

    Making a mini-tractor from Tiller Neva

    First of all, we will note the reason why it is the classic models of Neva units that are so well suited for converting a tiller into a tractor. The fact is that for such a task, sufficient power is needed, which all units of this brand possess. At the same time, the conversion process is not so complicated and time-consuming, and with a drawing and clear instructions, it is feasible for almost any owner. Drawings are created by the same users who have already successfully coped with this task and are now sharing their experience.

    Create a mini tractor from Tiller Neva

    Considering the conditions necessary for the conversion, let us dwell in a little more detail on the required power. The power plant must have such a performance that it can easily move its own weight together with the attached attachments, as well as the weight of the frame and the operator controlling the unit. Modification MB-23S 9.0 PRO can be noted as a good example. This unit has a four-stroke engine and a power of 9 hp, which is optimal for the required pulling force when the tiller is operating with plows, tillers, a mower and any other equipment attached to it.

    Important! If your tiller does not have enough power to convert it into a homemade tractor, buying an adapter may be the solution. This option is not as convenient as re-equipment of the unit, which has the required performance, but still provides the ability to work while sitting. Unfortunately, this option will exclude the possibility of using certain types of attachments.

    In this video, we will review the tractor from the tiller:


    First of all, moving on to studying the drawings, it is necessary to decide for what functions the mini-tractor will be used: what will be more of its tasks. agricultural work or transportation of goods. The final design depends on this. Note that many users prefer universal designs that allow both working with agricultural attachments and transporting heavy loads in a trailer. Therefore, universal drawings are most often suitable.

    By the way, in the absence of a trailer on the farm, if you wish, you can also assemble it with your own hands, since the design is not very different from a mini-tractor. And since the selection of materials that are to become components will be made in any case, you can make a mini-tractor and a trailer at the same time. It is only important that all the selected parts fit well with each other.

    To ensure correct operation and high reliability of the device, it is recommended to first draw a diagram of the future tractor. It should display the connection points of the axis and the gear shaft. It also makes sense to provide a rear-wheel drive to increase the cross-country ability and maneuverability of the mini-tractor. And it is imperative to think over the design of the rotary device. After its design is selected, you can proceed to the assembly.